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  1. Nowt too exciting about today's GFS 12Z, IMO. Aye, there's some cold air up to our north, but I have a nasty wee feeling that the depression, out in the Atlantic, will sweep mildness northeastward...But, as it's at T+384, who knows? Les ensembles don't suggest a cold, snowy outlook, either.
  2. He does balk a load of tollocks, doesn't he?
  3. Katrine's post in the other thread reminded me of this...1979, I believe:
  4. This Pete Seeger classic always reminds me of 1969-70, which I spent in Tunbridge Wells:
  5. Eeeeee up...it's a one-man Mexican standoff: barbecue in one hand, sledge in the other...? Possible unseasonal warmth followed by our first blast of real winter!?Or wishful thinking!
  6. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear! There's nae much sign of a PPE (purple people eater) paying us a visit, any time soon...On the contrary, the future looks orange! Never mind...it ain't even winter yet!
  7. Indeed not, Fred...But, neither are we in mainland Europe!
  8. Although potential and realization are two entirely different things, today's GFS 12Z operational ends with plenty of the former. Now that mainland Europe looks to be, at last, showing signs of a cool-down...?
  9. Saw Crocodile Dundee, at the MK Dome, on January 12th 1987:
  10. And, only 10-years' back, what is now the sceptics' model-of-choice was being pilloried by those very same 'sceptics'... 'Climategate': When sceptics tricked the public WWW.BBC.CO.UK Hackers stole 6,000 emails and other documents from a climate research centre almost 10 years ago. From zero to hero, in the blink of an eye!
  11. Never give up hope, Jon...Day 18 is nigh! On a more serious note, the synoptic pattern that's been wafting warm air all the way into Europe looks about to expire, at last...?
  12. Aways out in FI, I know, but it's a slideroonie! So we'd best make the most of it!
  13. I wonder whether a warm Europe (everywhere but some coastal fringes) now, correlates to a brutal January and February? Well, it's better than a solitary sleet-blob being spotted in Basingstoke!
  14. But there's a wooly mammoth in the room: your personal beliefs are a zillion miles away from being backed-up by a substantial body of evidential science...? Bugger! I should have started this post with: 'What those who've studied neither astrophysics nor solar physics, as an undergraduate, need to understand is...'
  15. Most of the scatter, in today's GEFS 06Zs, is in SLP -- temperatures don't wander 'too far' from what the operational run is suggesting -- and today's run seems to broadly follow yesterday's 06Z, with its relatively mild easterlies...? What to make of it?
  16. Aye, very strange...It's a case of a -NAO producing very un--NAO-like weather...? Curiouser and curiouser?
  17. Methinks this thread has taken a somewhat bizarre turn...To say the very least!
  18. An interesting end to the GFS 00Z, methinks: no raging +NAO and anomalous warmth still pushing north into SE Europe...And the UK would definitely be on the cold side? Just as the 00Z operational run ends-up on the cold side of the ensembles! But, hey...it's always good to know what not to expect!?
  19. Well, three factors (which pass the obligatory test of being consistent with the observed fact of global warming) spring to mind: the aforementioned Arctic Amplification, quasi-random synoptic fluctuation, and the current Solar minimum...There will, most likely, be several others, however...? And, anything mooted, that's not consistent with reality, should be jettisoned at the earliest opportunity...
  20. Back when ar were a lud, this synoptic pattern would've had me wetting myself with anticipation; not so much so these days, however! But at least, as @booferking says...cold air does at least threaten to make it into Europe by the end of the run...?
  21. Increased moisture-carrying capacity, due to the Arctic Amplification: warmer air carries more moisture? In this case, more snow?
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