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  1. I thought we might escape, but, no: that southbound grollie does have our name on it, after all!
  2. Possibly, depending on cloud-cover, somewhere might even better the mid-20s, on Sunday? Roll on Julie!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Absolutely, Matt: everything's looking set, for a classic 2019-like pattern to develop!
  4. The FV3, after having thrown an annoying wodge of snot in or direction, does end on a slightly more positive note: Snot: Positive: Build it, and they will come!
  5. A quite nice end to the 06Z -- keeping in mind the JHC (John Holmes Caveat) the fact that there's little in the way of any strong Continental HP, on this run, may mean little or nothing, anyway? More importantly (IMO) is the seeming lack of anything too detrimental in terms of Northern Blocking...? As an aside, I'm think that the Summer pattern (whatever that is) won't be evident until mid-June?
  6. That's about as informative as saying that, should it rain throughout next Tuesday, then next Tuesday will be wet, S76?
  7. Nice to see a 'potential' belt of HP developing to our south. Just need the whole lot to migrate northward a bit. It may be a tad early for that, just now, though -- as it's still only Spring!
  8. The GFS 00Z ends on a very positive note, this morning, with a strengthening signal for a Continental build of high pressure: The Para has nothing simmler: And the ensembles make no sense at all!
  9. I wish someone would hurry-up and put the FV3 out of its misery...Useless model! Hang on, what have we here: Yep. Useless!
  10. And again, there are encouraging signs on Day 16! It looks like HP might really be going to build, away to our east. So, hopefully, the Greeny HP won't be causing too much trouble, this time?
  11. Do you think he'll teach Anthony Knockaert how to apparate?
  12. Given that there are still almost two weeks before summer starts, I find the level of despondency, among a few posters, rather difficult to fathom...We have, ahead of us, maybe 10-days' reasonable warmth, sunny spells, and the probability of some much-needed rainfall -- before the arrival of summer... So, quite why some are writing-off summer already, is quite beyond me...It's nae even as though the models are 100% accurate, in their respective prognostications, is it? The weather will do what the weather will do...whether we like it or not!
  13. As I'm only a couple of hundred yards south of the Norfolk border, here are the 06Z ensembles for Suffolk and Norfolk: How's that for clarity, eh?
  14. End of the 06Z is looking good. Yes sirree, Bob! Hopefully, this is where the short-/long-term models, teleconnections and the ENSO long-wave pattern all come together? And, now for the FV3?
  15. Ain't it amazing, just how far NW has come, these past sixteen years?:oldgood:

    1. D.V.R


      Been part of my life for ten years now 😲  Shock aside though, It's been a great site for knowledge and good therapy as well 🤪

    2. Daniel*


      I feel it has regressed in some parts 

    3. markyo


      sadly you are right,numbers are declining.

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  16. Could the build of pressure, over mainland Europe, be the time when the long- and short-range models come together? Maybe, but even the FV3's north-south divide wouldn't be too bad. (crap model!) GEFS ensembles: Here's a chart from late May 1983. Awful, innit?
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