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  1. August was sunnier and drier than July, and was only slightly cooler.
  2. There were 9 days with rain, which is slightly above what would be expected in August. The last 10 days had the same amount of sunshine as the first 21 days. It was only the 2nd August to record 200+ sun hours since 2005 (the other being 2016)! This summer has reminded me of a warmer 2016, though June 2019 was infinitely superior to the total manure that was June 2016.
  3. August in London was pretty decent in the end. Temperatures were 1.2c above average, with 67% of average rainfall and 98% of average sunshine.
  4. I'd consider it a wash out if a summer has above average rainfall and maybe 40%+ of summer days recording rain. It will also be cloudy and cool. I wouldn't consider August 2004 a washout, as it was warmer than average and still recorded average sunshine, it still felt like a summer month, unlike July/August 2011 or June/July 2012. An average summer here sees around 20-25 days with rainfall. Cool and cloudy with at least 35 days and it's a washout.
  5. In London there is no contest, August is far better than June was. August might even end up warmer than July, and will probably be the sunniest month of the summer here. June was slightly warmer, but much wetter and cloudier than normal. 4/10 July was warmer, wetter and slightly cloudier than normal. 7/10 August will end up warmer, slightly drier than normal with either slightly below average or average sunshine. 7/10
  6. Chance that August might even end up slightly sunnier than average, with the final week of settled conditions.
  7. In summer, 22c and cloudy. It has to at least feel warm or humid in summer. Save the sunny 17c and breezy days for October where they belong. I might take a 22c average for August as long as it was sunny - say 250 hours - rather than a 24c average with barely 170 hours of sun like we seem to get these days.
  8. Tynemouth has almost no summer. The peak summer temperatures there are comparable to mid-May or late-Sep/early-Oct in London!
  9. London averages 24c in July, 45mm rain (on 7 days) and 212 sun hours. August so far has averaged 25c, but it looks as though that will fall rapidly soon. Maybe average or slightly above by months end if this unsettled spell disappears. August average in London is 23c. June had an average high of 21.7c this year, vs the long term 21c. It was a very wet month, with over 80mm rainfall (45mm average), and only 170 hours of sun (204 average).
  10. Yes, the average high was 25.5c. The month was mostly very close to average, with temps pushed up by the 3 day extreme heatwave late in the month (which saw temps up to 37.9c, equalling Heathrow's August 2003 record). It was slightly wetter and cloudier than average too, with 50.8mm and 194.5 hrs. An unusual combination. A bit like July 2010, which was extremely cloudy but had a 25c average high. http://www.meteociel.fr/climatologie/villes.php?code=3772&mois=7&annee=2019
  11. It is on the monthly summary if the weather station is available, eg http://www.meteociel.fr/climatologie/villes.php?code=3772 Does anybody know where I can get data like the above, but for Kew Gardens? Specifically sunshine data.
  12. First half of September is warmer than the first half of June pretty much throughout the UK, so it is to be expected. At least if you are looking for warmth in the first half of June anyway.
  13. Since July 2006 here, I'd only describe July 2013 and July 2018 as freakishly hot. July 2010 managed a 25c average high, but was exceptionally cloudy. August 2016, June 2017, June 2018 were all warmer than average, but none had an average high of 25c or warmer. July 2019 was 25.5c here, mostly near average but with the heatwave at the end. Even including those warm but not exceptional months, that's 7/40 summer months. Nothing spectacular.
  14. Does anybody have the sunshine amounts recorded at Kew Gardens this year, or be able to point me in the direction of them?
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