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  1. Rather nice (or rather scary?) at T+384... far too early for any over-excitement I know, but the chance of an all-round stonking August is most certainly there!
  2. Out to next Thursday, and the GFS 06Z has the 15C T850 isotherm encroaching toward Fife and Tayside... is @Kirkcaldy Weather going to steal all our storms...again!
  3. Well people, there's no escaping it: tomorrow will be hot, hot, hot! As an aside, the NW app thingie has me down for 32C, this coming Monday afternoon; which, for somewhere so close to the North Sea, is quite unusual...But, as an aside aside, a week later, it's predicting sunshine and 16C for 1300 hours, followed by 20C at midnight... which hardly makes any sense at all, IMO!
  4. Hey... I thought it was the Gay Gordons: Gordon, where's your troosers?
  5. Sorry for sounding a complete plank, Mr Stodge... But where, exactly, are the London Highlands?
  6. Well I've watched the latest Met Office's lastest take on what the models are currently saying... and it's Phew, what a Scorcher: But anyway, do any of the main models disagree with this?
  7. No need to worry Zak: If only I would take my own advice! PS: And I still (half of the time, at least) haven't the faintest idea what I'm on about! That said: I'm effing glad my boss told me not to come in on Friday... as it'll very likely be too hot. Thank you, Niamh!
  8. You may well mock, Mr F, you may well mock...But, up in The Glen (Glenurquhart) we saw 30C+ in both August '95 and '97! I will now slither back under my rock!
  9. For those of us ancient enough to recall the Capital's intense thundery downpours of July 1973 and August '75, something about this chart looks disturbing: 30C+, relatively low SLP, and very little wind: Beware of what you wish for!?
  10. What about me, Zak -- I'm an old fart -- I might cark it even before it happens!
  11. When I was wittering-on about the Urban Heat Island effect, this is what I meant: London being sat under 15-17C T850s and nary a breath of wind, for several days... where's the day's heat going to go? And even the Met are forecasting 38C! Not to mention the air-pollution!
  12. Just pretend it's winter, and follow the white rabbit?
  13. It's currently 28C over here, and very likely to approach 30 tomorrow... And with that in mind (and what the models are unanimously suggesting) does anyone think that the UHI effect might might come into play, this coming Friday?
  14. GEFS 06Z ens are pretty good, with the T850s only getting as low as about 6.5C, on August 21... I am NOT complaining! And... aren't those 2m predictions, post the 13th, rubbish? Though I suppose it could be very cloudy and very humid!
  15. With all the storms the models are predicting, for next week, a pair of metal-detecting lightning sandals might come in handy:
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