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  1. Hurricane Maria

    Just took a step up, those gusts are getting very bad!
  2. Hurricane Maria

    where is the eye currently? when is/was the worst in San Juan
  3. look like it'll be a tad breezy here in the mornin'
  4. summer really hasn't been as bad as some have made it out to be around here.. We had plenty of warm weather in the second half, nothing much rain-wise except short downpours and the occasional several hour drizzle. Nothing too special this summer, but I'm happy with it!
  5. Watching from the beach in Hunstanton just after sunset for about two hours was a lovely surprise, flashes and bolts even a few clear ground strikes at some points every other second for about 10 minutes around 8:30pm
  6. Didn't wake up to the complete washout that was forecast today for here.. Not a drop all morning, and even though it's barely 13c it's not too chilly.
  7. you know it's a good year when you've lost count
  8. at least, it's been a decent year here aswell with at least 10 days where theres been a rumble from within a mile or so. The last one being i think Saturday, went out not knowing storms were forecasted and had ice cream at the beach, all of a sudden a very dark black cloud formed overhead out of nowhere, and then it rumbled and i have to admit i was very surprised, don't ever remember being under a storm as it developed before! The precipitation came out of the blue as well and caught out all the tourists having a good day at the beach and it went on until it died a few miles inland with a total of 6 flashes and 15 rumbles, a decent little surprise if you ask me!
  9. East of Norfolk and that region seems to really be doing well for storms this year, they may not be many big ones to write home about but just the amount of days that its managed to rumble over that way is impressive compared to normal
  10. Seagulls a serious pest?

    Seagulls are becoming dangerous around here and they're very feared, they're often seen eating road kill of other birds and seagulls and a good friend of mine and her daughter saw a group kill and eat a pigeon just two weeks ago, then about a month before that someone got attacked on a local housing street and had chunks of hair and skin off of their scalp, lucky they ducked otherwise it could have been so much worse, thank god it wasn't an elderly or a young person!
  11. anybody know if its possible at all to look back on the radar anywhere from yesterday afternoon? Funnel cloud over sea by Cromer at 5:30pm-ish and it'd be nice to see what it looked like on radar
  12. I went from being in the hotspot of the region yesterday to being in the cold spot today
  13. what about Wymondham in Norfolk, any chance of anything happening over there this evening?
  14. Tomorrow will be going off with a bang into the night if this is anything to go by.. Bring on the downgrade to nothing