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  1. Remember driving past those drifts at the top of slack hill every day on my way to work in 2013. Epic stuff.
  2. Don’t post often on here despite being around for 15 years + but this was our back garden in Chesterfield on 1st Dec 2010. What an event that was.
  3. Massive flakes in Chesterfield. Nicely covering the drive that I've just cleared to get my other half off to work. About 3" now. Not as good as Boxing day but still nice to see.
  4. There was 20" + of snow in Chesterfield and surrounding areas.
  5. Don't post much at all on these forums but have been an avid reader for years now. The standard of posting in here today from some has been diabolical. It spoils the whole thing. We all know that charts have been shown to be different within 12 hrs of the last one. So, anybody posting that winter is over or no cold in January is clearly looking for people to bite. It would be so much better if some decided to walk away from their keyboards, sit and think about what they are going to say, then be objective in their post. It would stop ruining this thread for the people that are trying to learn
  6. I understood a zonal flow was just a flow from the predominant direction. So for us that is westerly. Whether it's straight westerly, north westerly or south westerly it's still zonal. Obviously very different conditions on the ground.
  7. I think the upcoming spell has all the markings of a spell of weather I remember as an 8 or 9 year old. Not sure if it was 78 or 79 but we were travelling back from Manchester to Sheffield over the snake pass and we'd left early due to the weather forecast saying there was a big battle between east and west right above our heads. It was throwing it down with rain in Manchester but obviously going over the snake would be different. It was snowing heavily on the snake pass but raining very heavily in Sheffield at the other side. I remember the forecasters saying it should stay as rain for us s
  8. But your post inferred milder air in the sense of "no" cold. But that's not true, those charts, if verified, could bring a fair bit of snow to some areas.
  9. There's your answer shedhead. It's pretty obvious the pattern is changing to be fair. It's just we don't know to what pattern yet.
  10. Paul, I agree with this but I did clearly state it was the met office observation from Glasgow/Bishopton where I had taken my information from. The point is it wasn't going to go up to 15c at all, it had already started to come down. At 12.50 it was 14c at 13.20 it was 12c. At 13.08 Shed said 15c was highly likely when in fact the temperature was already falling. As I mentioned on my post why the need for exaggeration? Too many people that clearly just want to wind other members up or bang the same drum time and time again. Next time I shall use the report button as requested.
  11. Don't post very often, normally just read but where have you got 14c maybe up to 15c from? According to the met office the maximum temperature at Glasgow airport was at 1pm today at 12.4c. At 2pm it was 11.8c, so clearly slowly falling away. It's certainly not 14c or 15c. yes it's mild but why exaggerate to make your point? It's 2c cooler in Chesterfield today than it was yesterday at 1pm, same in Nottingham, Sheffield, City of London etc. Yes it's mild and will stay mild for the reliable, I think we're all aware of that by now. We certainly don't need reminding every other post.
  12. The referee's in this country are a complete joke. Never over the line!!!

  13. RIP to the 96 who lost their lives on he 15th April 1989 at Hillsborough.

  14. Well, Ben just beat his mum at bowling. Way to go big un!!!! :-)

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      what was score? assume you mean tenpin

  15. Remember: Don't insult the Alligator until after you've crossed the river.

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