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  1. 7 minutes ago, alexisj9 said:

    Cwell one would hope people take the advise seriously, but that can not be guaranteed. We've seen people saying a lot of fuss about nothing even in this thread.

    But, as is always the case with 'advice from on-high', real (non-privileged) people can seldom afford to take it?:oldangry:

  2. 52 minutes ago, feb1991blizzard said:

    It is - and that is why i eat stuff like sunday dinners, fish and chips etc, because i am sick of people tring deliberately to erode at British culture by making out it  bad on health grounds and all these mediterranean restaurants opening everywhere and chip shops and pubs closing one by one, then they are now after McDonalds and Kentucky as well trying to stop us eating burgers.

    I get what you're saying, feb, as I'm not exactly the healthiest eater in the world myself...Five bits of rabbit food each day? You cannot be serious!😱

    But, neither do I ever go to the local pub. Why should I? I don't like pubs. But I'm not deliberately trying to erode British culture; it's just that there's more choice, these days. And what could be culturally more British than choice?:oldgrin:

    Culture, be it food, fads or 'traditions' changes over time...

  3. 40 minutes ago, nick sussex said:

    The GFS op for down here is one of the biggest mild outliers I’ve ever seen from around the 7 th March  , at one point it’s 18c above the mean .

    I’m wondering whether we’re seeing the zonal wind discrepancy between the op and the GEFS.

    The 00hrs GFS op rocketed zonal winds back up again whilst most of the GEFS brings those down .

    As it isn't an outlier in terms of SLP, it could be just that it's having problems with the advection (or not) of the very warm air that's been lurking near the Med, for so long? 🤔


    And some runs (like last summer's 23C uppers?) are just so extreme that they have to be outliers?

  4. 38 minutes ago, ciel said:

    Not forgetting about all those nasties which require to be washed off American chicken carcasses on account of gross husbandry practices over there.

    When I worked as a QA, in a factory producing ready-to-eat food, I would often catch folks hoping to avoid washing their hands, having just had a #2!:shok:

  5. I can still recall visiting Bletchley's meat market, as a child, back in the early 1960s: pigs, cattle, sheep and goats, all confined in adjacent, filthy pens; and the biggest treat of all? Being allowed to watch the headless chickens run around in circles!...And you should see some of the filthy practices that still go-on inside British abattoirs!

    It ain't that long, since we ourselves partook of some rather unwholesome/highly questionable practices, regarding our food-production...?🤔

  6. 28 minutes ago, JON SNOW said:

    Looking at the GEFS 0z mean it’s an unsettled outlook but as we head further into March there are signs that heights from the Azores will encroach towards southern britain meaning more of a north / south split with the jet pushed further north. 


    Aye Karl; whatever happens, we could do with losing the tight temperature-gradient?🤔

    h500slp.png    h850t850eu.png

    Otherwise, it'll be rain, rain and more rain!

    Yep...More rain!

    h500slp.png    h850t850eu.png

  7. I know precisely how serious COVID-19 is likely to be, as I'm one of those who're more susceptible than most. Age matters!

    That said, I think I'd rather shuffle off this mortal coil with my sense-of-humour still intact, than spend my last, say 6-months or 25-years, in a constant state of 'doomsday readiness'...Is life not too short as it is?

  8. A sliver of a chance that I'll see at least one falling snowflake, this winter?:yahoo:

    h500slp.png    h850t850eu.png

    And then, as we approach mid-month, a change to something a little more conducive to some early suntanning might evolve? Though I won't count on it!

    h500slp.png    h850t850eu.png

    The very last thing I want to see is anything like the neverending crud-fest that was March 2013!:oldgrin:

  9. 3 minutes ago, Broadmayne blizzard said:

    Yes but predicting an anomalous westerly season in an atmosphere  that moves west to east is hardly an outstanding achievement.

    Surely The real test will be when it correctly predicts an anomalous non westerly season.

    The clue is, I believe, in the use of the word 'anomalous'?🤔

  10. 11 minutes ago, Dorsetbred said:

    How will new folk learn the right and wrong language/terms if they are not correctly applied in here. Off topic , yes, important yes.

    Fair point DB!:oldgood:

    And, though the details are unimportant at this stage, the dof-end of the GFS 06Z looks interesting: the tPV moves back westwards and the heat continues to build, south of the Med...So, who knows what Spring 2020 will be like? Let alone Summer!:unsure2:

    h500slp.png    h850t850eu.png

    PS: What is a **** of cold air advecting into Australia, from the Antarctic called?:help:

  11. Just now, Bristle boy said:

    Yep. So it is more prevalent in those of Afro-Carib or African heritage. So, some diseases do actually 'discriminate', which takes us back to a discussion from earlier in the thread. Ta.

    No, Bris, you have it erse-about-face: the sickle-cell trait gives those living in malaria-prone areas a reproductive advantage over those that do not possess it...It only became a 'disease' when those who do possess it relocated to non-malarial environments...

    A trait is not necessarily a disease!

  12. 2 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

    So, basically you two are guessing, in response to my post.

    Health authorities, and real medical experts all over the globe, say the two medical conditions i referred to are more prevalent in afro-caribbean and African people.

    You might consider Googling 'Malaria, Sickle-Cell Trait', BB? Just sayin'!🤔

  13. 10 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

    So, how do you explain, as following two examples show, the higher incidence amongst Afro-Caribbean heritage, of prostate cancer and sickle cell anaemia?

    Sickle-shaped erythrocytes render folk more resistant to malarial infection; PC is likely a response to something in the Western diet...or environment.

    Whatever the precise details, evolution by natural selection is almost always involved, somehow...?

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