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  1. Next weekend looking okay -- so long as that HP stays put: PS: We had just enough rain to wet the pavements, yesterday...
  2. Indeed Matt. It looks as if things will improve early next week. Nowt spectacular, but better than tomorrow's dross! Though we really could do with some rain!
  3. I wish the news outlets weren't so obsessed with Man Ure...there are nineteen other clubs playing EPL football -- so, who cares when Paul Pogba last picked his nose or ate a bacon butty or a prawn sandwich or whatever!
  4. Aye BW, the lack of rainfall is becoming a major concern of mine: after Wednesday's and yesterday's no-shows, I am hoping that today's more SW'erly flow will at least bring some relief...Things might well look all nice and green right now, but give it a two-week sunny/hot spell, and the brown will start to show...?
  5. The latest (00Z) temperature ensemble shows a warm-up come early May; but, the op shifting to the warm end of the pack exaggerates the visual effect: And the improving temps coincide nicely with an anticipated rise in SLP, for the SE.
  6. Fag end of the FV3 isn't great, either: The GEFS 12Z ensemble looks a little better than I had feared:
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