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  1. 12 hours later still all to play for-
  2. If this high can just keep its foot in to the east things could get very warm again but I realise this could be asking a little too much
  3. Aviemore is forecast 28c tomorrow. They might be in with a chance of 30c
  4. A sparkling Mediterranean feeling day here. At 8am it was 15c and 4pm looks like it could be 24c. Strong sunshine all the way.
  5. There's a chance we could finish at 13c. If we did that would be a spring of 8.7, 8.9, 13 against the warmest CET spring 2011 of 6.7, 11.8, 12.2. That's 30.6 vs 30.7
  6. UKMO keeps the trough to the west with a finger of heights over Britain. Let's hope the stalling trough keeps spinning on the same spot!
  7. This spring is on course to be 6th warmest CET in the series I think if May ends at 12.5c+ Here's the top 5 years- 1. 2011 2. 1893 3. 2007 4. 1945 5. 2014 6. 2017? This is unprecedented warm springs!
  8. Some are only happy if it's July 2006 style very rare events in themselves
  9. Monday sees the Azores high pushing north-east. Hopefully a pattern to keep for the season ahead with low heights over Greenland
  10. The Azores high looks a powerful force heading towards summer in that ECM run
  11. Sunny and Warm 15.5
  12. Just picked out a few random cities from Thursday next week To be fair it's good from tomorrow. Temperatures already showing 20's, what will be nearer the time I wonder.
  13. Yes Mediterranean style would be lovely
  14. I wouldnt be surprised to see the 80f/27c threshold being reached somewhere south from Wednesday onwards.