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  1. It's grey and grotty here...

  2. Spring's early this year???

  3. MetO has lifted its 'heavy snow' warning for the weekend. Och weel!

    1. Stuart


      well you sould of stay in scotland lol

  4. I've just bought some Johhny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny and the Hurricanes CD's...I'm old!!

  5. 260 All Out...not good enough??

    1. R.P. McMurphy

      R.P. McMurphy

      I dont think so. Very strange performance considering our recent form.

  6. Toys at the ready. Mind that rattle!

  7. I doubt it'll equal 1981 or 1995???

    1. Eugene


      I think BFTP means a date cold record with 31 days in December he has 31 chances and he might also mean locally too so lots of locations in the UK with weather stations.

  8. Is that why the Active Content's not quite right?
  9. Job interview tomorrow!

    1. Stuart
    2. Backtrack


      Good luck Pete.

      Argos wanted Xmas staff, but when I asked for an application they said they didn't have more places. :(

  10. I have a hangover!

  11. I'm Spartacus, too!

  12. Ed Stone

    In Memoriam

    Aye, A shame. No more teddy-boy hairstyles in ancient Rome!
  13. And for SuperSpurs!

  14. A rumble at Elmer's End yesterday!

    1. Dorsetbred


      Curry the night before??

  15. What will October be like?

    1. Stuart


      i hope to see some snow lol

  16. Nae worries, Marcus. Twitter doesn't float my boat...

  17. Sad news. Smith dies: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/t/tottenham_hotspur/9013675.stm
  18. Another warm and sunny morning!

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