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  1. 24C and wall-to-wall sunshine...Oh dear, what has happened to August?
  2. Thanks for that Atmo', it was certainly a humdinger!
  3. Agreed. Where would we be without books? I never finished Notes from the Underground either. Truth be told, I barely even started it! And don't get me started on Jane Austen?? PS: If you haven't already read it Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita is a splendid read; even better, since it was banned in the Soviet Union.
  4. Who's old enough to remember this one: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055018/
  5. Terror at 20,000 feet?
  6. Some old-time Rock 'n' Roll classics:
  7. Brilliant subject WP...I read 1984 when I was seventeen, and it's always on my mind; hence my hatred of both Fascism and Sovietism... So what books, other than that one, have influenced me: Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment and Brothers Karamazov, Gogol's Dead Souls, Hugo's Les Miserables, Dumas's The Count of Monte Christo...and a million-and-one S-F and Crime novels. And of course, all those science-fact books I've read. No-wonder I'm a nutter!
  8. I watched When Worlds Collide on Netflix about six-months back...my grandson loved it. But does it beat Forbidden Planet? Zardoz, another Sean Connery...what a load of crap that one was!
  9. But, Spuds aside, if Leicester were to win the CL (and after last-year's heroics) it'd be Roy of the Rovers stuff, eh? Fantasy football at its best? Could be a sartorial disaster for Gary (the lad Lineacre) Lineker (sp?), though?
  10. I remember enjoying Stephen King's The Stand way back in the 1990s...Quatermass fillums were pretty good, too...
  11. Not a bad draw for the mighty Tottenham Hotspur; four teams that we can both beat and lose to. Thank the Lord that Newcastle weren't in the draw!
  12. It's horrible! A good belter wouldn't go amiss!
  13. I'm in Suffolk these days, LD, but my cousins were born and brought up in Chesham/Chalfont St Giles. I can't imagine that that's too far from your new home...I even went to Wembley (my knees have gone all trembly!) to see Chesham lose 0-1 to Leytonstone way back in 1968(?)...My God I'm ancient!