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  1. You guys might be better-off moaning in the moaning thread? Not that I never make off-topic posts. Far from it!
  2. Ed Stone

    World Cup 2018

    I wish I'd muted the TV and listened to Five Live. If anyone can ruin a football match it's ITV!
  3. Och well, summer's over...It was good while it lasted though?
  4. Ed Stone

    Links to Reports and Papers

    Ah but...in a world without CO2, we'll no' be needing matches for lighting cigarettes?
  5. Ed Stone

    Links to Reports and Papers

    A wonderful litany of irrelevant factoids, MIA - you forgot to quote the height of The Empire State Building, though!
  6. Ed Stone

    Links to Reports and Papers

    Sounds like 1998 all over again, Ian? And what a shame it is that so many CCDs don't seem to realise that CO2 is toxic to humans - too much of it acidifies the blood and will eventually result in death. And, as we all know - well, most of us - death can be fatal!
  7. Ed Stone

    Golf Chat

    Many thanks for setting-up all these competitions, Tom...The reason I don't take part is very simple: I'd never remember to enter; the monthly CET comp is about my limit.
  8. As my guess was for 16.6C, I'll be happy with that...OTOH, my rainfall prediction (73mm) looks like it'll be out by about...73mm!
  9. Ed Stone

    Links to Reports and Papers

    Another thing I don't get about denier-logic is that, if CO2 increases because the Earth's warming, how does said warming-trend cause trains, planes and automobiles to throw-out ever-increasing (on a global scale) amounts of GHGs? You know it makes sense!
  10. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

    That one's fine - Goat Sport is an altogether different kettle of fish.
  11. I remember a slow-moving whopper that came from the north, in 1962...I was watching its anvil approach for what seemed like all afternoon (so don't ask me what the lesson was about!). Anywho, it hit just after I'd got home: frequent lilac-coloured lightning, near daylight darkness and mountains of hail. After that my memory goes blank!
  12. Ed Stone

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Therein lies the biggest problem with the likes of WUWT, MIA: the 'balance' they like to claim exists in the climatic sciences really doesn't exit at all. Reality would be better represented were there 98 serious scientists for every 2 CCDs? Even the BBC got some stick for treating the idiot Nigel Lawson as if he were some kind of scientific 'authority' (as they're wont to do with such self-styled luminaries as Monckton and Corbyn). Why must we endure the spectacle of each and every well-reasoned scientific argument being countered by the obligatory nutter? I would like to see a really representative TV debate: 97 well-respected actual scientists on one side and the ilk of a Monckton, a Lawson and a Dellingpole on the other... Then again, evolution by natural selection is more likely to make pigs grow wings before that happens!
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      Hey,, why are you rooting for Nigeria, I have Croatia to win, 2-0 in the virtual football thing.

    3. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      My foster sisters are Nigerian!:good:

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      Oh ok, hope they win.

  14. That's the CFS for you: my order for a chocolate teapot is already in the post!