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  1. While the above clearly puts the likes of Excretaweather in their place, it also contains the claim that 'precise' forecasts can be made for up to two-months' ahead... Well, I don't know about you guys, but I've never seen any forecast, by anyone, for a two-month period, be anywhere near to what I'd call 'precise'. Even after umpteen Corbynesque, retrospective rewrites!
  2. Ed Stone

    Autumn 2018

    Where did all that 'September heat' - that you, me (mea culpa!) and some others were all trumpeting - go, Fred?
  3. Ed Stone

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    All you can do is try, is it not...? And if it is closed (before anyone starts a bicker fest, that is) you'll be proven right, won't you? The ball is in your court...
  4. Ed Stone

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Well, if you're that bothered, why don't you start a new one - in the Climate part of the forum, Steve?
  5. That sentence is almost self-contradictory? Depends on how one parses it, I guess...
  6. A fox that's so clever it can deliver the right body-parts to the correct addresses...That rules Doctor Liam out, for a start!
  7. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the world-famous Croydon Cat Killer?
  8. A particularly nasty, dreich morning. Who cares what the temperature is?
  9. Ed Stone

    Premier League Discussion

    We gave it our best shot!
  10. 'Ridiculously' being the operative word, feb...?
  11. And, as per usual, some of those who happen not to actually get what the Met's warning is for (be it snow, rain, wind or thunder) are blaming the warnings...as if Met Office warnings make the weather!
  12. And, from the recent exchanges in this thread, we have learned that the difference between what the scientists actually say and what the know-nothings in the media say they say remains as stark as ever...
  13. My lot were promoted yesterday, as soon as Sussex failed to get enough batting points.
  14. Funny old world, innit?

    I heard, on LBC today, that a guy got sacked for re-tweeting a tweet that contained a highly controversial claim - that women do not have penises!

    Now, who on Earth could that upset?:fool:

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    2. Dami


      blame the Cats' rights' bill 2018. 

      1:34:67:90 cats have every right to jump on beds, chairs and other soft items and use reasonable force to wake their owners.

      Sooty does that too.

    3. lassie23


      she sat on my head this morning🤗

    4. Dami
  15. I'll guess at 10.8C and 99mm, please...
  16. I suspect that, as so many of us appear to have 'slept through it', nothing did happen?
  17. Why on Earth do they call it 'auto-correct'? Another breezy, cloudy and muggy day...19.4C.
  18. A breezy, very muggy-feeling 19.5C!
  19. I didn't know that the size of individual fallen tree-limbs was reflected in the colour of the warning?
  20. Ed Stone

    The fundamentals of Atmospheric Angular Momentum

    My brain hurts! But thanks for the info, Sam...
  21. Ed Stone

    UEFA Champions League

    Apart from a sensational few minutes at Old Trafford, we're hardly setting the football world alight, so far this season...IMO, if we're to win anything this season, it'll take an enormous amount of luck.
  22. That looks similar to 1980, Feb...I do so hope it doesn't happen!