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  1. Sissoko gets a three-match ban...Quite right, too: the only way that was 'accidental' was if it was a case of mistaken identity!
  2. Thanks, guys, for your help regarding my connectivity problems (I can't find my original post:oops:) - I think they must have been caused by BT upgrading their OpenReach network...:good:

    1. Dami


      bless them:nonono:

    2. Grimers


      That wouldn't effect your connection, ADSL and VDSL are totally different technologies.

  3. Here be another one: http://natashaskitchen.com/2011/05/09/russian-pelmeni-recipe-new-dough-recipe/
  4. Sissoko should have been sent off!
  5. I think that there's evidence (not sure just how conclusive it is, though) that 'allergies' are far more prevalent in germ-obsessed societies than they are elsewhere(?). Though the overuse of antibiotics might also play a role, I haven't taken any for more than thirty-years, so I cannot be in the best position to say much about them...
  6. Gooners to win 1-0?
  7. And I was pondering BT Sport!
  8. Indeed, they played very well. The Boro were just very unlucky. 3x!
  9. Oh dear, not our best performance?
  10. Then, there's the fact that viruses are spread by several means, other than by direct transfer. What happens when you sneeze? Do your germs sself - destruct the second they leave your nose?
  11. No, I won't be licking any ATMs any time soon...Do you not think that every surface we come in contact with isn't plastered with microbes? Was Lister a nutter?
  12. Deodorants, and the over-use of perfumes gets to me. I grew up playing in mud, so I am allergic to just about nothing. The modern day obsession with sterility gets my goat!
  13. Well, as the North Sea is warmer than usual, things could be interesting. At least for those of us near the East Coast?
  14. A bog-standard 7C please.
  15. autumn

    Yes and no, Ian - it can provide some fantastic thundersnow come November.