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  1. For those storm starved, should kick off any minute on here..
  2. almost sounds like a special effect overlayed onto the video!
  3. if these do turn into anything it looks like Lincolnshire could be a good place.. or is that just me hoping it makes it there so theres a small chance they made it across the wash to me
  4. beast of a storm over Germany over 300 strikes a minute.
  5. there was a great flash and rumble a few minutes ago, but currently.. giant spider attack!
  6. far out and will probably downgrade to nothing but storm chances next week from Monday onwards look promising..
  7. No storm even though i had a high chance for two days according to forecasts just a bit of drizzle from clipping edges of showers and a very distant rumble
  8. After having 50% storm chance yesterday and waking up to 80% storm chance for what just went through i managed a bit of light drizzle clipping the edge of a few showers and a rumble from about 9 miles south
  9. Nobody going to talk about the rain that just took over scotland the past couple hours?
  10. i'd be majorly disappointed seeing i've had a good chance nearly every day this week and only got a torrential downpour and a few distant rumbles
  11. that shower was more impressive on the radar, it actually passed overhead with only a few huge drops of warm rain, funny part is didn't have any rain clouds above
  12. Anybody know why this heatwave never really made the news? 5 days of 30c weather in June and nobody really cares but as soon as its summer holidays and we get 1-2 days of 30c its the main headline for a week ?
  13. anything showing for North Norfolk coast? Distant rumbles?