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  1. Definitely wasn't a bust everywhere. I'm not complaining! Lightning was great, thunder really booming
  2. Well that was my first great lightning fix of the season here in Kent last night. Here's to plenty more to come!
  3. Has anyone seen Estofex have added a mesoscale discussion for South East for tornado risk
  4. I see Metcheck have issued a thunderstorm advisory with a high risk (60%) for Kent.
  5. Getting close now but not frequent. But who cares, something is better than nothing!
  6. Am I the only one seeing any action at the moment?? Seems to be a lot of moaning going on!
  7. Sporadic lightning visible here too. Just heard thunder as I write this
  8. Well that was quite a show for a while! Quite frequent lighting, loud thunder and torrential rain!
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