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  1. Thundery Showers already popping up in North Essex heading into South Suffolk. Was quite refreshing here yesterday Afternoon/Evening. The Batch of Storms that merged to the West of here began drawing a breeze behind it. First evening in ages it was actually pleasant sitting in the Garden. Me and my Girlfriend (Stella) had a lovely hour together. .
  2. Think it may have broken in the last Hour here in West Suffolk
  3. SE and EA looking like the Spawning Ground this Morning. You can see New Storms breaking out around Norwich, Sudbury etc. Another Cell just coming to Kent Coast. I think we may of been Decapped.
  4. As I think Kold Weather has mentioned, we are entering quite a rare set of circumstances coming together over the coming Days. The development of the Thermal Low over the central Lowlands is unusual in itself. These are usually subtropical features and thus are rare visitors to our near Shores. Think Wintertime Polar Low formation but the other end of the spectrum. There is a huge amount of heat available to feed this System. My thoughts are isolated TS breaking out almost anywhere from Sunday PM onwards. These becoming more widespread and severe as we move into the early part of next Week. As ever, some places will miss out, some places will be pounded by Storm after Storm. Even if you don’t get the rain I imagine there will be few places in the UK that won’t see Lightning flickering away in the distance. This could be what you have all been waiting for. Make the most of it.
  5. Just hit 25c in Cambridge. I remember last July 25th it was 30c at 10am. Sky Cloud free at the moment. Very little if any breeze and looking like it’s going to bake. Image from University of Cambridge
  6. I’m pretty sure that Cambridge Botanical Gardens isn’t an official Weather recording Station. Their reading had to be verified before it was made an official record. If anywhere like Gravesend had exceeded this Temp we would of heard about it..
  7. I tune in every Morning for your perusal of the outlook Knocker. An honest and unbiased opinion for which I thank you.
  8. Why is every area of Of Snow that just happens to be in line of the Thames Estuary called a Streamer? It Snowed here last Night but it was called an area of Snow.
  9. Heavy Snow continues up here in West Suffolk and looks like it will be a good few hours before it slows up. Probably 5 or 6 cms so far. It all evens out in the end I suppose as we got next to nothing the other Week. Certainly not gloating as I was hoping we all would all get a look in. Would quite happily share what I have to those less fortunate.
  10. Snow heavier still and beginning to settle on the Road. We’re not in an Amber warning area so I’m thinking maybe an adjustment North is occurring?
  11. Snow seems to be building more to the North of the Capital than was originally the forecast. Up here in West Suffolk it’s gaining in intensity.
  12. For anyone that’s interested in what’s happening to the North of London the Snow has become heavier in the last half hour and is settling on all surfaces. 15 miles west of Bury st Edmunds.
  13. A straight Easterly is fine for most of East Anglia as long as the wind has a bit of Omph to it. showers will be blown well inland from the North Sea and with a greater Sea track than areas further South can often be heavier and more prolonged. If the wind turns South of East then area to the south gain what we loose. As it looks on the latest UKMO chart we will all get more than enough.
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