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  1. Avain

    Hiccup with V4 of the radar

    Showing up fine now anyway. Thanks for the sharp updates Paul!
  2. Avain

    Hiccup with V4 of the radar

    Still none, or at least very little of the detail showing on the radar.
  3. Avain

    Radar out?

    Thanks Paul, If you run the sequence back some (to about 8 am) and forward again, you can see distinct gaps (radial patterns like spokes) around waterford extending towards pembrokeshire, as if the coverage was only sporadic or partially blocked.
  4. Avain

    Radar out?

    The radar coverage for West Wales seems to be missing, we are getting a fair bit of rain but there is nothing on the radar, is a station down?
  5. Avain

    V6 radar "pinked out"

    Nice one, thanks Paul!
  6. Regardless of the browser, Chrome, Opera, IE, all I am seeing on the V6 radar this morning is large semi transparent pink squares, no radar image, though the map is still vaguely visible, the V4 is working fine though. Anyone else seeing that or is it just me?
  7. Avain

    Roman Fell at sunset

    Nice shot!
  8. Avain

    Ice Crystals

    Hi Louby, thanks for the comment! The lens is a Sigma 105mm DG Macro used with a Cannon 400D Camera, hand held. Image processing with PS7 using LAB mode and unsharp mask.
  9. Avain

    Ice Crystals 2

  10. Cheers Paul, works fine now! (Learning centre links etc)
  11. I am having trouble accessing any links to images and files in the learning centre, so far I have been trying to follow John Holmes variuos instructional posts but each time I click a link it says I do not have permission to view the file and need to log in, needless to say, I am logged in! So, have I missed something or is there broken links, or some other problem? Cheers!