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  1. You are right enough. But, should folks want to make false accusations IN PUBLIC, they ought to be prepared to justify those accusations IN PUBLIC - should they not? Who have I 'slagged off' as opposed to merely been disagreeing with?
  2. And who have I 'slagged off' exactly? It's the moans/banter thread, is it not? It's not the thread for agreeing with whoever's thought of as the 'Genius of The Week', is it? How's about you 'get a life' yourself?
  3. I think I can read mucker, thanks all the same - I scored 198/200 in English Language... IMO, all climates get locked/blocked from time-to-time, but that doesn't mean that somehow (other than by Divine intervention?) those of us who've resided in the UK, for all our lives, should be immune to either extremely hot/extremely cold weather... I'm afraid you've activated my logic-bypass button!
  4. Then again, why don't you just go and put a sock in it, cheese...or go and study GCSE Geography? You never know what you might learn...the choice is yours!
  5. But it will be cooler (it won't be 31C every day, for a start - and there's always a chance of rain...) So why is the Beeb's forecast necessarily wrong? Like you can predict the weather, with the utmost accuracy, six-/seven-days' hence!
  6. Ed Stone

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    And who can ever forget this guy's 1990 World Cup celebration?
  7. Ed Stone

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    Another classic from the Singing Brakeman:
  8. Eh? The UK's maritime climate is totally different to Continental climates...Isn't that Geography 101?
  9. No he wasn't - he was merely stating the obvious: that the lesser variations we get, here in the UK, mean that we are less able to cope...You can hardly cope with what you never expect?
  10. I think that one of the sharpest temperature drops I can recall, was from 50 to 23F (in about 12 hours) at the very end of 1978? I think that the rapidest rise was from about 45 to 80F, (about 24 hours) in June or July, in either 1991 or '2...? It was the week in which Runrig reached #2 in the UK music chart!
  11. Ed Stone

    World Cup 2018

    That's all Sepp Blatter's fault...arranging a wet t-shirt competition for all the women in the crowd!
  12. But what's that got to do with the UK? I wouldn't live in Tallahassee if you payed me...
  13. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

  14. Ed Stone

    World Cup 2018

    The Golden Welly?
  15. Ed Stone

    World Cup 2018

    Could this be the first direct hit, from a thunderstorm, since the 1966 final?
  16. Indeed Mark: Scandinavians are used to a Scandinavian climate and Spaniards to a Mediterranean one...We, on the other hand, are used to neither!
  17. I was going to ask the very same thing, Mark!
  18. 27.8 over here, so the hottest day so far - I think.
  19. So far, I'd rank it 4th, after 1975, '76 and '95 (which all lasted through August, as well as just June and July). But, as I can't remember either 1947 or '59, I'll leave those years for others to compare... Come on models: make summer great again!
  20. How much snow settled on your legs?
  21. Already up to 24.1C...Needs to get to 28 for it to be the warmest day of the summer, so far...
  22. Just seen the Beeb forecasting 'average' maxes of 24-25C for next Thursday/Friday...I'm sure that, 'when are were a lud', 22-23 was more like the July average?