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  1. The GFS 00Z Operational at T+384 is as good a caveat as you'll ever see (DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!) IMO -- though, it's not impossible that WAA will end-up just where we don't need it, as there's still plenty of warm air, down there? And, though the GEFS pressure ensemble shows quite a lot of spread/scatter, that scatter need not be reflected in temps -- at least, not at this rather nondescript time-of-year? More runs needed?
  2. Oh dear...The 12Z Operational looks destined for the Recycle Bin of Doom! Let's see what the GEFS ensembles have to say?
  3. Considerable scatter evident among the GEFS 06Z pressure- ensembles, though less so regarding temps...The GFS Operational even seems to be behaving itself today?
  4. Out of interest, what is the current thermosphere temperature? And what was it, before it fell?
  5. Quelle surprise...? And, down the toilet, she goes: another tranche of well-earned corporate-welfare! Fracking halted after government pulls support WWW.BBC.CO.UK Drilling for shale gas will cease in England - but the government stops short of an outright ban.
  6. Hopefully, all the naming nonsense has finally come to an end. Perhaps now, we can get on with discussing the weather?
  7. Some wild swings in pressure, come the latter stages of the GEFS 12Z ensembles, but temps look like 'stabilising' between about 0-6C...So no whiteout, but nothing all that mild, either...?
  8. Even Sidney's looking forward to some snow:
  9. Indeed Karl -- there're plenty of opportunities for wintryish stuff to come, these coming two-weeks, even at Day 16 (I know it'll never happen!) we're stuck under a kind of block, that doesn't know where to go...? The GEFS 06Z ensembles are also suggestive of some HP-dominated nothingness: But, and perhaps more importantly, the signal for repeated bouts of heavy rain appear to be weakening...?
  10. A nice anticyclone in place at the tail-end of the GFS 00Z...and still no sign of a rampant +NAO: The GEF Operational is still on the colder side of the ensembles, however: But, then again, so has the last few weeks' weather...?
  11. Quite a cold set of GEFS 12Z ensembles...things are well-and-truly on the up!
  12. Could be a tad interesting, precipitation-wise...?
  13. Not the worst set of GEFS 06Z ensembles I've ever seen -- but, not necessarily the best, either...? I think the GFS Operational is playing the 'outlier card' again, so may need special consideration? Winter's coming!
  14. Our new Lidl is surrounded by super-duper hi-tech downlighters, which, I presume, emit polarised light, as it's so hard to see whether they're even on or not. The wholesale changeover to such street furniture must be the way to go, IMO: not only does it consume only a tiny fraction of the power traditional lighting uses, it doesn't brighten the night sky, at all... Nae so good, for snow-watching though, I suspect?
  15. Not a bad finish to today's GFS 00Z Operational...if you happen to like such synoptics, that is? And even the GEFS ensembles are nae bad! Too good to be true...?
  16. Nothing extreme in tonight's GEF 12Z ensembles; but, there seems to be a very weak warming signal, late on...? More likely to be random scatter...hopefully! All in all, a bit ?
  17. That's the thing, with wholesale pressure-rises -- the weather on the ground can be extremely sensitive to relatively minor movement/orientation...? So, it's far too soon to be getting antsy about 'less than ideal' solutions.
  18. Forgive me, Father...for I have sinned! I succumbed to a temptation-of-the-flesh and ate a tin of beef madras. I am a hypocrite! AGW theory must, of course, be a hoax...? But, wait: hope, there is, young padawan: Greta Thunberg rejects environmental award WWW.BBC.CO.UK She turned down the prize money and said "the climate movement does not need any more awards".
  19. Bin the GFS 06Z, everybody knows it's crap!
  20. All seems normal to me, MIA -- the Arctic sea-ice is beginning its eighteenth successive 'recovery' in eighteen successive Autumn refreeze cycles...? &
  21. GFS 00Z Operational maintains a block, throughout, this morning. So, so far, so good? But it is very-much on the colder side of the ensembles: Ergo, any ejaculations regarding 'how much snow and where' are a tad premature...?
  22. Come on, Fred...You've been saying that (or was that about Solar cycles -- keeping-up with the ever-moving goalposts does get a tad confusing!) since 2003...? But, if anyone really wants to know just where these claims come from, they'd better pay a visit to Piers Corbyn's website...Piers is to science as Jeremy is to fiscal responsibility?
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