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  1. exactly what i was going to say i think i've caught the least snow showers out of anywhere else in norfolk today but i still got two dustings with another one possibly in the next half hour, we may be unlucky when it comes to frontal snow here but we definitely aren't unlucky when it comes to shower activity!
  2. wow, didn't think it was possible but it's currently snowing, albeit a bit sleety, with a dew point above freezing! surely my dew point reading of 1c must be wrong?
  3. Wow, shower incoming here right now probably sleet as dew point is slightly too high but it's gotten extremely dark as it approaches! Like the sun just set and it's dusk in about 2 minutes
  4. Love how quiet it's gotten since the snowfall last night, shows how many must be out making the most of it right now Our slushy covering from the last shower has all melted and the sun is out again. looks lovely out there although i know it's very cold and extremely bitter in the wind from a quick walk earlier. I can't help but think going back to the regular 8-11c maximum days are going to feel almost tropical now though, as this cold spell has been longer and more potent then i expected..
  5. finally caught our first all snow shower after on and off sleety messy showers since last night, bit wet so unfortunately not settling well but lovely to watch come down! huge flakes mixed in, hopefully keeps going.. give it ten more minutes of snow and i'd say we may get a full covering but it seems like it won't last that long as it has gotten slower
  6. that definitely is a problem too when watching for showers much like now, can never see where they're developing or if they're dying out or not til they're practically on your doorstep if you find another radar with better coverage let me know!
  7. wow, what a figure.. such beautiful ligh-- nevermind you mean't the snow
  8. Short 30 second burst of snow on the back end of a sleet shower, instant dusting on all surfaces oddly enough including the roads too. won't last long with temps still above freezing but hopefully that means any showers we catch for the rest of the evening will be snow only..
  9. i can't disagree more, i think it's great seeing what it's like over such a wide area and it definitely means that us further north have more company then would as a thread for just us lot in say norfolk and suffolk. would very surely get very empty and lonely without the business of all the towns and cities further south sometimes can be frustrating in events like this if others see more snow or completely different weather to you completely but 95% of the time (coming from a normally lurker), i think it's great to have it all together
  10. i don't think i've ever seen the radar do as poor as it has the last two days! precip where it's apparently not doing anything, and then no precip where there's big falls of snow any ideas as to why? very confusing
  11. just sleet here, if it was only one or two degrees colder we'd have been under a heavy snow shower right now damnit
  12. 5-10 minutes til i see if i get rain/sleet or snow from that blob shower moving into my area.. nerve-wracking stuff right now
  13. just seen someone complain on facebook of the lack of the 15+ cm they were apparently promised because it never happened and all the shops ordered in hundreds of sledges that they can't sell anymore
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