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  1. Must be an incredible light show if you're anywhere near those Stoke/Birmingham storms - looking west from near Lincoln I can see faint flickers in the sky, about 70 miles away as the crow flies!
  2. Give it an hour or two and there's going to be storms all over the place, the conditions seem to be absolutely perfect for growing storms.
  3. The sun is breaking through a lot earlier than yesterday here at Coningsby. Feels very muggy already too, can only be a good thing for Lincolnshire's chances later on.
  4. Few bits popping up in the channel? I think/hope there's still time for the main event!
  5. Looking west from Lincoln, looks like the cap is holding firm, towers going up and then just stopping dead.
  6. I'm keeping an eye on the triangle between Stoke, Birmingham and Shrewsbury for storm development which may effect us.
  7. Good grief, I'm not sure I've ever seen a level 2 sitting slap bang over the UK!
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