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  1. broke my own personal cold temp record last night as it got down to -44c beating the -42c recorded in 2011

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    2. lassie23


      i had a bbq yesterday😋

    3. Coopsy


      yeah mine is -42oC ....that's impressive cold! You must be miserable - bet you cant wait to come back to the UK for a holiday to warm up

    4. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      I would not mind a return to seasonable weather for the UK.

  2. Looks like it will be nice and dry for my 10 day return to the UK
  3. Always a little bit fascinated by Exeter Chiefs rise to prominence in the English game..having won out in the battle to become to top club between Plymouth and the Cornish pirates in the south west.. to then go on to become one of the dominate clubs in England..wonder if the bubble will burst at some point..or have they done enough to cement their place at the top table?
  4. If we are talking cold and snow in the UK..Top 3 as follows: 1. 1978-79 lots of cold spells and snow throughout the winter and onto into spring 2. 1977-78 purely for the mammoth SW blizzard of 1978 3. 1985-86 sheer length of the cold in Feb 1986
  5. have to go out and shovel my drive windchill its -45c this isn’t  going to be fun :snowman-emoji:

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    2. lassie23


      having a heatwave pack your flip floppers

    3. cheeky_monkey


      might have to buy some...remember it doesnt get above freezing here until the August bank holiday weekend

    4. lassie23


      and then the temps plummet on september the 1st. Make the most of those 3 days of summer.

  6. My car doesn't like Celsius ..no matter how many times i set the reading to Celsius it always reverts back to Fahrenheit next time i start it.
  7. in my experience here..is that car thermometers always read approx 2c higher than the actual recorded temp both in winter and summer
  8. funny thing is i dont own any thermals..outside of gloves and a hat
  9. nothing here ..just had another 20cm of snow as the temps fall away to a chilly -36c over the weekend into next week
  10. difference to last year is there is more ice in the bering sea this year..and the southerlies forecast in about a weeks time do not seem to last too long...February 2019 had constant ridging in that area with long term southerlies..which seem to persist for much of the spring and summer
  11. where there any subtle changes in 1987? apart from the big storm of October it wasn't really much different to the proceeding years of the mid 1980s..coldish winter followed by a coolish wet summer..nothing from my memory stands out as being odd for the time?..the winter of 87/88 did seem to mark the end of colder winters that started in the late 1930s.
  12. when was the last truly cold February in the UK? 1991?
  13. Last 2 weeks of November is usually when the cold and winter truly set it..mostly sub zero day and night often quite snowy..probably one of the snowiest times of the year.
  14. First real cold outbreak of the season coming up here from today onward...looks like hanging around for the pretty much the rest of January.
  15. luckily looks like i will be coming home for the last 2 weeks of January so might just dodge a bullet or bring the cold back with me?
  16. looks like some brutal cold heading this way in the next 2 weeks..forecast is for temps to be 20c below normal..which would give day time highs close to -30c and night time lows at -40c
  17. this is why i like being a West Ham fan..not only are they my local club..but you can guarantee that we are consistently inconsistent and under-perform at every opportunity
  18. here it was the coldest year since 1996 which was one of the coldest years of the 20th C apart from January every month came in below average. February was the coldest since 1939 and the third coldest on record Spring was cool with one hot spell in the last week of May where we hit 30c for the only time this year. Summer was cool, cloudy and wet highest temp was 29c in August..rarely did it get above 25c Autumn followed on in the same pattern of cool and cloudy..and got down to below -30c on my birthday (Nov 12) For one of the sunniest cities in Canada its been a remarkably dull year
  19. i didnt say the USA wasn't warming i said the climate has become more benign with less cold in the winter and less heat in the summer
  20. interestingly the USA has the largest, longest and most widespread data set of anywhere on the planet stretching back into the 19th Century..just looking at those records there were a lot of heatwaves prior to the 1960s that occurred on regular basis, widely and with the intensity that are not seen as often today..if anything the weather in the US has become more benign over the last 50 years...less tornadoes..less heatwaves..less severe cold..less droughts..hurricanes have not increased either..even the burn acreage has decreased...why would this be the case in a warming world??
  21. Yellowknife in the Yukon has had a cold December thus far some -5c below normal..and got down to -45c yesterday..looks like staying cold right into the new year..on a whole the Yukon has had a cold year all round only March was above the norm by any real margin..its strange that no one mentions that the majority of the continent of NA has a cold year this year..yet because Alaska has had an anonymously warm year that is in the media a lot.
  22. what about all the record cold and snow across N America?
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