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  1. Looks quite unusual at this time of year to see Low pressure making it across the Atlantic like the ECM has it. Might be wrong but that looks more later season polar vortex power.
  2. Completely agree. 10 miles away there can be a great storm but have nothing locally. I tend to travel if there's something great and close. From memory summer 2007 had lots of these big shower episodes and made an exciting summer. 2006 was also good when unstable areas ran into all that heat in July 2006.
  3. Bradford got some serious rain according to the radar. Is that on the front line moving north?
  4. We've had 3 storms so far this year- April 1, May 27 and July 6. This includes Thunder and Lightning. Hope we see one later today, would be nice to make 4 for the year
  5. Hopefully some nice storms later this evening. Strangely no weather warning for this
  6. With the setup the way things are looking I think August might be poor but where yet to see a really good month here yet so I wonder it will be a really good September. Hopefully no later than October though. Then again a sunny December is possible with lying snow as this hasn't happened for a few years.
  7. So it looks like July is going to join June with 3 fabulous days if it stays like this till the evening. I can't see a 4th coming along according to the outlook. I hope we can get another 3 in August also. Just to show how optimistic I am about September is that in 2015 we had 9 and 2016 we had 6. August 2016 we had 8.
  8. Further to Frostys post about the ECM mean is similar to what UKMO was showing earlier so it could be a recipe for convection, maybe some homegrown thunderstorms!
  9. UKMO is back to the idea of the Lo w over the UK again so where will the ECM take us for the weekend?
  10. Always look forward to September as its been good for settled weather. 2015 had a marvellous last week. With mist patches to start followed by long sunny days. In 2015 and 2016 it was the second sunniest month of the year between 8am-8pm.
  11. The summer to date here has been slightly below average sunshine and warmer than average temps so its been a pretty Normal half. I wouldn't class this as a poor summer. 2012 is the only one what stands out as being poor here since 2006. 2007 was very wet but quite sunny at times too.
  12. UKMO has the trough keeping more to the NW and with the fresher Atlantic air after the cold front on Thursday it could stay quite sunny in the east. Nothing to complain about from this run really unless your after the Low centre
  13. Regarding Solar activity from what I've noticed the most settled summers tend to come around solar minimum or in the middle of a solar cycle. Once again though this only increases the chances nothing more.
  14. UKMO going for a settled start next week. Looks very pleasant. Maybe the best summer spell since 2014 on the way. No getting carried away with 2013, 2006 or 1995 just yet though
  15. Looking at the bigger picture 2017 would need a cracking last third of July and August to get into the top 10 bunch of years since 1933(Most settled sunny summers) here. They are: 1. 1976 2. 1989 3. 1995 4. 1975 5. 1959 6. 2006 7. 1949 8. 1933 9. 1996 10. 2013