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  1. I tune in every Morning for your perusal of the outlook Knocker. An honest and unbiased opinion for which I thank you.
  2. Why is every area of Of Snow that just happens to be in line of the Thames Estuary called a Streamer? It Snowed here last Night but it was called an area of Snow.
  3. Heavy Snow continues up here in West Suffolk and looks like it will be a good few hours before it slows up. Probably 5 or 6 cms so far. It all evens out in the end I suppose as we got next to nothing the other Week. Certainly not gloating as I was hoping we all would all get a look in. Would quite happily share what I have to those less fortunate.
  4. Snow heavier still and beginning to settle on the Road. We’re not in an Amber warning area so I’m thinking maybe an adjustment North is occurring?
  5. Snow seems to be building more to the North of the Capital than was originally the forecast. Up here in West Suffolk it’s gaining in intensity.
  6. For anyone that’s interested in what’s happening to the North of London the Snow has become heavier in the last half hour and is settling on all surfaces. 15 miles west of Bury st Edmunds.
  7. A straight Easterly is fine for most of East Anglia as long as the wind has a bit of Omph to it. showers will be blown well inland from the North Sea and with a greater Sea track than areas further South can often be heavier and more prolonged. If the wind turns South of East then area to the south gain what we loose. As it looks on the latest UKMO chart we will all get more than enough.
  8. Bit of a Funky forecast that. She said that temps would struggle to get to 4 degrees in places Thursday and then goes on to put a temp of 6 on the outlook. This is really starting to remind me of 1991 but with a tad colder uppers. I remember driving to work when it began. There were snow grains wisping along the Road in the increasing wind. It kicked off the next Day as the colder temps moved in. Constant Snow for 2 Days. Not always heavy but it all added up to over a foot. Drifting was the main problem due to the Powdery nature of the Snow. It was mostly over by the Weekend but stayed cold for a good few days after. What is being forecast looks like an extra couple of days on top of that and very possibly more. If you like mild Weather I think you may be a tad depressed by the end of the Month.
  9. Unfortunately with the forecast Temps and continental dry air, Snowman building will be difficult. Dry, Powder Snow. Kills off Trains pretty fast if I remember correctly. The wrong kind of Snow
  10. You know I was just thinking the same thing when you posted that! I know most peeps on here like a bit of the White stuff but if that frigid lump of Vortex got south of the UK I don’t think you would see your Daffodils until the Bluebells had finished flowering.
  11. West Suffolk calling. Clear sky after midday Rain shower Temp 3.1c falling Dp 1.0 c falling Wind ENE 10kmh gusting 25kmh pressure 1019 falling Dog somewhat stinky after a dip in the Stour
  12. It actually Bognor and the far South.
  13. I’m in the same Camp as you. Have seen this sort of setup before. Watch the Highs puff up to the North in the coming runs. The Azores High could soon be a very good friend of ours.
  14. Nice clump of showers coming into Norfolk. Look to be heading Cambridge/Newmarket direction. Wonder if they will make it far inland?
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