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  1. So, a quick bit of info on what's happened to me recently. I'm a biker and two weeks ago was involved in an accident that I was completely blameless in. A pedestrian stepped straight out into the road 1 metre infront of me whilst she was looking the other way while I was slowly filtering through traffic and knocked me off my bike. She immediately admitted full liability although she has caused 1200+ pounds worth of damage to my 2 month old from new bike, which I've had to pay for myself out of my own pocket as taking it through insurance would cost me hundreds of pounds added to both my bike and car premiums next year. I cannot claim off the person who caused the accident as she is a pedestrian so does not have insurance and although I could take it to court she is a young girl living at home and would not be able to afford to pay for the damage anyway (she'd end up paying a pound a week for the rest of her life or something like that) and it isn't worth it to me to end up paying all the court costs and having all the hassle and stress that goes with it. Meanwhile my bike is still with the bike shop 63 miles away and even if I had it back I have cracked ribs and am in a lot of pain so would be unable to ride it anyway. I had the last week off work but have struggled in this week as my boss is extremely short staffed, and he is very good to me so I have come in out of a sense of loyalty to him although I can go home at anytime if I don't feel up to it and am leaving early everyday. The only way I can get to work is to drive as I cannot walk to the station and cannot risk having to stand for 1 1/2 hours on the journey and get bumped around by other passengers and their luggage on a tightly packed train at rush hour. So, ll in all I'm having a pretty miserable time at the moment and hope things get better soon. I have noticed yesterday that it was the first day since the accident where I have felt a little better pain wise and again today so hopefully I'm healing now. The storms we had down this way earlier this week were a nice distraction.


    That's pretty much how things are at the moment. The weekend is coming up and I intend to spend it indoors doing absolutely nothing except watching tv and playing videogames (perhaps I'll put a stormy level on in one of my games.

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    2. Windblade


      Today you mean?

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      Sorry it was on Wednesday, everything dried up really quickly

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      Ah, yes we had flash flooding here from the slow moving storms. Was a great day for storm spotting.