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  1. 12Z ends okay...Just beware the 'killer blob' of -5C uppers, a few hundred miles SW of Iceland: it's got 2007 written all over it!
  2. Next Sunday could be warm by night and not so warm, by day; a better chance of some sustained rainfall, around here, too?
  3. GFS also liking a Scandi. Apart from some haar/sea fret, over A252's house, things don't look too bad?
  4. And the FV3 continues to play 'silly buggers' with the cold blobs; but, looking on the bright side, it does finish with some rather tasty uppers, not too far away from the SE:
  5. A very good end to a very good run: Don't look a GIFfed horse in the mouth:
  6. As is often the case (I think?) the 00Z gives slightly greater emphasis to the PV remnants, creating the illusion of a potential 'backtrack? The FV3, of course (it being such a great model, over all) goes the whole nine-yards: And the 00Z ensembles are also characteristically not as good as later runs (hope springs eternal!):
  7. Here's a beautiful song, from a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice and a beautiful talent:
  8. I prefer this approach myself, Matt...But, can you read more than three lines, before your mind goes all fuzzy? https://searchenterpriseai.techtarget.com/definition/fuzzy-logic
  9. What was wrong with those waxed-paper shopping bags we had in the 1960s, Stew? They were, after all, 100% biodegradable...
  10. It's the GFS, Jim, but not as we know it! It does end on a very positive note:
  11. I would certainly take the 12Z; it's a vast improvement on what came earlier! Beats being hit with a wet fish!
  12. Meanwhile, back in the Bat Cave (aka T+153) the cold cack oop norf seems to be weakening? That could of course be an artefact of the 12Z?
  13. It's bruddy brilliant, laddie! Lovely black-bottomed Cbs and the wonderful sound of torrential precipitation, of the fluid persuasion, impacting the roofing materials!
  14. The GEFS ensembles speaks volumes: War & Peace in plebeian Latin, read by Jacob Rees-Mogg?
  15. Rather like Katie Price in search of a bag of cement, the 06Z FV3 isn't exactly a thing-of-beauty:
  16. But this would be a belter of a plume-thundery breakdown scenario: it would even rival all those 'superblizzards' that never materialise, through the winter months!
  17. Hardly earth-shatteringly brilliant, but at least the threat of -5C 850hPa uppers is on the wane...
  18. One things that's apparentish, from the 00Z, is that the PV remnant seems to be becoming increasingly diluted. Not that that necessarily makes the pattern any less of a mess: The FV3 however, is not looking quite so spiffing. Rubbish model! The GEFS ensembles are (apart from their being rather meh, that is) not bad at all: Roll on the final appearance of a clear summer pattern?
  19. I'm sure I read a post, just the other day, suggesting positive signs, for next winter? Then again, I might have been in the Twilight Zone!
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