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    Llandysul, Wales SA44 SA39 550 ft work 650 ft sleep 7.5 shrivelled sheep. Never mind the borax. Spatulas/spoons from just 7 quid, chopping boards from 18 quid, boxes from 45 quid or so for a OK one, bigger stuff costs more obviously

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  1. Does anybody know what the cloud formation is out to the West right now. Remarkable, looks a little like tractor tyre tread. I’ve tried to photo, but only got a phone and it’s hopeless. Never seen it before.
  2. The tourists have arrived, Mc Donald’s packaging thrown into the lanes, how lovely.
  3. When I loaded up Netweather just now on the computer, it shows part of Michael Fish's bald head at the bottom of the screen and it's disturbing until you scroll down and see what's going on properly in context. Not sure I've posted in the right place, but I am in Wales.
  4. Tap, tap, tap it's freezing rain! Checked it on the windscreen, I'm effed too
  5. This is an unusual setup, I can't remember an Easterly with this ferocity. Surprised we still have electric (and a fence)!
  6. Ten miles or so East of Newcastle Emlyn (a drug town witha tourist problem, lol). Blowing a gale here with snizzle all evening, 1cm drifts. Radar has looked promising for the Llanllwni hills here though. Where are you then?
  7. A nice right-up Blackrose I thought, I don't know anyone here. I see Coast, who was a laugh on this site, now only posts on UKWW out of his depth, in a serious sea of miserable angry weather autists.
  8. benb, your effed then surely if it's freezing rain pulling down electric wires, phone lines, cheezy art shops....
  9. It could be the snow is drying up before it hits the ground because of the low dew points and wind. God knows my underwear I washed this evening is already dry and fit to go. I dried it in the living room and it's 19C 27%RH.
  10. Bright echoes on radar not for Preseli hills, instead West wasting into Irish sea ~~~~~
  11. Preseli hills about to get dumped upon. Some people there say why don't I work for the the MetOffice? Well, no problem, I'll come and weed the MetOffice garden I say, at £7 an hour (not in this weather obvs) and I can take a bloody big bag of weeds away for £5 (as long as it isn't Japanese Knotweed of course).
  12. Plenty more moisture spilling out of Brest.
  13. Bright echoes heading for far SW Wales and far SE Wales. Not a lot going on here, the remarkable thing is the strong wind from the wrong direction! Amazing how the models called this dry corridor up the centre of Wales days ago and it's exactly what's happening. Edit: Well not the centre really, more my house...
  14. I've poured boiling water on the slope at my nans I've wetted her slope it's the least I could do, I got milk and bread as well as that dousing Did you wet the concrete ramp and get milk and bread? Ydw Get the bread and the milk in get candles and voodoo It's going to be like 82
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