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  1. We've had some showers that have turned heavy on and off all morning so far. Looking on radar theres cell after cell approaching my location followed by a big mass of rain. This looks set to continue for the rest of the day. Nothing electrical yet, but I'm not ruling it out. Lets see what happens. For now I'm enjoying hearing the rain pound down.
  2. Beautiful. Edit - I've saved the first pic as my desktop wallpaper. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Nice little squall line going through the south east on radar...
  4. Some towering cbs trying to go up in Tower Hamlets this morning.
  5. Excellent advice which has actually made me think of something...perhaps we should start a sticky where people can post the best spots in their area for viewing storms along with what the parking is like (are there car parks, lay bys etc?) and also rate how easy they are to get to/what the traffic is usually like around the area to give people a list of good places local to their area/within reasonable distance to observe storms?
  6. Yes saw that mate, I think I was writing as you posted that!
  7. Anyone please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like a supercell if the whole storm was rotating. If its an area within the storm itself that is rotatiing then that's a mesocyclone I believe (which can produce tornado's).
  8. I'm 38 and remember those storms well. They literally lasted all night and were still going at 8.30am the following morning. Last nights storms were on that scale of awesomeness (is that a word) for me. Very reminiscent of those times and it has renewed my faith that there may still be more to come from this year.
  9. Incredible. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Didn't post last night as I wanted to maximise my time watching any storms that did come my way. About 10.30pm the sky started lighting up to the west/northwest. It was the north london storm - I could see it from my house more than twenty five miles away! Lovely blue IC strikes literally every other second. No thunder, but constant strobe lighting. Lasted for a good two hours or so. I went to bed with the curtains drawn as I have a west/northwest view, and lay in bed watching the sky light up. Left the window a jar so anything that came directly over would wake me...and it did! At 2am a storm came right over us. Loads of IC blue lightning again and loud thunder. I got up and watched it for about twenty minutes and then went back to bed. Fell asleep watching it from the bed. So relaxing. What a night.
  11. Its all up in the air at the moment isn't it? No one can seem to agree on which direction the storms for tonight will head in. I'd say best to watch the radar closely near to the timeframe and go from there.
  12. That's what we want, some nice mcs action, not these pulse type hit and miss affairs!
  13. Thanks, but just says "connecting to webcam" indefinitely for me.
  14. Any live video webcams down that way that people know of? Would love to take a peek at that storm out to sea.
  15. Glad to hear my friend. Yes, why oh why the trains don't have air conditioning is beyond me. Every year in the summer it's unbearably hot on the train, often with people fainting. Older models of cartridge used to have those little air nozzles that you can direct towards you and while not air conditioning (they're just blowers), they did help relieve some of the symptoms. Modern cartridges don't even have those, no doubt to "save money". I'm biking today as it looks dry for the most part. Hope any stormy activity holds off until I get home! It's all kicked off south of Devon so far, looks ballistic on radar!