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  1. Max of 19.4c yesterday which was a lovely surprise! Felt alot like a mid summers day, the air felt lovely and warm. Today it is currently 15.5c but much more cloudy with a slight breeze giving it more of an edge. Hoping for some nice weather on Monday as I'm off out for the day!
  2. cooler then of recent, 11.1c and a bit breezy expecting rain in the next few hours
  3. Surprisingly pleasant day today, cloud broke for a period this afternoon allowing temp to rise to 15.6c with the breeze making it feel a bit chilly only in more exposed places. The sun was nice and warm though and was nice to see appear for a bit once again. Cloudy again now with 15.2c
  4. Windspeed of 21mph, max gust of 33mph, mostly cloudy with occasional small breaks in the cloud temp of 13c
  5. can anybody name any cold spells in early spring of 2013? The last time i remember proper snow here was then and it gave us a couple cm in a few minutes in a short blizzard kinda snow flurry that had visibility down to a few metres infront of the car!
  6. Mild and cloudy start to the day at 12.5c, probably a max temp of 14-15c today but not expecting any sun to breakthrough
  7. the whole region is enjoying lovely spring weather for a change! I've been enjoying it by popping to the beach and my neighbours even have a BBQ planned for this evening!
  8. When i said yesterday it might hit 16c i thought it'd hit that then drop again but its at a very respectable 16.6c and holding steady! Hottest day of the year so far, just wish it was set to continue
  9. Stayed cloudy all day, starting to break away now temp a lovely 15.8c but starting to drop slightly. Forecast for similar temps tomorrow but clear skies so could reach the lovely height of 16c for the first time this year after several days above 15c the past few weeks
  10. Currently 8c, forecast for a max up 15c later on but looks to stay mostly cloudy unfortunately. Tomorrow is forecasted to be sunnier though so I'm looking forward to some more spring sunshine
  11. was lovely here today, max temp of 15c again and was warm in the sun which lasted until about 2pm before it became mostly cloudy. Hoping for a repeat tomorrow, lovely conditions for the start of spring hopefully a sign of the upcoming summer
  12. Yesterday was lovely, but seems like we're back to the slightly chillier cloudy weather again here. A few warm days to come again next week would be lovely
  13. 13.5c here with perfect blue skies, feels lovely in the sun! Hopefully we keep warmer spring like conditions and don't switch back to cloudy cool weather as it attempts and fails more winter weather.
  14. We had a gust of 73mph before it calmed slightly, gusting up to 55mph still though