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  1. Can't say for sure til nearer the time but at the moment I'd say the nearer the southeast coast the better but if you can't make it that far the southeast in general is where I'd suggest.
  2. I'm thinking this warming airmass from France coupled with dirurnal heating could set off some pulse storms towards the end of the working week (cape and shear permitting of course). Would be awesome if that happened friday night as I have a good mate of mine coming over who's expressed an interest in storm chasing in the past when I've been discussing my hobby with him and wants to learn more about it. I'd happily take him out on a chase and see if we can find anything. Plus if I'm driving he can take pictures/shoot video. I'll be watching this closely to see how things develop.
  3. I know how you feel mate, I'm in a similar situation here and have been for several years but try and keep your chin up buddy. When you finally do see a spectacular storm the moment will be all the more special.
  4. Some large cells heading across the channel heading towards kent now but no sparks. I think the sea is just too cold at the moment. Still hopeful however that these cells will pass over, as I adore the sound of rain pounding on the roof and windows late at night. So relaxing.
  5. Agreed. Convective weather have had warnings out most days for a couple of weeks now but absolutely nothing has materialised anywhere near here (been in the forecast zone plenty of days) .I really hope I don't have to wait for summer to see any stormy action, if I see any at all. I don't think the damp/drizzly conditions that have plagued us this past week have helped matters. Still plenty of time to go so trying not to be too dismissive, but just a bit concerned like yourself that seemingly good potential pretty much this whole fortnight has so far amounted to nothing.
  6. Nice large cell leaving northeast france heading northwest - right towards me. I wonder if it will go bang as it crosses the channel?
  7. Stormy April Sunset

  8. We had a few breaks in the cloud but overall it's been mostly cloudy which seems to have limited the potential for today. Oh well, it's still very early in the season, plenty of time to go.
  9. Looks like convective weather were bang on with that forecast. Any chance the SE could get in on the action? There was talk of imports from France but the wind is blowing from the wrong way currently (sw instead of se). There was also mention of some home grown convection tonight moving in from the sw but I'm not so confident just yet as the convergence zone is definitely squarely in the midlands right now and any convection from the sw tends to fizzle out long before it gets here. Talk of possible storms again tomorrow but I think these will be daytime based. Will keep an eye out although I do love a good night time storm so hope I get to enjoy a few this season. Still, I'd still be extremely happy to see a good storm, day or night, preferably when I'm not working so I can take the time to really savour the moment.
  10. Well Chris, it's been quite unsettled recently with the odd rumble and flash thrown in so the signs are looking more positive for our usual April weather. Wishing you a stormy spring.
  11. Wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded to my last post about the aftereffects of the ssw and what it means for storm season. I always presumed the warmer the better with storms so it's good to gain more knowledge and a better understanding of conditions that can trigger my favourite weather. Looking forward to (hopefully) some good storms this year.
  12. With us still feeling the effects of the ssw I wonder if we will get our annual April showers/storms this year? Every year I look forward to this event as it marks the start of the storm season but with all this talk of more cold coming up and possibly lasting til mid April/May I wonder if we will not get our April showers this year and what this means for the storm season moving forward?
  13. Looking increasingly stormy this afternoon. Spotted this beauty of a cell to my north at 5.30pm (loads of other towers and cauliflower heads around in most directions). Doubt it'll amount to anything but nice to see all the same this early in the season.
  14. It looked pretty active on radar which is what I was basing that off. Exact same story the whole of last year - storm cells would pass parallel to me, dift over to Essex and then fire up for hours. Extremely frustrating.
  15. Beast from the east - bugger off. You've had your time, it's now springs turn...

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      Bring on springtime warmph, some nice days and the good evening storms I say.