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  1. Crazy day and it's STILL going on. Some radar images of earlier... Wow. Lightning strikes were very slow to register on netweather but there was thunder and lightning every 20 seconds or so in brixton for hours.
  2. This is incredible. The storm has been backbuilding from southeast kent for the past 4 hours and still going strong! Never seen anything like it.
  3. Same, but I feel it all the same!
  4. My sympathies. The same thing happened to me last year on the final day of my holiday in dorset - there was a corker of a storm right over my house at home.
  5. Just had a bright flash and booming thunder. On lightningmaps the strike was directly to my north about 1 mile! Turning into a proper storm now!
  6. Got thunder and rain in brixton (where I'm working today). Had a nice storm run parallel to my west yesterday evening as well constantly rumbling for about an hour. The past 7 days have been really good for storms.
  7. Sorry if I'm a bit late, was up late last night and what a night it was! Four separate storms passed over me which were so close together the whole event just seemed like one giant storm. I've seen beautiful fork lightning and one horizontal fork in particular that went across the whole sky. All of it was pure white and the whole sky was lit up with constant stroble lightning for hours. Hardly any precip apart from one or two heavy bursts and weirdly although the thunder was literally constant it was really quiet and sounded muffled. I'm not sure why this was? Onto tonight and we could be in with a shot again although the forecasts don't seem as confident for my area tonight but we'll see. After an utterly dismal start to the season things are now picking up for me and last nights storm was the most active I've ever seen. Pretty happy/satisfied for the moment but do hope there's more to come.
  8. Just had the most intense strobe lightning I've ever seen. Two storms passed almost right over me, headed northwest, with contant strobe lightning every 4 seconds (I counted). 90% of it was IC, however I did see a few forks, my first for over 3 years (a couple of which popped out the right side of the base - incredible). Also saw some lovely anvil crawlers. Oddly there was hardly any precip or wind - it was just spitting for a few seconds and almost completely still. The thunder although constant was also really, really quiet. A very unusual couple of storms and the most frequent lightning I've ever seen. Happy. Gone quiet now as it's moved away but lightningmaps showing intense activity behind it. Gonna make a move and keep a lookout for it. Have a great night all.
  9. Frequent lightning coming fron the southeast. A quick look at the radar shows a small cell over orpington heading this way with a larger on behind. As I'm typing this first distant rumbles heard.
  10. Setup looks very promising for tonight but I've been here before only to be disappointed. I can't help getting a little excited though. Was out very late last night so staying put tonight and hoping storms come to me. Incredibly hot and humid here. Feels like there's loads of energy just waiting to be released. Will be watching the radar tonight with interest and hoping that this time we actually get a decent night time storm. Good luck everyone.
  11. Speak for yourself! I'm still waiting for my big night time storm event.
  12. Concective weather had us in the risk zone, although it is pretty broad for todays forecast.
  13. Mines out in the garden enjoying the sunshine! Storms don't bother him - he was out in the thunder on monday evening and it didn't phase him one bit!
  14. Been watching convection move east to west all day long...to my south. Completely dry here all day. In the past hour storms developed to my west (heading west). So typical. Calling it now - another bust.