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  1. I heard that in Welling. Quite a prolonged rolling rumble accompanied by torrential rain.
  2. I think thats it for storms in my neck of the woods for now. Hope it stays cool.
  3. I feel for you. That's been the exact story of my year up until today. I wish you a good storm.
  4. We had some lovely rain here a while ago but radar image shows the conveyor belt has shifted east slightly so it's just missing us by a few miles at the moment. Still absolutely black to my southeast and a lovely cool breeze blowing so can't complain.
  5. Makes up for every single main event so far missing me. I'm loving this.
  6. Ooooh, I do hope this continues all day/evening. That would be fantastic. Really loving the cooler wind/temps now too.
  7. Oh dear! Hope you got it closed in time! It's been a great morning so far for lobdon, lovely and cool now after suffering that disgusting heat, and we currently have storm number 3 on approach from the south. Awesome you saw some action in the night too. I love a good nightime light show.
  8. Yep, looks like a conveyor belt from northern france straight to london. Hope it continues. Will make up for all the storms that have missed me this year.
  9. Yeah, I see the planes all taking evasive action! Massive cg bolt just now with an instant crack!
  10. Yes, just saw a huge ic flash! It's just started pelting down too. Loving this mate!
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