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  1. We've had 27 attempts at goal! 24 of them missed! YYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!! Eriksen!
  2. But are they climate scientists? If one had severe chest-pains, would one visit an MD or a botanist?
  3. But the end shows some promise, of better things to come? If one squints hard enough! Ensemble's stuck on 00Z!
  4. Looks like there could be plenty more too, come next Thursday...maybe even some very localised Killer Cape!
  5. It would be better if you didn't, Mark...yours truly copied entirely the wrong image!!! I knew I should have googled 'Plasticine'!
  6. Here's my suggestion, Mark: way back then, the continents were not arranged as they are now, giving rise to an entirely different set of both oceanic and wind currents...?
  7. Not only that, QS...those same questions keep being asked by the same people; and, were those people being genuinely sceptical, they wouldn't do that...
  8. Not a bad finish. But, is it real or is it a flash-in-the-pan? Whatever it is, I'm yet to be convinced of the importance of the ENSO long-wave pattern thingie...Only time will tell?
  9. Friday looks like being a rather convective day, as the entire UK is under a trough:
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