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  1. Since that spectacular 2nd half of February the first week of March has been very wet here. Past examples which turned very wet after special weather include March 2012, April 2007. The question is will this be the start of a much wetter period as the other examples or will it be a blip? I have a feeling it’s not a blip and a run of months now may be all about the rain.
  2. Here’s the winter CET anomalies since 1989 by the 81-10 average 1989 +5.8 1990 +5.0 1991 -4.6 1992 +0.1 1993 +0.4 1994 +0.3 1995 +4.0 1996 -4.6 1997 -1.6 1998 +4.6 1999 +2.6 2000 +2.5 2001 -0.3 2002 +2.4 2003 +0.4 2004 +1.9 2005 +2.0 2006 -1.3 2007 +5.6 2008 +3.2 2009 -3.1 2010 -6.4 2011 -4.3 2012 +1.5 2013 -2.2 2014 +4.5 2015 +0.4 2016 +6.3 2017 +2.4 2018 -0.7 2019 +3.9 31 years, 3c overall either way 9 warmer, 5 colder 2019 was 17th warmest in 360 years which means 8/17 have occurred since 1989
  3. Incredible today. Tomorrow looks like another chance to beat the record, maybe south-east?
  4. By the end of Wednesday we’ll have had 9 days of maximum temperatures 12-17c, sunshine virtually throughout and relatively calm. To get them 3 ingredients in February in such a prolonged period is a first for here and will be a historic month along with lying snow on the 2nd and morning of the 3rd. This is up there with the most magical months of the decade for me.
  5. To be a bit clearer I see Thundery Wintery Showers put it well in the other thread, winter moans thread.
  6. Unbelievable really how prolonged it’s been since the middle of the month. Very unusual for this country!
  7. Looking at the charts Feb 98 was better for the south with it windier and cloudier for the north?
  8. Very unusual but March 2012 showed if does happen, on and off for a month. Never known it this early though from experience, everything will be in bloom before the months out
  9. The position of the high to the south east is helping with that. Last June it positioned more to the east north east thus making all the difference dragging in much larger amounts of cloud. We have perfect Synoptics at the moment pretty much.
  10. Unbelievable stuff out there. Good Late April weather in Feb is great! 5 days of this already this month and more to come. Can’t remember anything as good as this in Feb before for longevity and sunshine
  11. Looking at max/min values the means for the next week are coming in around 10c which is normal for late April. It doesn’t really come much milder historically for the time of year.
  12. It looks very December 2015 like. Friday sees warm air surging up from the depths of the Caribbean. In fact the 2nd half of Feb is close in terms of temperature too. Unbelievable stuff!
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