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  1. Ed Stone

    Report Climate change ipcc

    That's hardly fair, Fred...I'm sure I've both seen and heard the Minister for Silly Fonts claim that the globe is cooling?
  2. Things are looking so good, for next weekend, that a wee drop of hail or sleet (mixed in with the driving rain) might be on the menu...
  3. One thing's for certain - Trawscoed won't be anywhere near 23C, this Halloween!
  4. I'll guess at 6.7C and 97mm please...
  5. Ed Stone

    Your Deepest Snow Record

    Somewhere in the region of 60cm, up in the Highlands.
  6. Could be good. Short but severe winters offset by long hot summers sounds fine to me...
  7. I couldn't agree more PS...In this part of the world, the best we'll from that'd be about 8C with some cold rain. Or, should we be really lucky, some driving drizzle. Lovely!
  8. Thundery and possibly wintry showers around all but southern coasts?
  9. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

    That's twenty-seven places to hide Klingons.
  10. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

    It's everybody's favourite planet...you can moon with it!
  11. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

    Did you know that, should you ever be diagnosed with Alzheimer's, you have to remember to notify the DVLA yourself? How daft is that?
  12. Ed Stone

    Did you know.

    The dark side of Uranus?
  13. Do the two have to be mutually exclusive, though? I love cold and snowy weather - but if it ain't there it ain't there...
  14. Ed Stone

    Winter 2018/19

    Then it was warmer than six?
  15. Ed Stone

    Winter 2018/19

    Aye...Compared to the winters of the 1960s and '80s, the last one was a damp squib.