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  1. Doesn't end on quite the flourish of yesterday's run, but, hey, who's complaining?
  2. The cold is coming, cold pool looks bigger, possible interest away to our WSW, and a cold, fresh and lazy wind:
  3. IMO, the block will almost certainly not collapse any time during the next twelve days or so; and, as a result, there should be plenty cold, possibly even snowy, weather to enjoy. That said, I've seen enough 'robust' blocks defy the odds (and repeated assertions that the GFS is always too progressive...) and collapse anyway, to be intent on keeping a beady eye on the situation - nothing is ever set in stone... I will also be keeping an eye on the potential for a loss of angular momentum, as that shouldn't be ignored, either. In the mean time, enjoy!
  4. I think it's fairly obvious that most posters in here like snow as the thread is titled 'the hunt for cold'. But what is wrong with questioning the validity of others' predictions, whenever the 'inevitability' of Snowmageddon is brought into question? Surely the thread will be all the better for it...? Anywho, there's more to teleconnections than relying solely on the JMO, James Madden Oscillation. Isn't there?
  5. I've chipped a few mugs. Does that count?
  6. Will that HP, away to the southwest, build northeast through the BIs, or will it presage a return to milder westerlies? Then again, will it even exist?
  7. What a fabulous example of warm air advection this is - all the way from the Azores to the Arctic Circle!
  8. Not only that, Blue: an 'average' month (temperature wise) could be made up of two weeks' -12C uppers, and a fortnight dominated by uppers of +10...and, given the current propensity for meridional flow, such a scenario mightn't be entirely out of the question...?
  9. Just wondering if it might be possible to allow us posters to delete our own posts? I can't be the only one suffering occasional bouts of 'Trump Finger'. Can I?🤔

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      hardly fair @Paul Oops indeed.

      If I had said I'm sure they could change it you wouldn't of.:closedeyes:

      nearly Christmas spread some love please.


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      Lol, I'd changed it before you posted!

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      sending nothing but postivity your way. 

  10. For me, the exact positioning of HP (during the next fifteen days) is not the central issue; rather, it's that the overall pattern looks highly conducive to a continuing major European cool down...
  11. Ed Stone

    Autumn 2018

    Anyone else thinking that 2018 might come out as one of the sunniest years ever?
  12. Aye; I'd be surprised to see -16C uppers, this early in the season, anyhow...but a lot of folks automatically think Siberia (with added misdirection from the tabloid press?) whenever the wind comes in from the east? Maybe the Met are just trying to inject a little calm into proceedings?
  13. The umpteenth run that ends with a huge pool of very cold air, away to the northeast and east. It might all go pear-shaped, I know, but what a start to meteorological winter!
  14. The cold pool over Europe is both cooling and expanding...potential?
  15. Ed Stone

    Name The Film From The Film Quote

    Поехали! Clue: Elton John.
  16. Is that Kelly Brook I see cavorting naked just outside my window?
  17. Precisely NWS; and, here's one I prepared earlier, which was also cold and blocked and with things not being in the best possible places, for an instant Snowmageddon... IMO, the future's so white, I've gotta wear shades:
  18. I brought it forward, Blue! Hang on? By the time it reached Cornwall, we'd be on day 17!
  19. Talking of detail (not much use at this range, I know) that LP, just to the NW of The Azores might be preparing to run the length of the English Channel; this wouldn't be totally out of the question, as yesterday's 18Z suggested something similar...It would also tie-in with the Met's idea of possibly unsettled weather affecting the South and Southwest?