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  1. Too early to be greasing the skis just yet, I think...as yet another UK HP looks set to keep both the cold and the warmth elsewhere?
  2. And God only knows how that's relevant!
  3. But there are always 'signs' that 'something is afoot in the strat', mb?
  4. I think you can have all the analogues you want, but nothing's closer to reality than what you start with...And springtime, this year, looks like starting with a lot of warm air.
  5. Maybe, once next week's sleet & cold rain is out of the way, Day 10 is growing its 'summertime plumage'? Who knows?
  6. But, sadly, not enough 'potential' to prevent me from coming over all sleepy, all of a sudden!
  7. Well, the dog-end of the GFS 00Z paints (to me at least) a very interesting situation: the extent of >+5C uppers looks very large, for the time of year, and the temperature gradient (+5 to -5C) appears to be very steep, across pretty-much the entire chart...No wonder places such as Newfoundland have experienced such monumental snow falls? And, as prospects for a major SSW subside... I wonder what'll happen, once the tPV starts to autodestruct...?
  8. Same here, I was up near St Andrews...I think it was around 2000. Very eerie!
  9. Thanks for replying, SB...But did any of those analogue years feature a massive IOD, during the preceding months?
  10. Sorry SB, but I don't buy into any of that...IMO, we may well have a poor summer, but until someone comes up with a reliable method of constructing seasonal forecasts---one that actually works---I'll just take it as it comes.
  11. Got myself some lovely Polish bangers from Lidl...Mmmmmmm!

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    2. Spikecollie


      I've cooked them with my red cabbage recipe - my home growns top the bill for the veggie bit. Sounds weird but it is truly amazing even for someone who eats very little meat. It takes three hours to cook but Mmmm. I shop nowhere else over here in France except LIDL and ALDI and I am addicted to ALDI porridge...

    3. General Cluster

      General Cluster

      I've become very partial to Freshona gherkin slices!

    4. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      I love eating outdoor bred sausages with a high amount of meat.  I like my sausages to be slightly overdone. I have gone off beef burgers as I now prefer hot-dogs with lots of onions.

  12. A very convincing set of signals IMO. I can see nothing at all that might mitigate against mild southwesterlies continuing to dominate...? PS: I'm ignoring, for now, any talk of an SSW...
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