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  1. They look like tornadoes! Great pic!
  2. Saw my first rainbow of 2017 this evening (bonus - it was a double!). Also driving home there were cells in pretty much every direction which looked beautiful as the sun was setting. Couldn't take any pics sadly as I was on a dual carridgeway, but even so it was a sight to behold and that coupled with the double rainbow the stormy skies of this afternoon and the radar imagary (including several uk strikes) has not only lifted my spirits (after a difficult start to the year for me) but has filled me with hope for a stormy 2017.
  3. We've just had incredibly heavy hail here and its incredibly dark - like night time. Surprised there have been no flashes considering how dark things have got. Still, this is a great start to the year. Looking forward to seeing what happens on the storm front this year after the worst year for storms I can ever remember (2016).
  4. Yay, first stormy looking day of the year for me. The radar image was taken about 4pm. These pics were taken just before 4pm today over Tower Hamlets. Incredible height of the towering cumulus and check out that dark base! Stunning.
  5. Two weeks ago my car had a fight with a lorry and the car lost. :cray:

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    2. Spikecollie


      Hopefully you were not in it at the time...

    3. Windblade


      I was unfortunately. :( A lorry T-boned me and dragged me down the road while my car was on its side. The car should of been a write off, but they re actually going to repair it due to the value of the car (I'd rather it was a write off to be honest as I've had nothing but bad luck with it since the very first day I bought it, so am going to trade it in as soon as I get it back).


    4. Windblade


      Cleaning the courtesy car a few hours ago and noticed broken glass around the front. On closer inspection someone has hit the front bumper, ripping off the number plate (which is missing) and scraping the bumper and well as damaging the plastic. I ABSOLUTELY DON'T BELIEVE IT and wonder what I have possibly done to deserve all this crap.

      I have a witness who called me over and explained he saw the hit and run in the small hours (but as it was dark and he was half asleep and just got up to see what was going on unfortunately didn't catch the plate). I also have an allaby to prove I was tucked up in bed at the time, but unbelievably the insurance have already told me they will charge me the excess on this vechicle. I have told them in no uncertain terms I will not be paying and am prepared to take court action (which I really can't afford). I just can't believe this is happening...

  6. Yep. I'm waiting for spring with much eagerness. Last year was the most dismal storm year I can ever remember so I'm hoping for better luck this year. Not too long to go til the season kicks off.
  7. Back on topic - more thundersnow strikes showing on radar over the sea to the southwest of ireland.
  8. Yes, the ground clearance is quite poor so theres a limit to what it can do. Luckily we don't get a lot of snow round these parts and even when we do its normally no deeper than 1 inch. I think the best wheeled veichle to take snow has to be a land rover.
  9. I've never tried winter tyres (too much messing about changing tyres over on the off chance we get some snow - before tonight the last time we had significant snowfall in my area was four years ago). I prefer instead to stick with high performance rubber all year round for the extra grip/safety. I must admit though I was very grateful this evening for having a car with 4wd (Mk2 Audi TT 2.0T Quattro). First time I've tested it in the snow and the extra grip was outstanding. Before that every car I've had has been fwd - admirable mentions go to the hyundai coupe and vauxhall calibra I once had which both put in very decent perfomances in snowy conditions (the calibra in particular actually had a "snow mode" on the gearbox which backed off the power and would pull away in a higher gear to prevent wheelspin - that was a new thing back then and pretty useful to have), but nothing comes close to 4wd coupled with traction control. My first and second cars were both "92 Ford Orions and they were almost undrivable in the snow (but I still loved them all the same)!
  10. Thanks Jo, interesting read. Both times I witnessed it were at night so the lightning was even more noticable. Incredible, and something I'm grateful to have seen. It did indeed snow this evening on my way home. Temperature was 4.5c when I left and it was raining hard at that time, in just 45 minutes it had dropped to 2c and the rain had turned to slushy sleet, and just twenty five minutes later it was 0c with thick snow settling on the roads. No pictures sadly as I was driving (reading the temp off the dash display), but I've never ever seen temp drops that sudden before.
  11. Haven't had the chance to read the thread so forgive me if this has already been mentioned but thundersnow strikes have been showing on radar for western ireland, scotland and the northern midlands this afternoon and some in northern scotland yesterday. Pretty exciting. I've only experienced thundersnow twice in my life before, but once seen/heard it is never forgotten. If we do indeed get proper snow in the south east (I have my doubts but we will see) and not just a dusting then I want the full works, thundersnow, the lot!
  12. Sorry to chime in on an old thread but I thought I'd just share thoughts on the recent naming of low pressure systems. To be honest we've always had gales and the like in our winters - nothing has changed in that regard and unless the winds reach hurricane/tropical cyclone force I think naming them is overkill and seems to have been done for sensationalist headlines and nothing more. During the winter it is not unheard of for the uk to get one or more low pressure systems a week, so its nothing out of the ordinary. People must be warned of course, but this could (and has for years) be done without naming them to create media panic and make them seem worse than they are. As I said before though, if we're talking hurricane strengh that's different, but these "storms" are just our usual winter gales/low pressure systems as far as I can see.
  13. Oh my, that is one huge storm. The shape of it looks similar to a supercell.
  14. That lowering at the base is absolutely a wall cloud (which often spawn tornados). Did you hang about after the picture was taken, and if you don't mind me asking, when and where was this taken?