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  1. True. But they are so erratic that almost seem to be able to beat themselves?
  2. Congrats to Millwall; despite the F Troop, I've always had a soft spot for them.
  3. Oh, come on, Crewe...If we manage to beat the Gooners, your top-four spot will be 'sort of' back on again?
  4. The sun is blazing away now.
  5. Don't think either player is really playing all that well, myself. Neither can I see either having much chance against Ding or Selby. Unless he improves considerably?
  6. The old fart is still alive:
  7. Some of mine had their houses burned during the Highland Clearances.
  8. At least you'd make it to the next day, Crewe!
  9. Is that the Nigerian or the Canadian lottery, chio? Both seem equally ludicrous...
  10. Fook all!
  11. Eh?
  12. Some classic Dr Feelgood:
  13. It most certainly isn't, Mark...Not only do Chelski need 'not win' twice, but we need win another straight six-games straight...Right, I'm off!
  14. You mean Cole's Law...You get home, after a long day's slog, only to find a plate of 'rabbit food'?