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  1. 1 hour ago, Midlands Ice Age said:


     You are correct - to a certain extent. It does not explain why the whole of the northern hemisphere is seeing increased snowfall.

    How far do you think that the moisture associated with 'Arctic Amplification' goes?

    I have a map of the snowfall on Greenland which might give a clue.


    It seems to be about 10-50 miles only.

    Also , Interestingly Greenland does show a net snowfall gain over the last 12months, but only around the coasts, and this will  also not be picked up on the Rutgers map..

    It must be realised that the Arctic is one of the driest places on earth. (along with Antarctica, and the deserts). So any increased Arctic moisture  cannot account for increased snowfall 1000 to 3000 miles away.



    Isn't it more suggestive of the temperatures where it is snowing in the lower latitudes.?

    PS   I know about the Surface Mass Balance of Greenland, but that takes us off topic...... 



    Well, three factors (which pass the obligatory test of being consistent with the observed fact of global warming) spring to mind: the aforementioned Arctic Amplification, quasi-random synoptic fluctuation, and the current Solar minimum...There will, most likely, be several others, however...?

    And, anything mooted, that's not consistent with reality, should be jettisoned at the earliest opportunity...:oldgood:

  2. Did you know that, were you to place all of Nigel Farage's speeches one on top of one-another, you'd eventually have a speech travelling faster-than-light...? But, you wouldn't violate relativity, as Mr Farage's speeches contain no information...⚛️

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