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  1. Och we'ell, the ensembles seem to have reverted to their normal less-than-exciting selves: Macaroni cheese, without the cheese, anyone?
  2. As I said: a colder outlook looks more likely!
  3. Just to add -- the ensembles lend some support: a colder outlook looks more likely...?
  4. Nae bad, for November 2nd: chances of snow, frost and freezing fog!
  5. I like the WAA being to the west of Greenland, and not to the east; it's better than seeing a quasi-stationary intense depression sitting there...isn't it? And, who knows what part the residual heat, over mainland Europe'll, will play as we approach winter...? That's a tasty patch of cold air developing to our NE!
  6. Well Mark...By disrupting the 'greenest' part of the capital's public transport-network, they'll be alienating the very folks from who they want support? Idiots!
  7. Maybe this year's thunderstorm season is still not quite over: But, the GEFS 00Z ensembles are so 'messy', it's not easy to see what, if anything, has much support, either way? Och well...back to the Guess Chamber?
  8. What a spiffing start to November this could be -- possible inversions permitting! But, not to worry, snow lovers...it's only tail-end flapping syndrome? Here today, gone tomorrow!
  9. All swings and roundabouts innit! PS: Sorry, wrong thread.
  10. Though the Horse Chestnut is technically a non-native species, it has been a part of Britain's 'natural' environment since around the time of the Romans...? That said, I'd nae be much concerned were we discussing the state of, say, Creosote bushes. (if anyone even bothers growing them!) But, let's be honest: Horse Chestnut trees are hardly in the same league as Japanese Knotweed! Anywho, as this is the ramping thread...forget about the conkers, think about the stonkers?
  11. A couple of interesting-looking scenarios, from today's GFS 00Z: At T+156: And at T+255: And, judging by the relative closeness of the Operational and Control runs, there's a fair chance that both could happen, to some degree: Still too warm for anything widespread in the way of snowfall, but conditions still look good for some beefy convection -- owing to the warm SSTs surrounding the UK?
  12. Here are the GEFS 12Z ensembles: something quite cold (judging from the Op and Control runs) looks quite likely; however, when T850 and 2m temps are at their lowest, there's little or no precipitation predicted. Sod's Law or what! Even for here on the Norfolk-Suffolk border!
  13. Right folks...try this, from the WWF? Mine was 78%. Whatever that means! WWF Footprint Calculator FOOTPRINT.WWF.ORG.UK The planet is in crisis - from climate change to the pollution in our oceans and devastation of our forests. It's up to all of us to fix it. Take your first...
  14. This looks -- as it's only October -- very good; probably nae much snaw, away from Scotland, but plenty of coastal convection?
  15. And the 06Z finishes on one of those pesky 'if only it were either January or July' synoptic patterns: And with the Operational and Control both in the same ballpark, T850s of -5 to -7C look perfectly possible ...? I'm glad I got that in before the 12Zs come out and ruin it!
  16. Ding dong! Some early-season FI eye-candy to enjoy...? Not a great deal of support from the GEFS 00Z ensembles, though: Winter, she's a'comin'!!!!
  17. Not easy to decipher just what the GEFS 12Z ensembles are saying... Other than that the end looks drier than the beginning...?
  18. How can Climate Change be properly countered whilst the Top 1% are still able to cling on to all the world's wealth? They'll build themselves biospheres on Mars, before giving the rest of humanity the drippings from their noses...? Part of the solution? Yeah, right! Doffs cap, tugs forelock, genuflects!
  19. Still looking better towards month's end, though the GEFS 06Z Control doesn't look so good? Anywho, how's the harvest been? An Apple day keeps the doctor away?
  20. And then they get it all back again, by way of £multi-million taxpayer bailouts? An entity (or a legal fiction?) which could be part of the solution but prefers being part of the problem...?
  21. The GFS 00Z Operational, at least, gives cause for optimism, regarding some much-needed drying-out time...? Though, I'm not sure as to how much support the decent drying-out spell has from the ensembles; they do keep faffing about...? So, hey, ho...it's on to the 06Zs!
  22. Very unlikely to happen, of course, but the GEFS 12Zs provide the first real indication that winter will soon be upon us!
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