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  1. Oh dear, 15-days and still my Amazon stuffs haven't been dispatched... I doubt I'll be bothering with them again, any time soon!

    1. cheeky_monkey


      i bought a pair of trainers last week from amazon i ordered them at 8am they arrived at 3pm the same day

    2. Dami


      My husband is a addicted to that site.  

      The only thing I will say is sometimes it doesn't say where it's coming from.  They have other small companies on there as well and although they 'appear' to be GB based, you end up waiting for something from a different country, often a fair wait, often from China or Germany.

      He has been there a few times and we have waited sometimes weeks for something which ended up coming from'china'  

    3. General Cluster

      General Cluster

      It's a course in Korean so, aye, mightn't be in the UK. Thanks Dami!👍

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