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  1. There's definitely a cold snap in amongst the GEFS 06Z ensembles:
  2. Ed Stone

    Ed Stone

  3. If one enjoys very mild Octobers (like me!) this morning's GFS 06Z is for you!
  4. From covering Chuck Berry's Rock 'n' Roll classics to this:
  5. You dislike both the Stones and the Beatles, Mark? Nudge,nudge; wink,wink? Monty Python?
  6. I think we should all let Mick give us a lesson (I'm 64) -- we are not old and decrepit. Thank you, Mick!
  7. And, lest anyone think I devalue the Stones: I don't. They're brilliant:
  8. I (as a seven-year-old) was so excited by this music:
  9. But any kind of September can follow any kind of summer. So, doesn't your argument ( whatever it is) fall flat on its face?
  10. Play him your Rolling Stones collection, SC -- one very happy tortoise!
  11. On the subject of things being 'stationary', the last place I worked had a 'Stationary Cupboard'. It never moved in all my nine-years' working there!
  12. I think I'll interject here, as I love both bands. And the Stones are the one remaining musical link to my childhood.
  13. From my own personal perspective, my problem with early-evening darkness is pretty much down to the fact that I see things better in daylight!
  14. Ed Stone

    3 Word Story

    ginormously indefatigable ego
  15. Ed Stone

    3 Word Story

    Tory ex-Health Minister
  16. I realise this is an old debate, but Sir Paul McCartney's recent comment, that the Stones are a 'Blues cover band' seems to have reignited it. So much so that was discussed on James O'Brien's LBC show, today. Well, for me, it's the Beatles hands down. And, this is why:
  17. Well, I guess that depends upon whether you prefer warm rain to cold rain, Damian?
  18. Maybe I was a tad premature, when I effectively dismissed a European 'heat pump'?
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