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  1. Right then, so one glass of fruit-juice a-day will give you cancer...according to the Daily Mail. Who else?

    So, next time you see two small people accompanied by two big people, all eating their sandwiches whilst wearing hazmat suits, you'll know that they'll be DM readers eating al fresco!:oldgrin:

    Poor Al!:shok:

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    2. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Outdated concepts of science teaching, I'm afraid.

    3. lassie23


      reading the daily mail can cause cancer

    4. Blowingsand


      Good heavens this news has shocked me.

      Being a fruit juice drinker for many decades.

      I remember going to a tropical island and not  enjoying the local falling over juice proceeded to empty the bar of all their juices a pint at a time.

      They asked a few questions after a few days,such as how long are you staying before going to stock up  with fresh supplies.

      Due to the bare shelves in the meantime i popped off down to the shoreline and proceeded to empty the freshly squeezed variety from the beach bars.

      This has continued at a furious pace now for over 40 years or so and apart from a healthy glow no harm has arrived.

      Her endeth a short tale,true or false,you decide.

      Just popping to the strawberry patch to mash a few strawberries into a juice,no harm in that i hope..

      Bye for now,enjoying all the threads in here,keep it up.



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