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  1. Me neither, karl: September is more than capable of giving us an extension to summer?
  2. A correction, Lassie: we did have thunder after all. The rain on my roof must have drowned it out...
  3. Warm and close with two heavy showers - one of which produced around thirty minutes' absolutely torrential rain. No T&L.
  4. Another torrential roof-washing downpour. The first since yesterday evening.
  5. I think they are a Crocodilian species, Yarmy: just like the Tories?!
  6. It's just like yer mother told you - eat yer greens!
  7. Like what happened when you hit back at the school bully - he'd run away and cry to his mummy: it wasn't me, he hit me first!
  8. I'd wondered the very same thing, as I'd have expected any series between two of cricket's premier nations always used to consist of five matches (I think)...Then again, it occurred to me that, even with an odd number of tests, a series can still be drawn...?
  9. I love Cornish pasties: I've put 2 in the oven and 2 in the freezer!
  10. I've never tried St John's Wort - but I do dread the October clock-change...But I did see some strange fungi that might have made Jordan happy?? But, whatever, the clocks' going back in October is a bloody nightmare!
  11. And back to Victor Borge: