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  1. Gordon Bennett! Could a limpet HP be positioned in a worse location? Please Mr God, can we not have an SSW as frustratingly useless as last-year's was? I'll be good---I promise!
  2. It should be obvious, by now, that the globe is facing a real threat from a potentially high-morbidity/-mortality pandemic. And I'm glad to see that Boris is taking the matter seriously... Above all, let's all hope and pray that the relevant Health Authorities can snuff it out!?
  3. Aye, changes are afoot; but will they bring any cold & snow to the UK? Perhaps there's a suggestion of some future HLB there, at T+384, but it's not going to be straightforward... Will that LP, east of Scotland, even be there, come 10/2?
  4. Just a quick Q please, MIA: are Polar Stratospheric Clouds the same phenomena as nacreous clouds?
  5. And, back in the nearer term, a chance that a few of us, down here in the Snowless Zone might actually see a flake or two, come Tuesday! There be troughs in them thar westerlies!
  6. Ignoring (for now!) the possible effects from likely upcoming changes in the strat, another unexciting GFS 00Z run comes to another unexciting end: I guess the operational run is continuing to flip-flop between the warm and cold ends of the ensemble?
  7. Well it certainly wasn't the 'weak' that were killed by Spanish Flu...it was those who were considered 'full of life'.
  8. Only seven days left...until Ode to Joy is replaced (in the public's consciousness) by Dueling Banjos. Yee Haw!!!🤠

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    2. lassie23


      make duelling banjos great again 

    3. General Cluster
    4. Spikecollie


      I've seen that before, one of my friends in the UK sent it to me as Nurnberg is somewhere we have worked a lot together. All the more meaningful in that city with its grim history. 'tis the spirit we need but sadly lack in these dark days, with more unity required for the known and unknown challenges to come. Crikey, that music brings tears to my eyes without fail, with or without the lyrics in whatever language.

      I'll probably say this again at midnight on the 31st of January but as an Irish citizen, who will be dual-French:

      "Caillfimid tú agus cuirfear fáilte romhat ar ais i gcónaí."

      "Vous nous manquerez et vous serez toujours le bienvenu."


  9. Too early to be greasing the skis just yet, I think...as yet another UK HP looks set to keep both the cold and the warmth elsewhere?
  10. But there are always 'signs' that 'something is afoot in the strat', mb?
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