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  1. Much more of an active Atlantic by mid June it seems. Looks like that easterly burst in the tropics is being shown now. Does look like being short lived though
  2. Remember we have to pay for the first 3 weeks of sunshine in May with 3 weeks of dull by the time we finish. Whereas the west has had it more the other way round Many good summers don’t get going till the last third of June so we wait and see
  3. I think the east may have real problems this month in terms of dullness if we continue to see a Scandinavia high, low to the south and no Azores high linkup. I’ve never experienced such dullness in June from memory with this week not looking much better. Essentially we have northern blocking to the Northeast. At least it’s dry on the whole by the looks of precipitation anomalies
  4. Travelled through a altitude of 200m today. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking it might be November
  5. Ukmo is looking good this evening with a more south easterly influence over Wednesday and Thursday
  6. It’s been a poor 2nd and 3rd here and tomorrow looks poor but hopefully we’ll get a few nice days after that.
  7. The ECM looks predominantly dry this morning for the first 3rd of June with no U.K. trough. Low cloud for eastern and central parts at times though
  8. A flat zonal summer pattern could be dry and endless cloud whereas the U.K. bullseye trough would be sunshine and showers
  9. Not much wind and high shower risk in between sunshine. What’s not to like. Much more interesting than a flat zonal flow
  10. Only 1 run but looks a recipe for high rainfall with that kind of low over the top
  11. It’s a very interesting start to summer and much different from what we’ve been used to for a good few years all down to around the solar minimum period from what I’ve read. So will we continue to see high pressure shaping Ne from the Azores or will it position northwards at some point. The difference between very wet and very warm. If it wasn’t for this nuisance 8 thing I’d have much more confidence in more of the former
  12. Last summer we’d have been crying out for a chart like that
  13. The slumber seems a lot more pronounced this year maybe due to solar minimum so the return of the Atlantic might be a weak try this summer
  14. High pressure continues to rule the roost in the reliable. What a remarkable spell this has been!
  15. It’s all about where the centre of the high is bringing enormous amounts of sunshine too. In the last week the pattern has developed a strong Scandinavia high with no Azores high linking over the U.K. so instead we end up with northern blocking to the northeast with bags of cloud moving over the North Sea in the flow. Great for Ireland and northwestern parts though
  16. Parts of Norway/Sweden warmer Spain at the moment as they’re experiencing northern blocking with a trough underneath
  17. The first chart from June 1995 shows a similar problem for the east although it is a very slack northeast drift. The second is where the money was in August. Sea hart is different to low cloud in my view. Sea harr burns back to within a mile of the coast in no time. What we’ve experienced the last week is completely different with cloud amounts
  18. Looks like a northeast drift again does look a lot slacker though so hopefully not feeding in enormous amounts of low cloud
  19. A north of east flow during summer doesn’t bear thinking about here. We’d be stuck mid teens with dull misty days even though it would be a dry summer. That has to be the worse scenario. A flat zonal west of south or north flow would still be pretty dull but warmer but windier. We really need the Azores high nosing in or a south to east south easterly for optimum summer conditions
  20. If it wasn’t for the last week it wouldn’t have been anything special apart from how dry it was of course. 1940 however was spectacular throughout for sunshine and warmth
  21. As captain said earlier we might lose the mist from June as we end up in a col and variable wind directions so looking better after the next few days Atlantic
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