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  1. In my case, the last 10 minutes!
  2. I got an adverty thing through my door today, for...chocolate pizza!
  3. Dami's turned into Dan Maskell!
  4. No, no, no, WP; mustard, dill and horseradish would do wonders for the instant buffaloburgers!
  5. Mine can?
  6. I treated myself to a new vaper today; my three-year-old £10 cheapo finally gave up the ghost...Beats smoking anyway! I'm sure that all the PSB' singles sound the same?
  7. Just woke up and it's January...15C with drizzle!
  8. Dry and bright with sunny intervals and a light NW zephyr, 19C...
  9. What I really resent is the amount of money I, and everyone else, have to pay for all that ITV/SKY/BT advertising...Isn't it just the same as a tax on food, only a tax that goes directly to the shareholders?
  10. Today and tomorrow look like giving me my favourite summer conditions: strong sunshine and heavy showers and thunderstorms...But not too hot!
  11. Dry and quite sunny now, 19C...23C @ Benbecula!
  12. Did you know that, for some obscure reason, I suddenly can't get sound on Youtube...What's the effing point?
  13. Aye. And with any luck, once the overnight rain has buggered off, into the North Sea, tomorrow might be good too?