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  1. No need to worry M...no yuppie flats in London have been damaged. Phew!
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    All I can say is that Scottish, Welsh and Irish storms don't get the same coverage as do English storms... In 1989, I watched tree after tree fall, during a Force-11+ storm-force 'gale', up in the NW Highlands...and despite it resembling those photos from Tunguska, it was hardly worth a word on the national News. Agus, tha mi Sassenach!
  3. Premier League Discussion

    So...who will be Leicester's manager this time tomorrow?
  4. Imagine how such a sky would've made the 'ancients' feel?
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    Correction to my earlier post - I definitely have not seen a sky like that before...I'm guessing that Matt Damon might feel quite at home!
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    The sky really is still getting weirder: the sun has been reduced to a well-defined dull red ball...Similar to viewing it though a low-lying fog, only nuttier!
  7. That's it, living-room lights are on...And the sun is 'shining'!:D

    1. lassie23


      energy saving bulbs by any chance:unknw:

    2. shuggee


      I'm worrying the living room lights might not stay on Pete...

  8. At least they didn't cancel it halfway through!
  9. Hurricane Ophelia

    I think I've seen similar over my lifetime SR (oh, the joys of being an old fart!). But, over the past hour, it's almost as if night is falling! Eerie indeed!
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

    But not lovely enough to leave it out all day though, Moki?
  11. Hurricane Ophelia

    Is it orange enough to render Donald Trump invisible?
  12. Still dry and still sunny, increasingly fresh SSE breeze, 23C...
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    Sounds like a good excuse for a gaggle of 'intrepid' reporters...? The Day the Bunting Snapped!
  14. I do so hope not, lassie!
  15. Still sunny and the wind has switched from N to S...Now 22C, so a 7C rise since 9 a. m.!
  16. Hurricane Ophelia

    Thanks to Ophelia, my October CET guess (12.4) has gone from being laughably too-high to possible too low!
  17. The 'weighting' is what makes be tend to refrain from attempting LRFs, jvenge: though, personally, I don't pay a great deal of attention (none at all TBH!) to sunspot #, it would be nice if Solar activity could somehow be linked to (not dubiously correlated with) SSW events...?
  18. Very 'plumey' over here today: yellowy sky, very little wind. Temp has gone from 15 to 20C in two hours...
  19. Hurricane Ophelia

    According to NW, Trawsgoed is already on 22C!
  20. Autumn thoughts

    There's something I find rather 'unsettling' about the current situation - though I might well be suffering from delusions: the warmer-than-average SSTs, combined with both an active hurricane season and all that heat still resident over Europe, makes me suspect that the type of conditions that have facilitated Ophelia's strength and track, may well continue for a while yet?
  21. Premier League Discussion

    Me neither!
  22. Hurricane Ophelia

    At least Ophelia, unlike the 'hurricane' Michael Fish allegedly 'failed to forecast' actually started its life as one...? The 1987 storm was never a hurricane; it was just a very intense depression that deepened quickly and had associated hurricane-force wind gusts...At least, that's what I've spent the last thirty years arguing!
  23. Premier League Discussion

    They do indeed...Yet another 45 minutes' pu**yfooting about and doing nowt with the ball...? Come on you Spurs!
  24. Hurricane Ophelia

    Personally, PIT, I think that all Atlantic storms should be 'gender-neutral'...Anyone know what that means?
  25. As to whether our winter weather has changed in the way Chris is suggesting, I'm in two minds...Yes, the past four have been dire, snow-wise; but, all it needed for last winter's severe cold to reach our shores, was a change in wind direction...? That said, it's hard to deny the argument made for longer, warmer sea tracks...