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  1. Not only is guilt-tripping frowned upon, numbers quoted in isolation seldom tell the whole story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/12/17/cold-temperatures-kill-more-americans-than-hot-ones-cdc-data-show/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.4411caead9f9
  2. You're kidding, right? We might only get three flakes (of actual snow) during a whole winter, but the ramping starts in October and doesn't stop till May...If I had half the snow the rampers predicted, I'd still be digging myself out! In the immortal words of Dr McCoy:
  3. Every day, summer's getting closer; going faster than a rollercoaster, come what may...
  4. FV3's fine: still plenty of sunshine and feeling much more comfortable: PS: Great model!
  5. To misquote Enter The Dragon: a plume of extwaordinawy pwoportions! Hopefully the first of many potentially very-thundery, transient 'breakdowns'!
  6. Another chance for some slow-moving heavy showers...away from Scotland? Well, I very-much hope so; unless things change, we mightn't be seeing any more for a while...
  7. I'm looking forward to it, Karl, but I do have some sympathy with Markyo: very short, hot and humid plumes (such as the one that hit on 16/6/16) can cause folks to commit acts of long-lasting self-harm. Otherwise, here in June, the sea-breeze removes most of the discomfort after, say, 11 am. And mostly quite calm conditions, like those being signalled, are ideal.
  8. If a picture paints a thousand words, three pictures ought to paint a thesis...GEFS 06Z ensembles: So I'll let the data speak for themselves?
  9. Thank you, not, FV3! I blame May, for putting Chris Grayling (The Man With The Reverse Midas Touch) in charge of the weather?
  10. A chance of some intense thundery downpours come Tuesday...We certainly need some rain!
  11. No complaints about the 00Z, this morning: Though the FV3 (crap model!) has found yet another bogey: 00Z ensembles are fine:
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