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  1. sky is just unreal underneath it! wish i had a camera that would do it justice
  2. might clip here and give me a bit of a storm if i’m lucky, making it two storms in a day guess i’ll find out shortly..
  3. Incredible storm in Kings Lynn right now, not much in the way of visible lightning but the amount of rain that’s come down and the near constant thunder for the past twenty minutes is astonishing! best storm in a couple years for me, not that it takes much to take that title but definitely a nice little unexpected surprise when i didn’t think anything was forecast today two storms in one week, lucky me..
  4. the storms have arrived in Kings Lynn now, gone very dark, almost torrential rain and a few flashes and rumbles so far nothing too extreme but happy with it nonetheless!
  5. what’s the chances of these storms reaching Kings Lynn? looks like this could be my best shot for awhile so i’m hoping they keep powering my way!
  6. sat in our east facing garden watching the darkness over that way hoping to spot something but sadl just the odd distant rumble. 3 miles south of spalding centre here and a little shower passed overhead and seems to have electrified just several miles north! just my luck really
  7. according to radar and lightning maps something might have just popped south of Nottingham, finally kicking off? rather rapidly too!
  8. nothing much but blue skies and 28c here but i’m taking that as a positive boost for anything that might be coming my way
  9. what time are we expecting the first developments to possibly appear on radar?
  10. that Leicester cell is becoming a right beast! hopefully someone is under that, i know id love to experience that right now
  11. 4pm looks promising for my location but i won’t hold my breath.. cant complain too much, moved here in November and i’ve already experienced a storm in April so it’s nice to see some areas get a sharing that normally find it harder to get activity
  12. hoping for today and Thursday here in Spalding, but i’m in Lynn tomorrow so i think being further east probably prohibits my chances even more
  13. big differences here in the last hour, let’s hope it does something for us lot this way i could be wrong but i think this might be our best chance this week?
  14. same cell that arrived here just south of Spalding, my windows face out your way and it definitely put on a great show on its way this direction!
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