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  1. More Rockabilly music:
  2. In addition to the Harry Hole, I am also reading Peter Robinson's When the Music's Over, and it's very disturbing... My latest film was The Man From U.N.C.L.E. And what a load of sheet that is!
  3. Oh dear, England collapse again; though hopefully, this time, we already have enough runs to defend? Thank goodness us Angles have got football, cricket and rugby, to keep our collective hubris in check!
  4. Well I, for one, am looking forward to the upcoming two weeks: never too hot and never too cold; sometimes coldish uppers, suggesting some reasonable storm chances, given sufficent insolation; reasonable amount of sunshine, so not feeling too chilly; and, of course, some much-needed rain for the gardens... What's not to like? Dons flak jacket! Edit: PS: one or too mini-plumes might also affect the South and East of England?
  5. You are not alone in your dislike, Nick; my 9-year-old grandson can't stand it either...
  6. For me, the weather this past week has been far too hot and humid; but, as I can still recall a time when I'd have thought it was the bees knees, I'm happy for all those still young enough to enjoy it...Old farts, who seem to believe they were born as adults really do peace me of; we were all young once?
  7. It could be that your house, like my flat, has an uncanny ability to retain summer heat? Anywho, I saw one lovely bright, white CG strike today!
  8. Earlier on today, I made a post that contained the word 'f.e.c.kless', which was duly replaced by something about stained-glass windows. Now, I fully appreciate the need for a swear-filter, but does it have to be so darned restrictive?:D

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dami


      the cat one annoys me the most, just because feline's have 2 meanings 

    3. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      I've not come across Sprunehorpe before!

    4. Dami


      nor me. i'm quite good with not swearing .then..:whistling: 

  9. What a coincidence, Malcolm; I'm half-way through the very first Harry Hole...
  10. A short burst of heavy rain a while back, but no thunder...
  11. With any luck, it'll be as spectacular as the situation that 'developed' in very early January 2014?
  12. Difficult to tell, NS; it looks like a developing situation?