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  1. 1975/1976, 1989/1990, 1994/1995, 2013/2014. All decent or good summers that came in pairs.
  2. I'd be happy with a totally average spring and summer.
  3. They were below average in London, may not have been cold everywhere. I added 1997 by mistake, and I was thinking of 2001, not 2002. Average high temps for those springs in London. The average high temp for spring in London is 14.5c. 1994: Mar 12.3c, Apr 13.3c, May 16.0c (spring av: 13.9c) 1996: Mar 8.6c, Apr 14.3c, May 15.1c (spring av: 12.7c) 2001: Mar 9.5c, Apr 12.8c, May 18.8c (spring av: 13.7c) 2006: Mar 9.4c, Apr 14.1c, May 18.0c (spring av: 13.8c) 2010: Mar 11.1c, Apr 15.8c, May 17.3c (spring av: 14.7c) this one above average, but I remember the May being very poor for most of the month. 2013: Mar 6.9c, Apr 13.5c, May 16.4c (spring av: 12.3c) On an unrelated note, how to I stop having double-line spacing when hitting enter to start a new line on this forum?
  4. 2013, 2010, 2006, 2002, 1997, 1996 and 1994 all had below average or cold springs, and most of them had above average summers to follow. Spring 2018 was diabolically bad until mid-April, and we know how that late spring/summer turned out.
  5. Well this thread has gone down like a lead balloon
  6. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. If it isn't then feel free to create your own to add to the thread! I created this wikipedia-style climate box for Heathrow's average annual temperatures, precipitation (+rain days), and sunshine hours for the last 30 years. It gives an idea of what the 1991-2020 averages may look like. There's an almost blanket 0.4c warming of mean temps, with a slight increase in precipitation and a slight decrease in sunshine hours. Mean temp / precip / sunshine difference vs 81-10 normals Jan: +0.4c / 108% / 95% Feb: +0.5c / 110% / 98% Mar: +0.4c / 91% / 104% Apr: +0.5c / 100% / 100% May: +0.6c / 91% / 101% Jun: +0.4c / 100% / 97% Jul: +0.4c / 101% / 100% Aug: +0.2c / 108% / 96% Sep: +0.3c / 98% / 100% Oct: +0.4c / 89% / 98% Nov: +0.4c / 108% / 98% Dec: +0.4c / 104% / 102%
  7. Averages for London Heathrow in 2019. Avg max/min, precip, sun Jan: 8/3, 10mm, 45hrs - average temps, dry, cloudy Feb: 7/1, 30mm, 80hrs - cold, dry and sunny Mar: 11/4, 30mm, 110hrs - average all round Apr: 15/5, 25mm, 180hrs - slightly drier than average May: 17/9, 60mm, 180hrs - cool, wet and on the cloudy side Jun: 22/12, 20mm, 200hrs - dry, average temps and sunshine Jul: 23/14, 25mm, 200hrs - dry, average temps and slightly below average sunshine Aug: 25/15, 10mm, 230hrs - warm, dry, sunny Sep: 20/11, 20mm, 135hrs - average temps, dry and cloudy Oct: 16/10, 70mm, 120hrs - warmer and wetter than average Nov: 12/7, 80mm, 65hrs - mild, wet and cloudy Dec: 6/1, 40mm, 70hrs - cold and sunny Hottest max: 34c Coldest min: -3c Rain days: 105 Snow days: 3 TS days: 20 First 20c: 1st April First 25c: 10th May First 30c: 15th June First 32c: 4th July Highest max 34c: 3rd August August will finally be sunnier than average for the first time since 2005!
  8. This month would be a record cold July. It hasn't been that humid either, apart from today (which only felt like typical summer humidity anyway). A 15-16c dewpoint in summer is normal.
  9. This month is now the first above average sunshine May since 2011 (you'd have to go back to May 2005 to find the next one), the first month to record over 200 hours since June 2017, and the first sunnier than average warm season (May-Oct) month since September 2015!
  10. Heathrow had 310.1 hrs in May 1989. This month wont get near that but could end around 260-270.
  11. On course for our first sunnier than average May since 2011. If our forecast is correct then we will end up with around 240 hours, which would be the sunniest since 1998. Hopefully this pattern continues for a well overdue warmer and sunnier than average summer.
  12. August 1981 doesn't seem that great; temps slightly below average with well above average rainfall (due to thunderstorms in the first week). http://www.meteociel.fr/climatologie/villes.php?code=3772&mois=8&annee=1981 Summer 1989 recorded almost as many 25c+ days as 1976 in London. 1976: 59 days, 1989: 55 days
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