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  1. Capture from the last 24 hours... WOW!!!
  2. Pretty much every week this winter I've seen scotland, northern ireland and occasionally north wales get the odd strike on radar and sometimes more. Right now as I type this there is a barmer of a storm going on in northern scotland, while all winter in the southeast...(crickets). It ain't fair!
  3. Just wanted to wish everyone at the netweather communitya very Happy Christmas and New Year. :reindeer-emoji: Here's hoping for plenty of decent photogenic storms next year. :santa-emoji:

  4. This is lovely. Can't remember the last time I saw snow like this so early in the winter. We usually get it in January at the earliest.
  5. Ah I see, that makes more sense. Thanks Nick.
  6. I always did wonder. Patio I can understand if it's near a house but I always thought a concrete path would be really cold, much colder than say foilage (which is always the first to settle)? I'm only going by touch here mind.
  7. That sounds cool (excuse the pun!). It's really coming down here and now settling on the path and patio (always the last surfaces to settle for some reason).
  8. Hope so John. Fingers crossed.
  9. Ah ok, I see! So the precip is actually in real time, but the type of precip is more of a guesstimate. Thanks for clearing things up, most appreciated!
  10. My bad John! I thought it was using realtime data!
  11. Ah, my bad. I thought it was an actual real time radar? If thats not the case then how can we use it to track storms etc?
  12. I thought it was supposed to be really acurrate, after all it's radar? Lol.
  13. Turned back to snow. Nice big flakes. Radar still showing it as rain though?
  14. It's been snowing heavily all morning but has only settled on the plants and grass. The path and patio were very lightly covered but have now melted. I watched the snow turn to rain at 11:05am. Curiously, when rewinding the radar a bit it is only showing rain for us from 10:50 but it was definitely snowing until just past 11.