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  1. Ireland getting really heavy PPN and looks like some snow right now. I would be interested to see lowest snow value place in UK and Ireland over a 100 year period. I reckon near Cambridge? Outside of South West?
  2. Some of the heaviest snow here in East Hertfordshire of entire spell. Nothing dramatic but we seem in a streamer right now. It will probably drop further South I suspect.
  3. If anyone is looking to confirm the Northern extent of the streamer through last night and this morning. It was about 2-3 miles south of my location. 😀😀
  4. Looks like it started going over Braintree in fairly good shape but lost intensity. I am blaming anyone from Braintree.
  5. It is heading for East Hertfordshire/West Essex first so locations SW of me thereafter.
  6. Looks like should benefit from this in next hour. Suspect a little heavier than earlier.
  7. I want snow not people in a large group playing musical instruments. 😄
  8. I think for me with a little snow on ground and still reporting -2 a bit more will settle nicely but not as well as night time of course.
  9. That streamer Norwich through Cambridge is North of me so wont benefit from that. I often end up in middle of that type of streamer and one off Thames. But still some snow right now so won't complain to much.
  10. Very similar here in East Hertfordshire. I am guess possibility of another cm or so if this light snow continues with temperatures below freezing.
  11. Looks like I benefited from snow showers through night and definitely around 4am. Probably just a smidge under 2cm.
  12. Heaviest snow of the day here past 30 minutes and already a light covering. Shame it won't last for hours and hours as now dark and temperature dropping.
  13. Sure I do that. Reality is heavier PPN is still a few miles east of me.
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