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  1. Looks like we might have to wait for LIA2 before we see a decent winter!
  2. And, going by one or two of yesterday's runs (plus myriad runs from previous winters) not all predictions come true, even when they're apparently supported by Uncle Tom Cobbley and all!
  3. It's all so darned sad...I mean, the building blocks were all perfectly in place - and then a few peeps decided to blow their own trumpets...and the walls came tumbling down!
  4. But the building blocks have overbalanced!
  5. Neither more nor less plausible than the runs that showed a stonking great Beast from the East...? We can hardly be judging models on how much snow (I mean potential) they seem to promise...
  6. Make us laugh

    Latest on Brexit from David Davis:
  7. Aye...A shyte Christmas is now odds-on. Nowt unusual there then!
  8. Beefy looking cbs currently running north to south down the North Sea...more thundersnow?
  9. I've narrowed down the Christmas weather: it'll be mild or cold and it'll be wet or dry...?
  10. Right then, with Nick's immortal words of advice (more runs needed!) still ringing in my ears, I'll bugger off and listen to the radio... Tomorrow's the day!
  11. Seeing as none of us really knows, I guess a bit of wishful thinking is commonplace...Whatever, we ought to be beware of getting 'snowed under' with potential?
  12. I like the look of this (aye, it's another Friday!): -8 to -10C uppers right down the east coast...Thundersnow! PS: It's a Saturday!
  13. I never noticed that, JH...Maybe James Madden broke into MetOHQ last night?
  14. None at all, MS...That's the point - if a Bartlett is 'displaced' it's not a Bartlett, is it?
  15. I'm starting to worry that we might heading towards a dreaded 'displaced Bartlett'.
  16. But...Whatever happened to the Yuletide slide? Never mind, it's only rock 'n' roll! Anyway, the end-of-run malarkey is reminiscent of winters past...
  17. That's not a million miles away from the GFS - a potential NW to N outbreak of unknown duration??
  18. Top notch stuff BB62-63! But you have, IMHO, made one egregious error...you haven't included the mighty BOM among you musings...
  19. Ought to bring snow to Scotland, NI and the east coast of England, at least? Typical Friday!
  20. Absolutely agree, KS: to call anything would, IMO, be fruitless... At the same time, the high degree of model-uncertainty is (both of itself and in conjunction with the long-term signals to which GP and Tamara allude) a good enough reason for optimism...I think!
  21. I think it's too soon to rule it out altogether, TW...It would only need a short, sharp burst of Arctic air (something akin to what happened over the past weekend) for snow to fall at Christmas (so long as the Big Day itself falls on the weekend of course!)...Personally though, I doubt it'll happen!
  22. Is this an early signal for amplification/blocking or is it just another chimera?