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  1. Thanks Summer Sun. I see netweather have also issued a storm forecast and agree with convective weather about the possibility of waterspouts and tornados . I've only just seen these forecasts but we did have a very intense shower this morning about 8.45. I was lying in bed and heard it pounding on the window...so relaxing. Later on about 10.45am we had a little, much lighter shower which produced a beautiful, massive rainbow. I was looking at the next lot of clouds on the horizon which were rapidly coming my way and thought to myself it feels stormy today. We keep getting clear spells in between the next shower to arrive. I see the southern coast have had a few strikes a while ago and there are loads of little cells constantly moving from southwest to northeast along the bottom curl of the low. We will see what the rest of the day brings!
  2. No storms forecasted today but spotted two huge well defined cb's with a clearly defined anvil on the left one an hour ago over north east london. Can just see them through the smog...
  3. Nothing yesterday, although I did see an incredible cb driving home along the A2. It was just over dartford, and was absolutely huge, with clearly defined anvil, and it had a half crescent rainbow accompanying it along the bottom left. Absolutely incredible sight. Just sad I couldn't stop and take a picture.
  4. Its been a rather murky day so far with rain (sometimes heavy) and very small dry periods. I can see some huge cauliflower heads to my northwest so you never know, might see some action, although I'm not expecting anything much.
  5. Beautiful. Look at the anvil on that thing! Lovely pics friend.
  6. Lovely mature cb you've got there. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Giant dust devil on Chat Moss, Irlam, UK

    That's really cool. Looks a bit more substantial though than just a simple dust devil. Could this be a landspout/gustnado? Lovely capture all the same, thanks for sharing.
  8. Nah, even then the screen lights up at night when messages are received. I'm not going to use it unless I go out or go to work so I turn it off. Anyone that wants to reach me does so on the home phone so its all good.
  9. No storms for me yesterday. Managed to get home dry! Heavy showers around but everything went either side of me or faded just as it got to me with the exception of a lovely heavyish shower around 7pm with a setting sun behind it which was a sight to behold. Sorry no pictures (phone is off after I finish work as I don't want to get disturbed by work related calls etc). I've been meaning to get a decent camera for a while now and have it on standby in the car and around the house so i can take pictures of storms wherever I am, as and when I see them, but finances are a pain right now so that'll have to wait. Could get something stormy today, lets see.
  10. Loads of little cells on radar, just missing us at the moment. However, I'm on my motorbike today so storms, if you're reading this, please wait until I get home!
  11. Very interesting afternoon with cell after cell coming over, dropping a huge amount of convective rain for a few minutes with rumbles mixed in. Didn't see any lightning but still enjoyed the action and although the thunder seems to have stopped we still have cell afer cell dropping its contents on the way overhead. Driving home I saw some incredible cb's over north west kent with clearly defined anvils and still exploding with updrafts lower down the base. Never seen anything quite like it. The drive home was like driving through a monsoon at times with clear spells inbetween cells. Extraordinary day.
  12. Thank you for your kind words James. Yes, 2017 has definitely been more active than the dismal 2016. Tonight looks to have some potential although lets wait and see.
  13. Thanks Nick and Summer Sun. Will be keeping an eye on things this evening. I'll bloody well make sure I look outside this time!
  14. Netweathers been showing this for the past two days. I would have expected the risk to go to 0% by now (as per usual!) but is hasn't so maybe I might get something tomorrow evening?