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  1. My cat has been staring at me, for fifteen-minutes' straight... Why do cats do that?:shok:

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    2. Allseasons-si


      Cats are so clumsy when they want feeding,my cat just keeps on getting under my feet when she want's feeding,there has been countless times when i have nearly fell over just to avoid treading on her

      mine stares at me when she want's to go out.

      @Tamara,so sorry to here that,will you be getting another one?

    3. Allseasons-si


      Where has @Tamara's post's gone??

    4. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      Simba stares at me while meowing and pawing my knee (sometimes with his claws out) and I can never work out what he wants.  He has food and water and then I try to find out if he wants to go outside.  I open the door to the garden but because it is windy he comes back in.  He then follows when I go out to the garden but does not stay long because of the wind.  Sometimes he follows me to the toilet and even watches me. Even he meows at me when I meow at him.

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