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  1. Hopefully the high will stay close enough to the East. If it goes west it’s a whole different kettle of . I honestly don’t have a clue about June but the retrogressive signal is hanging around.
  2. May 1989 was the bees knees. 2018 still on course for near 300 for some. How did May 1992 do for Heathrow?q
  3. ECM says all’s well up to next Sunday with uppers generally between 5-10 range for England. Looks a much better outlook for Scotland this time also esp the North west where it’s been cloudy. At +216 the low has lost the fight I think and pushed to it’s little corner
  4. Do you have local figures for May 1989. I think places down south had 300 hours
  5. Here we go again. Just had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming what a speechless run
  6. I can’t remember charts like these with high pressure covering the whole Atlantic The Jet is way north, ridiculously so if I may add. What a run!
  7. Ukmo looking marvellous at +96 and +120 and +144
  8. I’ve noticed this retrogressive signal as we move into June with GFS. With such a cracking May on the cards maybe June will be a corker. It sometimes happens after unusually good weather it can go the opposite
  9. The GFS may be struggling with the northward extent of the jet stream. We are far from a normal pattern.
  10. A sunshine station 30 miles(Leeming) from me. South east looks good If the 2nd half matches the first we’ll have the sunniest month since July 2013 and very close to matching it and only 50 hours from July 2006 and that’s saying something as that’s probably the sunniest month ever recorded since records began here!
  11. These charts at the moment could make a grown man cry