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  1. General consensus seems to be any thundery activity this weekend will be from the west and the southeast may well remain dry and hot for as long as possible (EXACTLY like last year ).
  2. Yeah, that's one of the ones I missed last year unless that was the single night time storm I had last year which lasted about 20 mins, although I thought that was earlier in the year. Nothing up may way at all except that single storm in 2016.
  3. Sounds about right! To be honest though I'd welcome cooler conditions. As much as I'd like a good storm, if its not going to produce then I'd rather have a fresher feel without that horrible humidity and heat (but nothing to show for it).
  4. Welcome friend. I'm taking things with a pinch of salt at the moment until nearer the time as these things can change rapidly, but nothing wrong with hoping!
  5. Hi Harry. I'm in my late thirties and can remember a ton of great storms in the 80's, 90's and 00's but don't ever recall a year as bad as 2016! Yes, I think you were better placed on the kent coast to pick up any imports during the plumes last year. Back here there was nothing except heat, sweat and did I mention more unbearable sticky heat?! Lets hope for a decent few months ahead as the summer starts to move in.
  6. I remember one night time storm that approached from the southwest about 9.30pm one night which lasted about 20 mins (the green lightning was cool, although shortlived) and one day of constant thunder while still being sunny and dry (where cells would pass paralell to me all day long but not come over) and thats about it, unless there was the odd flash here and there that I do not recall. I also remember how every plume event produced absolutely nothing for me except unbearable humidity and heat while the majority of the rest of the country enjoyed storms and lower temeratures. Overall it was the worst year for storms I can ever remember and so far things haven't improved. I don't mean to sound down, and was happy others got to see some action, I'm just frustrated here.
  7. Bbc use met office data for their forecast as far as I'm aware. I've found the met office to be pretty rubbish really, very inaccurate in their forecasts so anything the bbc says I'd take with a pinch of salt. I find netweathers own forecast to be much more accurate, as well as convectiveweathers, and I'd be much more inclined to go with actual storm weather forecasting sites than the mainstream media/tv forecasts who all seem very conservative and reluctant to forecast storm activity (and even when they do they usually get it totally wrong). As for this possible plume event, we had similar setups multiple times last year and every single time all the south east got was a baking hot, sticky, stinky, sweaty, miserable humid mess with not a drop of rain, while the rest of the country enjoyed numerous massive storms. The heat also lasted far longer in the south east than anywhere else, just to add insult to injury. It really was absolutely unbearable. I really, really hope that isn't the case this time.
  8. I'm calling today a bust. Any cells that have developed have passed to my west, and the showers I have had come over are just mushy rain and not stormy in nature. Any action that has developed seems to all be to the west of here as northwest kent continues to have its storm-shield up. Good luck to those in more favourable spots.
  9. Showers stopped now and sunny again. Developing cell directly to my west. Looking pretty dark to my northwest and small bits of scud are starting to form over there.
  10. Another shower just arrived here. Moderate - heavy.
  11. Looks like we have a developing squall line over northwest london on radar.
  12. Looked outside about 11am and saw some nice cauliflowers and towers going up. Just had a moderate shower here that last 10-15 minutes and now the suns out again. Can see a developing cell to my northwest (which is tracking northeastward) and cauliflowers to my south. Not overly hot or humid feeling, just nice/comfortable at the moment.
  13. All over for now but lets see what tomorrow brings.