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  1. Rumbles of thunder now here south of Lincoln.
  2. Rapid development just north east of Uttoxeter!
  3. I'm keeping an eye on the triangle between Stoke, Birmingham and Shrewsbury for storm development which may effect us.
  4. Good grief, I'm not sure I've ever seen a level 2 sitting slap bang over the UK!
  5. I've noticed they're always very hesitant to forecast storms. I guess they're so hard to predict where and when they're going to pop up, that they don't bother forecasting them much at all for fear of being incorrect.
  6. I remember it all kicking off that day but it was before I really took an interest in the weather, so I thought nothing of it at the time unfortunately. Only looking back on it now do I realise what actually happened and the severity of it!
  7. Am I right in saying on that day there were two storm systems at once, one which moved north easterly from Birmingham area through Lincolnshire whilst the other moved north easterly from Manchester towards Newcastle area?
  8. Not seen this before. Really interesting read, thanks for posting!
  9. Cells popping up all over Lincolnshire, an area that had a slim chance today. Classic Lincolnshire to be honest!
  10. Plenty of fresh strikes appearing over the sea which is rather encouraging.