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  1. Just pleased I’m old enough to take in this chart. This is a historic chart
  2. Goodness me. What’s the windchill on that! Pressing for -15+ 850s and a squeeze in isobars
  3. UKMO greatly positioned to bring in exceptional cold for 1st March. Let’s hope this hits bullseye this time. A good chance of uppers below -15 by the looks of it. What a chart! That low over Italy is an absolute peach
  4. The thing to remember is many probably like me we’re hoping to see an exceptional spell of cold weather with the main cold pushing through the Uk with -15to -20 uppers and great snow showers. The UKMO has shifted this into France which is a shame. Nevertheless -10 uppers are still “freeze” worthy with temps 2 or 3 by day. Don’t know about the snow but I would imagine this is a dryer run.
  5. Breathtaking from the GEM for 1st March earlier. Hope there’s no one of a nervous disposition
  6. For me not quite a Jan 87’ or Feb 91’ but nonetheless very close and potential is there. Looking better than late March 13’ because much earlier in the season + North Sea at optimum coldness. The downside being the increase in sun strength compared to mid Jan. So temps struggling to freezing whereas Jan 87’ below -5c. The most important question still remains, Will it snow?
  7. If only seasons were seasons. I suppose the first third of March is allowed to be cold but thereafter should hopefully see a change
  8. Really hoping we can squeeze a March 2003, 2012 out but I can’t see it happening with the colder pattern probably arriving. I suppose you never know though
  9. The easterly QBO 2014/15 winter had the same airmass dominating. The difference being this time the Atlantic is weaker and more meridional. Certainly a pattern there. Whereas 2013/14 and 15/16, 16/17 westerly QBO winters had a more tropical signature
  10. My goodness aren't things getting exciting A Ssw to look forward too and the ECM just beginning to really see the way to a proper cold spell. Day 9/10 look very close to what we might expect
  11. SSW are about as close to a golden ticket as your going get though for certainty of a proper cold spells though. Ones chasing cold and more importantly snow in the last 3rd of Feb have the most reason to do so. ECM later on looks interesting to say the least.