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  1. Another day, another GFS 00Z. But will the blocks reestablish?:
  2. Ah, yes; an outlook that's about as much use as non-stick glue!
  3. I'll nae welcome this: Not only is inclement weather useless regarding the autumnal outdoor work/tidy-up, what's the point of tapping into 'cold' air before it's had time to ripen, so to speak?
  4. Indeed, Karl, as Rumpole of The Bailey might've said: The pear has landed!
  5. Och well, up to Day 5, and the GFS 06Z is still mostly settled:
  6. Far too early for getting excited, I think. But one thing is for certain -- there'll be no LP centered around South Biscay, come January! Meanwhile, back in the Bat Cave, the SATSIGS are starting to stir:
  7. When I first saw this story I though it was a joke. Apparently not! Cows ‘potty-trained’ in experiment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions | Climate crisis | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Calves were taught to use a barn’s toilet area with rewards and mild punishments, significantly limiting ammonia release
  8. But that's meant to be good for the environment!
  9. And, before I make any more nonsensical predictions, I've just been made redundant!
  10. Aaannnd: something autumnal that might get interesting -- the outside chance of a thunderstorm warning being realised. Yeah, right!
  11. Strain as I might, I'm struggling to find any excitement in all this blocked autumnal sheet. Please, can someone give the Atlantic a dose of salts?
  12. Autumn warmth is hanging on in there. But, it cannae be long till the SATSIGS re-awake?
  13. Crikey! The GFS 12Z really is a good run. Nice run, shame about tomorrow! All's well that ends well? Maybe not!
  14. Anyone else getting a bad dose of SAD this year? If so, I'm guessing that September sunshine just isn't strong enough to counter the effects of a horribly cloudy August? It must be great for those who have reverse-SAD, though: you must be dancing on the ceiling!
  15. Well, there's growing interest up around the Arctic. GFS 00Z: Meanwhile, the warmth goes on?
  16. Well, it's good to see that there's nae much sign of anything cold and wet, just yet. But, Jeez, Autumn is boring! Only a few weeks until the forced jollity season comes around: dank, dreary mornings and long dark evenings, and the endearing and pervasive aroma of roadside vomit!
  17. It's a good GFS 00Z run this morning. And, with a small slice of luck, the current warm conditions might even see out the month? I must confess that, at this very important juncture, my interest in the weather hits its nadir at this time of year.
  18. What a dire performance by Spurs today! But credit to Palace: they sussed us out!
  19. Thanks, Mr. Data: today (adv.) - Old English todæge, to dæge "on (this) day," from to "at, on" (see to) + dæge, dative of dæg "day" (see day). Meaning "in modern times" is from c. 1300. As a noun from 1530s. Generally written as two words until 16c., after which it usually was written to-day until early 20c.
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