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  1. My concern is not with a shortage of drinking water (at least not initially) but with the dryness of the soil: without sufficient water, crops will not grow, and that will necessitate human intervention, so possibly leading to shortages, further-on down the line...? And I see nothing in the models (neither short-range nor seasonal) that suggests a major pattern-change, so things are only set to get worse? But, come what may, we should all enjoy the fine weather, for as long as it lasts.
  2. Funny how no-one's queuing-up to call those involved in Operation Shutdown 'spineless' or 'snowflakes' or whatever! https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/17/dozens-anti-knife-protesters-block-westminster-bridge-9239798/
  3. Can it ever be too early for heat storms? EA could certainly do with one or two of those, right now!
  4. So here we are, getting into Thursday, and the only threat of rainfall seems to be from thundery stuff coming from the South. Along with possibly even warmer uppers:
  5. One ought never put a Special K in one's cornflakes, Matt! No signs of any rain, according to Monday's prediction?
  6. And, with the possible exception of Lewis/Harris, Saturday's synoptics look absolutely perfect:
  8. Come Sonny, you beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Warmer air is definitely spreading in from the east, as we now have a steadily thickening Rees-Mogg...And, as always happens when a Rees-Mogg rears its head, things that were once clear and easy to see, become shrouded in an all-obscuring haze.
  10. ^^ Codswallop! It's nowt more than denialist obfuscation.
  11. A chance of upper 20s for parts of the SE; hopefully, a prospect of some heavy rain, too -- which is sure to go down a storm?
  12. At least if they denied increasing CO2 concentrations, they'd be being consistent: but, to accept a cause whilst denying its effect, is just plain daft...It's denial of the laws of physics! I guess that's why the vast majority of deniers would struggle with a Science GCSE?
  13. And then, along comes the FV3 to play its joker: crud by around T+180: And, unfortunately, the GEFS 06Z ensembles lends credence to the FV3's take:
  14. Aye, Dev: every time we might reasonably expect the argument to have been 'won', Deniers Incorporated wheels out a 'useful idiot: a position the likes of Monckton and Lawson seem only too eager to fill...?
  15. If the Blue Meanies do stay away, until May 1st, the last fortnight of April will be a thing of beauty!
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