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  1. Agreed, not quite red worthy but i've also heard about how most of the councils weren't prepared and didn't have enough warning and preparation for such an event. Norfolk is having problems and we had a dusting and some slush, i can't imagine how others are still managing! A friend near Milton Keynes said a main road near their house is currently completely snowed in under 6-8cm of snow with vehicles stuck up and down
  2. Hunstanton had a brief period of graupel/almost snow earlier that left a dusting before it stopped completely for half hour, it's just straightup raining now though and it's all completely melted.
  3. Wow! I knew some were getting lucky but that really is a very good dumping for the south-east!
  4. Back from the walk. Precip stopped ten minutes ago after a mix of small flakes, sleet and a tiny bit of rain at the end. A dusting on roofs and some other surfaces but nothing to call home about at all, kind of saddening because this'll be such a memoral event for so many in this thread and Norfolk is just here with near nothing like always At least you're all getting snow, enjoy it while it lasts!
  5. Proper flakes now starting to fall and even off the dusting so it's not as patchy.. may go for a walk whilst it's snowing and make the most of the snow because it'll be years before the next opportunity in Hunstanton!
  6. Hopefully it turns at some point for you, Norfolk deserves a good snowfall! I'm not expecting the dusting to last more then half hour, the snow should turn to rain here soon too so you're not missing out on much
  7. Can someone under the green patch for sleet over East Anglia on the radar confirm if it's sleet or snow please?
  8. I've never seen some fine little small flakes of snow before, they're barely visible to the eye yet the ground is white with them..
  9. This is exciting, an instant dusting of whatever is falling on some surfaces outside. Still struggling to make out what the hell it is though.. Hopefully when the slightly heavier stuff comes in it'll 100% be snow instead of "wintry stuff"
  10. extremely light snow or sleet to the point where you can barely see it for only about 2 minutes yet settling on rooftops, now i'm very confused because i thought it was rain until i saw it on the neighbours roof!
  11. a single flake of snow, but it could have been rain. really hope it was snow
  12. Can't express how nerve-wracking it is waiting to see if it's going to rain or snow It should be here any minute now...
  13. Still dry here so if it does arrive as snow i think we have a good shot at a cm or two which i'd be very happy with.. please?
  14. Then we'll be very happy for the first time in years if not then..
  15. It's nearly the moment of truth, the precip is nearly here..