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  1. The 1st-21st was unbelievable for sunshine here with over 180 hours. The 22nd-31st looks to come out poor with probably around 30 hours which overall is still a really good month and dry too. Just could have reached the elite months if we wouldn’t have pulled in proper easterlies
  2. I just wish the high would settle over the U.K. then we would have sunny warm days and cool nights
  3. Completely agree. In 2013 Mike July was unbelievable model watching too with high pressure hitting bullseye over the U.K for weeks
  4. Why are peeps so excited about a slack humid cloudy north-east flow. It’s going to be dull for days on end in the east
  5. The location of the high for eastern areas brings very dull weather in the first chart but extremely sunny in the last chart
  6. Much nicer today 5 miles from the North Sea coast in ENE England
  7. Yes mine too. The first two thirds of this May were good for that though
  8. Hopefully the high will stay close enough to the East. If it goes west it’s a whole different kettle of . I honestly don’t have a clue about June but the retrogressive signal is hanging around.
  9. May 1989 was the bees knees. 2018 still on course for near 300 for some. How did May 1992 do for Heathrow?q
  10. ECM says all’s well up to next Sunday with uppers generally between 5-10 range for England. Looks a much better outlook for Scotland this time also esp the North west where it’s been cloudy. At +216 the low has lost the fight I think and pushed to it’s little corner
  11. Do you have local figures for May 1989. I think places down south had 300 hours
  12. Here we go again. Just had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming what a speechless run
  13. I can’t remember charts like these with high pressure covering the whole Atlantic The Jet is way north, ridiculously so if I may add. What a run!
  14. I’ve noticed this retrogressive signal as we move into June with GFS. With such a cracking May on the cards maybe June will be a corker. It sometimes happens after unusually good weather it can go the opposite
  15. The GFS may be struggling with the northward extent of the jet stream. We are far from a normal pattern.
  16. A sunshine station 30 miles(Leeming) from me. South east looks good If the 2nd half matches the first we’ll have the sunniest month since July 2013 and very close to matching it and only 50 hours from July 2006 and that’s saying something as that’s probably the sunniest month ever recorded since records began here!
  17. These charts at the moment could make a grown man cry
  18. The website I’ve looked at said Leeming was on 107 hours to 6pm to the 14 th. where do you receive the 129 data from? Thanks
  19. I’m a tad nervous for summers prospects with the current remarkable weather and foreseeable weather too
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