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  1. Currently, it's dry and mostly sunny with a 24mph westerly wind - temp of 6C. I wouldn't rule out waking to a wee dusting, first thing tomorrow afternoon morning! PS: Where have all the fonts gone?
  2. I've heard some inventive names for northerners, in my time, but 'nipple-muncher' isn't one of them!
  3. And we all know why that is, lass...The building blocks are in place!
  4. As they always say: where there's spread there's hope!
  5. It was snowing the last time I was in Ambleside...January 2nd 1980!
  6. Indeed Dave...As Snowbunting pointed-out, during yesterday's deepest spell of mutual wrist-slitting, there was always a sizeable ensemble-cluster going for cold solutions within the models' output...? All is deffo not lost!
  7. Premier League Discussion

    I did that with Inverness Caley Thistle; the 200,000 capacity stadium helped with the finances, too!
  8. What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

  9. Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    I'll find out tomorrow! Anywho, I have just finished watching Deep Water, and even though I grew up in the age of 'queer bashing' and such, I find it I-can't-find- the-words-to-express-my-revulsion how peeps can murder people simply because of their sexual orientation. Now I'm off back to see Spiral... Two-thirds the way through Jo Nesbo's The Thirst, as far as books are concerned...
  10. Och well...Isn't it strange, that the first folks to accuse the professionals of 'not being able to forecast past 3 days' are also the first folks to write-off the entire winter (or summer) just because one or two model-runs don't go according to plan?
  11. Just before I went out, this morning, my cat decided to take a wee jaunt across my laptop - and somehow, managed to 'press' the right combination/sequence of keys to spun my picture around by 90 degrees. Clever wee sod; it took me a good half-hour to put things right!:help:

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    2. shuggee


      Both my two find the warmth irresistible.

    3. Fozfoster


      Ours was sick on the carpet. :angry:

    4. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Thought I'd give Tesco 'wood' cat litter a try...It smells a lot better than the clay stuff does, as it breaks down into sawdust.:good:

  12. Premier League Discussion

    Indeed, SS - where has lassie been hiding? What an advert for the PL?
  13. I agree with you, Karl. Whatever now happens (regarding model runs) we're still in for rather an exciting week...