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  1. Wall-to-wall sunshine, a light S wind and 27C...I'm thinking that somewhere around London might see 31C at around four?
  2. From when I was wee:
  3. I think I'd rather Thursday was cool with thunderstorms...IMO, this summer has been far too Betty Swollocks!
  4. The last time I stood in the terraces was when Super Spurs 'thrashed' Bristol City by one goal to nil (1978?) but the 'scintillating' score aside, the terraces were almost empty. But, nonetheless, it's important that modern-day safety standards be upheld. Footy cannot have any more Hillsboroughs on its hands!
  5. While I agree with you, in one respect, Nick...Had old-fashioned terraces been really safe, the Ibrox Disaster would never have happened? I'll be happy with a new generation of safe terraces...But they must be safe. No half-measures can be allowed...
  6. Agreed Dave...Why should we have to soak up all that heat and get no thunderstorms as a reward? It's nae fair, I tell ye. It's nae fair!
  7. We are all getting older...
  8. And this old codger's last year at school: And I used to think this song was called 'Ammonia'...
  9. Indeed...The RH is going to go sky-high!