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  1. And then there's me... all sweaty and sticky. Bleurgh! Yay, sound the alarm -- there are some towers, in the general direction of Waveney!
  2. It's time for you to move on, I think... you wouldn't want to get 'left behind'?
  3. Just thought I'd take gander at Gav's latest Storm Watch video, and wish I hadn't: the Triangle manages to avoid all the thunderstorms... God, this is painful!
  4. Oh no...the BBC's app-wotsit has curtailed today's 'thundery showers' from 12+ hours down to one! Who'd a thunk it: bugger all storms in the Triangle!
  5. Hello, SB...Yes, that was a stonker: from clear blue skies (I even thought I could photosynthisise back then!) to C-G lightning in less than one hour! Where oh where have all our thunderstorms gone!?
  6. Must be The Wash, Zak... Over here, it's dry, sunny, 20C and as humid as flock!
  7. I know how you feel, Gordon... even though, these days I tend to open all the windows and enjoy a good thunderstorm, I still wake-up in a cold sweat, whenever thunder, lightning or torrential rain disturbs my sleep... I guess there's a bit of the brontophobe in all of us?
  8. I would think so, yes: it seems as if plumes have gotten so big, these past few years, that all the associated peripheral storms have ended up in Scotland...? The 'glory days', when one or two hot days were invariably followed by a heat low and a cold front, coming up from the SW (who recalls late June 1974?) seem to be well and truly over!
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