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  1. Hurricane Irma

    Anyone have any working webcams? The ones I've used lost signal.
  2. June probably my favourite here with 3 fabulous days in a row. August has nearly reached average sunshine but nothing special like the previous 2 months. Similar temps throughout so from this perspective it's been a very comfortable summer. This probably beats 2015 overall for this reason although June 2015 was good.
  3. September 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    Yes all this high pressure suddenly turning up just in time for September? Warm days, cool nights maybe? If we get a Sw flow the nights might hold up too.
  4. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    I'm guessing 15.8 to the 25th. Then the last 6 days look like 19, 17, 20, 16.5, 14, 15. This gives a finish of just over 16. Then likely downward corrections so 15.8-16 is the jackpot area imo.
  5. The ECM looks better for warmth and big showers as Gert stalls. I don't think it's useful looking past 4 days at the moment.
  6. Autumn thoughts

    September 2015 was great here. One of the sunniest on record too.
  7. A sneak peek at the winter forecast from BCC with Gavin P.
  8. On first glances today's chart doesn't look great but then when the fronts are added it shows even with low pressure in charge it can produce a lovely sunny warm day. 21c currently with 8c uppers so with bounteous sunshine we might head up to 23c today
  9. Summer 2017 Discussion

    A very reasonable average summer here just north of Yorkshire. June: Slightly below average sunshine, A min at 8am of 14c and a max of 18c at 4pm. 3 exceptional days. Above rainfall. July: Average Sunshine. A min at 8am of 14c and a max of 18c at 4pm. Once again 3 exceptional days. Average rainfall. 1 exceptional thunderstorm. August so far: Average sunshine. A min slightly lower than the previous months with a max similar. So a range of 13c to 18c during 8am into the evening. Average rainfall. No exceptional days so far. This is all very normal for here apart from the thunderstorm which was rare event. I should add the min temperature in June was about 2c above average so this was notable with the max 1c above. The max in July was 1c below average.
  10. UKMO has some dreadful charts for early next week. This weekend looks better with Sunday the least windy. Just started getting hopes up for a settled period but now looks very different.
  11. Thanks this is a very interesting point. I read something similar before but forgot all about this. Further to SummerBlizzard even if you take the high 15's also there is a lot of interest in cool Decembers as WeatherHistory alluded to but yes 2006 stands out more on its own away from the general signal.
  12. Summer 2017 Discussion

    Never saw a wet summer coming!
  13. Agree. Strong ENSO events leading to mild, unsettled November, Decembers then cool March, Aprils. I'll look at the ENSO events of the Junes and see if there's a link. All years start at neutral then by December end up in the 3 different categories so Maybe other stronger drivers are present.
  14. yes there odd correlations. I'm guessing certain patterns in one period somehow affects another later down the line. We will have to wait and see but it does seem reasonable to conclude a cold snowy spell of some description is due. Even if December came out average, it could be maybe be mild for a while then have 1 major outbreak? What evidence doesn't suggest is anything like 2010 though because that was historically cold. In a normal lifetime I think that sort of month is singular.
  15. That's a smashing run from the GFS from the 21st Monday but definitely one for the pending tray. Today looks very pleasant though.