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  1. very muggy and feeling stormy in Wellingborough, shame i’m going up to Norfolk today, guaranteed storms like last week when i wasn’t here !
  2. I'm out of the area for the day tomorrow so you can guarantee some big storms for the county before I get back at 6pm!
  3. Still managed to avoid storms or anything interesting, passed through peterborough yesterday for a couple hours and they were still pumping out water from the friday flooding next to the bus station and a car park opposite the train station was still waterlogged
  4. Spent the weekend in Kings Lynn where we had a good chance on Saturday and still managed to miss everything but a few light showers on sunday... I think the storms avoid me!
  5. I’m heading up to Kings Lynn area for the weekend in the morning so here’s hoping I finally get to see my first lightning of the year..
  6. 66mm here today, an inch of which fell in just an hour this afternoon during a long torrential spell probably reach the 70mm mark today, the wettest summer days i can remember, although i’m normally not in this region so who knows when it was last like this locally
  7. crazy rain in Wellingborough the past half hour, absolutely drenched in seconds, roads have looked like rivers for a couple hours now so i won’t be surprised to here some flooding reports shortly. watching radar it seemed to pulse and really go for it at the exact time i was outside
  8. I know people are justifying the warning because of the high rain totals being more widespread and less likely confined to more southeastern areas but surely they could’ve issued a regular rain warning..
  9. The nw hourly forecast is showing about 45mm of rain here tomorrow, almost 20mm in 2 hours, but not much chance of thunder apparently.. hopefully it’s not just a torrential mess and we do get a nice display
  10. i can't see anything coming this far north-west tonight, so off to bed i go.. with the windows wide open just in case so i don't miss anything! good luck to those staying up or out chasing, will look forward to seeing peoples pics and vids in the morning
  11. Imagine what the view would be like from inside that little circular clearing in the channel behind that big cell..
  12. sun has gone in here, no idea what any of the clouds are but here’s some photos. first about half hour ago, second just now
  13. yep, first day i’ve seen any this year and they’re out in full force
  14. lots of thunder flies out today in the garden, taking that as a good luck for tonight
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