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  1. The 00Z still appears to be having difficulties with the changeover to proper summer synoptics; but at least the PV remnants look to be slowly fading: The FV3, on the other hand, wants to keep them around for a wee bit longer? Ensembles aren't too bad: So, no easy Spring-to-summer transition, this year?
  2. Thank the Lord no-one's really got a clue then?
  3. Defo some stonkers starting to creep into the 12Z ensembles: But quite a lot of scatter too, though!
  4. Not a great finish to the 12Z, it must be said...but, it's like I always say: get the sheet in first...
  5. Oh dear. Just when you thought thing couldn't get any worse: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48337629
  6. Could this (courtesy of the 00Z) be the first of many such wafts-of-warmth? The FV3's not the same, but still ends alright: Ensembles are not too bad either, and still suggest a pressure-rise, come June:
  7. Coming soon, to a 4000ft munro near you: Widespread record-breaking cold with snow! Edit: I only went and spelled munro wrongly, dind't I?. Daft old Farquhar!
  8. Hoochie Woman: Down By The Riverside: The Liquidator:
  9. At least it looks as if (touch MDF!) that dastardly NLB'ing-threat has faded? I'd rather see an Icelandic low than a Greenland high.
  10. Sunday might be a wee bit warm...If you're a certain squirrel and live in Cornwall...Just!
  11. 06Z ensembles still suggesting an over-all warm-up late on -- just around the time the SLP charts go haywire: But, as the UKMet point-out, in their long-range forecast: there are no strong signals, going forward?
  12. A much better-looking end to the FV3. Stonking model! All we need now, is quasi-stationary, north-south-orientated Atlantic trough to form?
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