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  1. Hi all, I am not sure if everyone on tour 5 got a copy of the PDF file I put together, so please find a copy attached to this post. Looking forward to seeing you all out in Dever in a few weeks time! Any questions about the photography tour, please just get in touch. Cheers John Tour 5.pdf
  2. Correction... I am staying at Days Inn on the Friday, not Best Western. Not sure where we are staying on Saturday at the moment.
  3. Hi Melvyn, Great photos you have! And you do a lot of travelling! Good stuff, you will love tornado alley! Have a look on NOAA's site for storm forecasts... www.spc.noaa.gov You can also download a storm app for your phone, probably the best one out there is Radar Scope. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday, I arrive on Friday, we are staying at the Best Western... See you there! Cheers John
  4. Hi Melvyn, I would suggest taking the widest lens you have and not worry too much about filters, but also bear in mind we might be doing some night photography, so having a wide aperture like f2.8 is an advantage for star shots and low light with storms, I think your Nikon D750 would suit this more. I also find a 24 70mm or 24 120mm is good for general and lightning shots, you might not use the telephoto that much and it is rare that you would need more than 200mm. But having said that I did use a 400mm for the tornadoes we saw in May on Tour 2. As for filters, if we are chasin
  5. Hello, just wondering if any of the Tour 5 guests are on here? Only days to go now... Does anyone have any questions regarding photography equipment before we head out?
  6. Western Oklahoma with a 590 mile chase day. We chased A pair of LP Supercells with stunning Structure and Mammatus clouds, We ended the chase down by Mangum with a brilliant orange sky caused by the sunset and the dust kicked up by the storms. Once again, a big thanks goes to the Netweather team. © John Finney
  7. A stunning storm chase from Colorado into Nebraska today (23rd May), With some breathtaking storms. Main storms we chased where between Chappell and Ogallalla in Nebraska with some stunning lightning to finish the day off on a beach next to Lake McConaughy. Big thanks to the team for there relentless hard work. © John Finney
  8. A few images from our Colorado supercell storm chase (22nd May). We targeted a General Thunderstorm risk in E Central Colorado on our journey north for the next few days risks and we came across a lovely Supercell at sunset. Big thanks again to the Netweather team for there hard work. © John Finney
  9. Another superb chase day! Here are some images from the storm chase in New Mexico, We chased 2 Supercells, one near Vaughn then one South West of Corona, North West of the Roswell. Big thanks goes to the Netweather team again!
  10. A few images from our bonus chase day (19th May) near Vernon Texas. A big thanks to the team for getting us in the right places at the right time. ?
  11. Lots of predictions for T2, I am sure it will be fun no matter what happens... How many people and how many cars will there be on T2??
  12. Really looking forward to tour 2! Here are a few images from the 2017 chase season.
  13. Am I allowed to change any of my images? as they where a rush job...
  14. Yeah good question!? I had to put other jobs to aside in order to get the images out in time for an imaginary deadline!
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