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  1. Oh well, the GEFS 12Z temperature ensembles start-off okay . . . but early May looks like manna, for the Daily Express's headline writers:😁
  2. I was looking for that Redbone song, only the other day @Snowycat; but, being half senile, I forgot what I was looking-for hallway through my search! But I do remember stomping around the living-room to this:😁
  3. Is anyone-else having difficulty accessing YouTube today? Or, is it only me!😁

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    2. Dami


      no idea 😞

    3. General Cluster

      General Cluster

      It just won't let me sign in!

    4. Dami


      i've been having all sorts of issues like that on different things, i blame the stupid new browser Microsoft have done.

  4. Maybe not? But, still, I still can't see how a closed-shop cartel of vested-interests can be beneficial to anyone -- apart from those very same 'vested interests'?🤔
  5. That's true, as things were then. But it hardly justifies the setting up of a European Lucre League -- now?🤔
  6. In other words, should they all agree to play pass-the-parcel, they can all inflate their own respective worth, simultaneously -- without even lifting a finger?
  7. I really don't care what people think: a cartel of super-rich playboys, controlling a closed-shop coterie of 'elite' football clubs, holds zero interest for me!
  8. As I've been saying (since about February!😁) Spring is springing:👍
  9. Or -- as is my preferred option -- kick the cnuts out? And I'll gladly swap my avatar for a canary!😁
  10. As we're taking about a potentially corrupt business-enterprise, I'd rather use the term 'cartel' -- and there ain't nothing 'socialist' about cartels!🤔 They'll be laundering Central American drug-money, before we know it!👍
  11. I get what you're saying, Feb; but, at least the EPL is open to teams from the lower tiers, should they be good enough (on the pitch, not in the bank). It's not the money, that I find most irritating, it's the closed-shop mentality.
  12. Where's the sport in a bunch of overpaid pansies prancing around a piece of grass, chasing a windbag, and taking it in turns to roll around in simulated agony? Well, that was what my dad used to say -- in 1970!😁 No to the European Lucre League!🖕
  13. Latest GEFS temperature ensembles put the operational run not far away from the mean:🤔
  14. Are there changes afoot post-Day 10, or is the GFS off on another flight-of-fancy? Not that I have much confidence in 'extended' model runs, anyway:🤔 Supposing the 06Z to be right (somewhat unlikely!) would the anomalies pick up that sort of synoptic-shift, that far out?
  15. We'll be alright, I know it: Christian Gross has kept hold of his Oyster card!😁
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