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  1. Blimey Bruce. Can't we just stick anything the Express says into the 'Make Us Laugh' thread??
  2. Are these the same protons that trigger eathquakes and tsunamis? Maybe I'll stay in my nuclear fallout shelter, for the next few days, and be leery of any strange bumps on the head... My hat should 'foil' em...
  3. So what is the mechanism, then? Correlation does not prove causation....
  4. How do a few extra cosmic-ray particles 'enhance' earthquakes, Yamkin?? Do you have any particular mechanism in mind?
  5. Pray tell...What 'forecasters' are predicting a wash-out? PS: I do mean real forecasters, not just the loony squad....
  6. Well, as unlikely as it is, it'd be a bit special if it did happen...It won't!
  7. It was good to hear LBC consulting a real meteorologist on last night's programme...
  8. I was on tenterhooks thismorning, as LBC were about to provide an 'expert' appraisal of the coming weekend's meteorological potential...Unfortunately, said 'expert' was none other than Piers Corbyn. But he did criticize the MetO's weather warnings! Why don't the media consult meteorologists!
  9. Apparently, I heard it on the radio, one of our less-prestigious newsrags is claiming that we are all about to shiver, as temperatures fall to a 'bone-chilling' -1C????
  10. No. Why? Would that destroy the link between human emissions of CO2 and CO2? Or what? You really should take note of what Jethro's been trying to explain to you, you know?
  11. Or, to be more precise - everybody is looking to understand the scales of the manifestations of the link beteen CO2 and man. That there is a link is beyond anyone with a modicum of atmospheric-science training. By all means, go ahead and demonstrate why and how the IPPC's models are incorrect. But, just saying so is not enough?
  12. Unfortunately Village, many (perhaps most?) of the finer points of science cannot be brushed off with words and rhetoric alone. Whilst you try to denegrate modelling (How come you're so sure of Right Wing economics - itself an entirely synthetic construct?) the rest of us try to comprehend what's really going on in the world... That CO2 is a GHG is a given; it's not even up for debate. So, if you want to legitimately criticise the models, then do so; but, please, provide some evidence in support of your claim? Words alone will not do...
  13. I'd guess that that's because, at such time-scales as these, no one really knows?
  14. Can you please show the mathematical/logical proof of that statement, V?
  15. I was going to say, you couldn't make it up. Maybe I shouldn't bother...
  16. Absolutely, Dev...Didn't you know that two and two makes five? And I'd like to know just who these 'believers' are, Village. Or is the claim just vintage strawman?
  17. That's odd, Fred. During last June's and October's mini-heatwaves, the beeb were using such phrases as, and possibly 32 in central London.
  18. Gott in Himmel! What a load of conspiracy-theorist drivel! From whence do these nonsensical claims originate, one wonders?
  19. A very silly remark, that; typical of the Climate Change Deniers' propaganda machine. The weather this winter has been mild because it has.
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