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  1. Ed Stone

    Make us laugh

    Patient: What's wrong with me doc? I can never get started in the morning. Doctor: What did you have for breakfast? Patient: Eggs, bacon, fried bread, black pudding and tomatoes...Why? Doctor: No spark plugs? Patient: Spark plugs!? Doctor: It's the Breakfast of Champions!
  2. It's that time of year again, when summer is over and winter's yet to begin...so I'll nae bother with trying to make the weather sound interesting! Needless to say, the GEFS 12Zs are hardly exciting: Though it might rain!
  3. Maybe we should make-do with some long-fetch southwesterlies? There have been plenty of post-T240 solutions of late...
  4. And today's GEFS 06Z ensembles continue with the uncertain future; from Day 7, the SLP ensemble goes rather haywire. And, when SLP ensembles go haywire, the others must surely follow...? Baa humbug!
  5. Aye, I agree...And the outlook will be very dependent upon how the Atlantic trough develops: will it stay out west and drag-up warm air, or will the LPs migrate into Scandinavia? Or will a flatter zonal pattern set up?
  6. This morning's GEFS ensembles clearly suggest a more unsettled spell of weather is now incoming -- reasonable temps and a better chance of seeing some rain than for some time:
  7. As we slide painfully into late September's SAD season, things in the GEFS 12Z ensembles nae look too bad: And now it's back to Chinese science-fiction!
  8. And the 06Zs have amplified the 'noise' even more! Uppers ranging from -4 to +17C! Take your pick?
  9. Statistically it's very unlikely to happen, but who knows? Could another all-time temperature record be in the making? They laughed and mocked, in February?
  10. The GEFS at T+348 (though very unlikely to verify!) might even squeeze out some thunderiness? Either way, there's little if anything to suggest anything cold might be lurking... I know I'm sounding like broken record, but some parts of EA and the SE are starting to resembles a desert!
  11. Still nothing untoward in today's GEFS 00Z ensembles; and, as ex-Hurricane Humberto is reduced to nothing but a patch of warm, humid air, all now looks set to be pretty benign...?
  12. Nowt all that exciting from today's GEFS 12Z ensembles...more 'averageness' by looks of it...? Even the chance of some rain, at last...It's all so brown around here!
  13. Still a lot of uncertainty, re the movements of ex-Hurricane Humberto, thus the 06Z ensembles show a rapid proliferation of scatter post Day 9...Still no concrete threat of anything cold and wet yet, though. Thankfully! GFS Operational is still the coldest run!
  14. Ed Stone

    Make us laugh

  15. Apart from some rather obvious Humberto-induced uncertainty (it could go almost anywhere?) this morning's GEFS 00Zs are nae all that bad...for the time-of-year: The GFS Operational also spends a lot of time as the coldest ensemble member...
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