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  1. Ed Stone

    Save our Christmas Songs

  2. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

    Sexy. Innit!
  3. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

    Old Barn, by Bethlehem, Somewhere Well Away From King Herod's Goons? Did you know that, early last week, some nutter phoned Iain Dale with 'proof' that Theresa May is not only a member of The Illuminati, but is also one of the Lizard People...? You can tell by the way her eyes move!
  4. The potential for a very cold Arctic blast is still there, on Day 16...In the absence of any deep cold to our east (none that looks like coming this way just yet, anyway?) a wee bit of extrapolation might just keep our moods up...?
  5. Couldn't agree with you more, fromey...even without an SSW, the other background signals still point toward cold...
  6. Ed Stone

    UEFA Champions League

    And yet again, we are handsomely rewarded for getting past the Group of Death!
  7. When I dared suggest that some of the shameless ramping, withing the pages of this thread, was almost pointless, I was promptly put in my place: 'This the Hunt for Cold thread...,' I was told...So, fair enough, that's what I now do: Hunt for Cold...
  8. Same might be said for those extrapolating from an SSW that hasn't even happened yet?
  9. February 1969 was the very event I was thinking of, Sleety... I remember it well!
  10. It certainly would, were it to come down straight from the Arctic...
  11. No, not jitters; just what they missed-out yesterday...? How can Atlantic fronts move in, give us all bucket-loads of snow, and yet never threaten us with a single 'milder interlude'? BTW, that's positive spin!
  12. And the FV3 follows its older brother by hinting a change, in early January...Hope it's on the money and smelling some premium coffee!