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  1. Come on you Celts!
  2. Bugger! I can't access YouTube at all...
  3. I'd sneak into the USA, just after the Civil War, and assassinate George Armstrong Custer...Sorry, my You-Tube links to Johnny Cash are currently unavailable.
  4. autumn

    I've got a good feeling about October (I feel it in my vodka): if the Atlantic is dominated by warm remnants of hurricanes and if cold weather over Russia/Siberia leads to a substantial and persistent block, then winds from between SE and SW might dominate the month's weather, here in the UK? A markedly warm month might be on offer? Ifs 2-1 Mights
  5. I'll go back and steal all your red pencils!
  6. Wall-to-wall sunshine here, too, but it's only 17C...No oneuppersonship here, today...
  7. Isn't that how government contracts are handed out?
  8. I'd go back whenever and wherever Uncle Adolf was ensconced when he escaped a bomb-blast - and move a certain briefcase...
  9. But there's no need for a time machine - the Brexiteers are about to take us all back to the 1950s anyway!
  10. Get in my Son!
  11. Boris Johnson: his cunning plan will be so cunning that no-one will ever know what it is?
  12. Rumour has it, that she's 'very, very tasty'!
  13. So does Christian Gross.
  14. Who's Chocolatey Clair?
  15. How my shingles is much more tolerable, now that that stinky, sweaty heatwave has disappeared.