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  1. I've just remembered: I actually have the original vinyl of Lindisfarne's Fog on The Tyne. I borrowed it from my Uncle Bob, on Boxing Day 1970. Perhaps y'all could remind me to give it back?
  2. Too late...The fog on The Tyne is all mine, all mine!
  3. Not quite, it's even worse than that, I'm afraid - it's...Tarzan The Fridge! What's your native language BTW?
  4. That guy's expression had me in stitches!
  5. What's white and swings through the jungle?
  6. When I was about 16 I suggested we paint the wall with Durex!
  7. Is 'stoping' the kids strictly legal?
  8. Had eight inches on Good Friday 1975...I take it, the muppets at the Daily Excreta have short memories!
  9. As in: preheat oven to 190C, put in stuffs, baste chicken with butter, and gob on it every twenty-minutes until juices run clear? PS: After a wee shufty in the MAD thread, we're all going to be buried by next Wednesday...Phuket!
  10. You just don't understand the trials and tribulations of living life as a humble potato. But it's nae your fault. How could you ever be expected to know?
  11. Odd innit? I cannae help it if my marbles have gone away? PS: They used to call me 'Tatty' when I was wee...
  12. There's no point trying to avoid the inevitability of potatoes' eventual emancipation: we even have royalty on our side - King Edward has also decided to 'chip' in!
  13. It's because of their skin, isn't it? Admit it, JJ - you're a spuddist!