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  1. Is someone still trying to say that most summer days have higher-than-average relative humidity? How odd!
  2. It's quite sunny at last...already up to 21C.
  3. I don't think I'll bother too much with what's in the MAD thread, Donna; a day-or-three's cooler weather does not an autumn make!
  4. Ed Stone

    Premier League Discussion

    Can't wait to hear Jose's excuses!
  5. I bet Sam Curran's wondering what it is he's done wrong?
  6. Not if rainfall means are read in conjunction with those for temperature and sunshine, they can't...?
  7. Would you Adam and Eve it! At 7 a.m. it was sunny, now it is crap!
  8. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

    Did you know that, last Saturday night, a nutjob emailed LBC just to say tha AGW is a load of sheet? Climate change, he insisted, is caused by electromagnetic radiation from, of all places, Uranus... No doubt tonight's offerings will be about the International Jewish Conspiracy, the Illuminati, or some other such mind-numbing drivel!
  9. Ed Stone

    September 2018 Weather

    How do you work that one out, S76?
  10. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

    Did you know that, hidden deep among all the repeats, there's an absolutely brilliant programme, all about London's new Super Sewer: a combination of both superb modern-day engineering and tons of the same old sheet!
  11. Ed Stone

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    Tomb Raider and Ready Player One...so so.
  12. I know, Nick: I've had it... But I bet it wasn't down to a suntan that was gradually built up, over six months, starting in March? The same can hardly be said for the odd week-or-two spent lying on white sand, in either Tenerife or South Devon, though!
  13. If only this weather could hang on for another two months, we'd escape the misery provided by endless days of cold, mizzly, mouldy, autumnal murk...If it's nae cold enough to snow, it may as well stay warm?
  14. Just been out, on this lovely morning, and have augmented my extremely slow-growing suntan...Tanned skin = burnt skin? Nonsense! We've evolved a white skin for a very simple reason: at our high latitudes, and without what we can now get from Tesco, our forbears simply couldn't afford to maintain a black one!
  15. Sounds as if we should all start wearing burkas then!