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  1. Storm near us headed off North toward Preston way. Had about 5 good rumbles of thunder, still too sunny in Western sky to see any lightning. Chucking it down though. Can see lots of convection still going on behind these rain clouds.
  2. Thunder heard. Looks like storm clouds heading to us from the East......unusual Took grandsons out earlier and was telling 7 year old about the convection going on around us about 5.30 and that we may get a storm!
  3. Still bright and sunny here after a yellow morning but wind is constant now with strong gusts. There’s a background hum to it.
  4. Took the obligatory red sun photos about an hour ago. Blazing sun here now , wind died right back again.
  5. Wind really starting to pick up here now, after a very quiet and yellow/green tinted start.
  6. Nice little storm just passing by along the coast here. No rain at minute.
  7. Nice little storm just passing over here. Travelling to E I think. Some lovely,pink lightning.
  8. And it's gone for us I think, rain easing. But 5/6 close strikes with loud rolling thunder is better than nothing at all!
  9. Much darker to my East now Ian over Ormskirk way so you could be in luck.
  10. Very dark skies still to S and W travelling at a real lick, just grazing along our coast line. Sky has that almost green tinge to it.
  11. Distant thunder to west then north west travelling along the coast. V dark to S and W
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