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  1. You're right, there is something serious going on and I don't like it either (as you know I voted for Brexit and am steadfast by my choice)

    But Brexit was a symptom of the bigger issue, not a cause or something worse. We have been saying for years and years and years that uncontrolled immigration is 'bad'  and not because of racism , because it's daft to think you can ask people from a country you are at war with, or several, to come and integrate peacefully and without huge amounts of upset.

    The whole of Europe is in turmoil now and it's not because of the nationalists or racists, it's because the governments of the continent have realised they have made one of the most stupid choices in recorded history.


    It seems to me there is a blinkered elitism in society, and the people who preach it are the ones who are not suffering any ill effects from mass immigration like us poor people are.

    all people want is to know that we have a safe country..... that's not what we have with mass immigration

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    2. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Well cheese, so long as Big Business gets off scot-free, the elite will be happy?

    3. cheese


      The poor will be the ones to suffer the most - they always are. The elite in London can cushion themselves, working class people in Sunderland can't.

    4. cyclonic happiness

      cyclonic happiness

      Ed, why do you think the Tories are suddenly thinking that nationalism is a good thing? because they can see pound signs for the country and for THEM.

      Mark my words, there will be a huge push for nationalism by all the media in the next couple of years (but not socialism, people are far too greedy for that nowadays, that will take decades to knock out of people) so no, we're not about to get a NAZI party.

      But there is a big push towards a new Britain atm, and the elites know it's going to be a good thing (at least for them)

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