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  1. That would do nicely; there's nowt better to warm the cockles than a shot of -20C uppers!
  2. Poor ICON...From supermodel to Katy Price in only a few days!
  3. More than a few -5C minima, tomorrow night, perhaps? And maybe some sleet/snow on Friday afternoon?
  4. I am struggling with the degree of negativity in here, so far today...The latest Met Office's outlooks suggest snow possibilities from now until a month's time, and the models don't really contradict that? No, there are no specific 'beastlets' progged but, during a 30-day cold spell, one or two are sure to happen. I guess the daily overnight downgrades are wearing us all down...?
  5. Looks like the winter rollercoaster has hit an upslope?
  6. Not a mild run, but not an overly cold one, either: Still nothing that one could definitively say looks much like a manifestation of the background signals...
  7. Thank goodness they don't exist then? Phew! GFS okay, for next Tuesday?
  8. Yesterday arvo's charts really got my inner-toddler over-excited; the overnight runs, however, have put the 'gurney old git' back in control. Here's hoping - for some afternoon stonkers! Plenty of time, yet?
  9. At least I can retire in the almost certain knowledge that, tomorrow morning, all thing will be pointing SNOW...?
  10. Looks as if everything's positive: HLB, easterly winds and snow at times...What could be better?
  11. That weather would do me fine, IC - but who are these 'GFS lovers' to whom you so fondly refer? Those who don't accept 'the GFS is always crap' to be the Word of God? Get a grip, peeps, not all of us prefer 'outwitting' computer models to the real weather?
  12. So far, a winter of countless 'BOOM' charts and zero 'BOOM' weather...?
  13. Ed Stone

    Breaking news

    Breaking News! Netweather to host snowball fight next Thursday...atop the Shard!
  14. I thought that the 06Z GEFS ensemble might raise peeps' spirits...But, alas, it appears that Sydney might be the sole beneficiary.
  15. So, we've gone from yesterday's laughable ECM sinking superstorm to today's GFS's FI phantom northerly, just like it's shown a dozen times since November... Why waste time analysing and re-analysing Day 10+ charts, that'll never come off, anyway? I reckon Trump's ordered them to cut & paste!
  16. Send reinforcements, cold's going to advance!
  17. It's gone from 'smelling the coffee' to 'no-one else has a clue', in under twenty-four hours...Talk about 'fickle'!
  18. Not really 'just like the rest of us can produce' no...
  19. I know that, just as all the other posters of FI charts know it?
  20. Anyone would think that weather-watching was like cheering-on your local football team! Though, if it were, Real Madrid might be as good a bet as any?