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  1. It all died out just as it reached Hunstanton, went down to the sea front ready for it and it didn't quite make it.. even worse because it developed again over old hunstanton! Look's promising for the next couple days though.
  2. A few drops of rain for about 2 minutes, that's the first rain this month! Hopefully a good sign of what's to come
  3. A big thunderstorm passing overhead a couple days ago, i think it was Wednesday just before sunset?
  4. Oh wow, it was certainly something, worth getting a pummelling of hail and rain because the cloudscapes and atmosphere was just something else..
  5. The last two weeks have had some amazing weather, had two thunderstorms too! One of which gave us some incredible clouds, much better then any I've ever seen in summer here before, looked like something straight out of America!
  6. Yes.. I've had people tell me i'm wrong and it won't snow this time because it's been too mild! The warmer weather the past few days really will catch alot of people off guard..
  7. Can confirm the first sleet is now falling here in Hunstanton after light rain for half hour or so, feeling bitter out in that wind.. probably wasn't the best timing for a shop run!
  8. Thank-you, how was the snow in Dersingham this week? (If I've remembered correctly that you live in Dersingham, oops!)
  9. I think I'll keep it for a couple weeks, only just fits in the garden anyway!
  10. Definitely a memorable week here in Norfolk, way better then 2013 and definitely a great spell for the local kids first snow! Here's the Hunstanton Lighthouse in snow which I took on Wednesday..
  11. Any reports from the middle of London? According to the radar an almighty nearly blizzardous shower is crossing the capital, can imagine that's going to have a bit of an affect on the roads for the next hour or two there!
  12. The current snow depth, after some considerate sun melt, inbetween 2-4cm depending where you are on the path
  13. Same amount here, disappearing rapidly out of shady areas of the garden though. Let's hope it starts up again soon because the radar is looking very grim for Norfolk now
  14. Just above freezing here, but fantastic blue skies and sun are out now so it's actually feeling pretty mild.. I wouldn't mind if the snow melts now as long as the sun stays!
  15. Activity has all but died out fully here now, can't complain because we have got something but can't help but want more..