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  1. We had about 1cm here in Mid East Herts but a couple of areas nearby done a little better.
  2. So Saffron Walden the northen extent we reckon at this point?
  3. Clearly joking but not surprised it got a reaction. Some in here seem to take everything so so seriously.
  4. Isnt that the point of a discussion forum. Bit boring if we all knew outcome.
  5. For METO to successively reduce northern extent is reactive and understood, but it is the scale of reduction from original warning which confirms they didn't have a great handle on this and reminds us all to predict further than 3 days at most on our small scale is still very difficult Not a dig at METO, I am keen to see what models handle things well. Been impressed with ICON. We shall see what transpires.
  6. Maybe but ICON never had this going as far up to Darlington in the first place even many days ago. We should expect better performance from METO noting investment.
  7. If ICON has nailed this then kudos to it. I can't think METO will be to pleased with the performance of their model it originally had a warning up to Darlington, reduced it back south but only by about 100 miles and now a distinct possibility of no snow further than southern counties below M25, if of course ICON is correct. Interesting viewing later.
  8. I suspect this is from UKMO 00z run as in METO app this is position of front at midnight Friday.
  9. I can't remember exactly what date it was but I remember another snow event a few years back where the northen extent of front coming up from SW was under spotlight, it just made it to me in East Herts. Looks similar, albeit I think values for me tomorrow an inch at best, unless more active and prolonged.
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