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  1. 5 hours ago, mb018538 said:

    Its insane. Probably the hottest run I’ve ever seen for 850s in the UK.


    As crazy as it is and very unlikely, cluster 4 at day 9 matches up pretty well, with around a 1 in 6 chance of happening.

    Unfortunately the biggest cluster is still what the Op and gem showed on the 00z with the trough stuck over the UK.

    I guess the 'cold bias problem' has been solved then? We haven't done with 'brollies and grollies' yet, methinks? ☔:shok:

  2. 4 minutes ago, StormChaseUK said:

    Some serious heat in France next week - look how close it comes to the UK , would only take a slight shift ..

    Some parts of northern France are 33C at 9am and 40C by 3pm  😮 I don't see how heat of this power can
    get so close without influencing our weather at all . 




    I don't know about France...but there could be some serious heat in parts of Southern England, too? They've likely already wet themselves, down at the Daily Express!:shok:

     image.thumb.png.d65f1f42339edb3c6aaf65e7e364b9a9.png image.thumb.png.65ba5dfae9e7aabb54998a265fea7266.png

  3. 2 hours ago, Summer Sun said:

    Somewhere in Lincolnshire might hit 20c today the rest of the week struggles to pass 20c even in sub-tropical London.

    This must be the longest run in June in a long time without getting comfortably into the 20s even in the SE 






    The upper teens will be pleasant enough with the sun now at its strongest as the longest day nears but the lack of easily getting into the 20s is very unusual for the time of year.

    Maybe July will offer something hotter

    It seems that parts of Kent and Essex have already surpassed 20C, SS?:oldgrin:

    Anywho, a rather spiffing pattern suggested for early next week:

    image.thumb.png.a2e35f41f0a0c1e77ac2c87a1a0d0996.pngimage.thumb.png.0501ea5f110a94567fcad7bbc6221e7d.png :oldgood:


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