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  1. GFS is looking good: warmer with some rain, for the weekend. Shades of 2019?
  2. The GFS Op is clearly an outlier, for a few days anyway, according to the 00Z GEFS ensembles:
  3. I think it must be due to two completely different air-masses: the north coast is still under what's left of the Polar Vortex but, go a hundred miles' to the south and the hot continental air is in control? I think that Northern European springs are like a toned-down version of what they get, in parts of the US and Canada...?
  4. And the ensembles point toward some much warmer nights, once we reach the coming weekend; which, combined with a good signal for rain, ought to make for some good growing conditions: That said, I do hope that that enormous rain-spike isn't the start of the European monsoon!
  5. Nowt much for The Friends on this run: slowly getting warmer, and warmer? Time for reinforcements?
  6. Well, one would imagine that the long wait for decent rain ought to come to and end, were this pattern to materialise: In the mean time, grin and bear it:
  7. Only if he can still use his Oyster Card!
  8. David Moyes and Christian Gross are both looking for a new challenge!
  9. Guess who'll come on here and tell us all that Man Ure were 'robbed'?
  10. Squeaky bum time here: Arsenal only need another six, and for us to lose 1-2! Thank the Lord Burnley have pulled one back...the race to not qualify ought to be over by now! And there it is: Spurs 1-2 Everton!
  11. So, under the UK's ludicrous drug-laws, I can't grow a marijuana plant by my window...But monkshood, lily-of-the-valley and belladonna are all fine...? IMO, some of our law-makers really do need their heads looked at!:wallbash:

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      And don't forget, you can kill your liver with alcohol and lungs with tobacco no problemo 😂

    2. cheeky_monkey


      you should move to Canada ..you can open a cannabis shop next to a daycare centre

    3. J10


      This country has gone to pot!!!!

  12. Lots to be drawn, as to who starts 0-3 down!
  13. Blimey! The FV3 even has something for The Friends! The GFS operational agrees...I hope those aren't snow spikes!
  14. So another spiffing 06Z run comes to an end: the antithesis of 2007? And, now it's off to buy some liquid refreshment, in time for our inevitably glorious footy-season finale!
  15. Certainly looks like we've a glorious week in store, and the promise of welcome rain looks good for arable farmers. Let's hope that east and northeast Scotland benefits too, at some point?
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