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  1. i had 3 inchs of snow on Sept 11 that stuck around for weeks ..even though it had been in the mid 20s a few days before and came of a warm summer..with temps hitting 40c just 4 weeks previous to that
  2. cheeky_monkey

    If you lived abroad what would you miss?

    would you miss the food for instance : Where to buy British Food Craving the taste of home? Let us introduce British Corner Shop. A little about us: We make it possible for anyone, anywhere with a taste for the Best of British groceries to satisfy their appetite. Our customers enjoy the highest standard of products and customer service, qualities that us Brits pride ourselves on. We don’t just lead the way on quality, we are also No.1 for trust and innovation. We deliver on integrity, expertise and ambition, quintessentially British values that resonate worldwide. Our customers come to us for home comforts and everything we do, from tweeting to troubleshooting, is reassuringly warm. Whether you miss tea and biscuits, or pies and pork scratchings, we aim to deliver British happiness to your door. Delivers worldwide Impeccable packaging Heinz Baked Beans Crumpets... Cadburys Chocolate... crème eggs... retro British Sweets... (getting carried away here I get sent flyers like this all the time..what they dont understand is i can buy regular British food now in most Canadian supermarkets (in their UK section)... i do miss British TV and good old takeaways esp Chinese and Indians..i miss manual cars..hate automatics..even miss those snowless winters
  3. cheeky_monkey

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    im sure there was a thread for this but couldn't find it?..anyway last book 'The forgotten soldier.'...last film Skyfall
  4. suit /trainers combo today🤡

    1. Dorsetbred


      Hoping nobody looks at your feet. I turned up to a job interview once like that, as I forgot to take my shoes in the car. Damn, I got the job and turned it down.

  5. cheeky_monkey

    Autumn 2018

    Have gone from abnormally cold in September and early October to now being abnormally warm and sunny
  6. cheeky_monkey

    M6 Toll motorway

    What is crackers is having to pay to get into Wales on the Severn Bridge..Probably the last place i would want to go let alone having to pay for the privilege
  7. cheeky_monkey

    Autumn 2018

    2014 it reached 24c on 31st October
  8. 25c today..who would have thunk it? 😎

    1. lassie23


      is there a blizzard forecast for tomorrow

    2. cheeky_monkey


      only at Dairy Queen

  9. cheeky_monkey

    Should I buy a classic car?

    if i had the cash i would buy a Mark 1 Golf GTI.
  10. cheeky_monkey

    Things that tick you off?

    I am having one of those mornings its only 6.45am here been at work for an hour and numerous things have ticked me off already today, so much so that im probably going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. so what things tick you off in general??
  11. cheeky_monkey

    Who do your parents look like?

    Friday lunch boredom...anyways Geoff Hurst and Felicity Kendal
  12. cheeky_monkey

    England Football Team

    i doubt it..good front three however no creativity what so ever in the midfield
  13. cheeky_monkey

    England Football Team

    i wonder where that team would finish in the prem..bottom half?
  14. cheeky_monkey

    Report Climate change ipcc

    i love these theories in fact if a few drinks with the lads were running the country or sat in the white house it would be a beautiful thing
  15. cheeky_monkey

    Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

    i got banned from my own 6th Birthday party by my mum
  16. cheeky_monkey

    Report Climate change ipcc

    Now i don't disagree that the earth is warming and at an accelerating rate..but there is evidence that the globe has rapidly warmed in little as 10 years in the past and vice versa..so the earth doesn't always warm and cool over millennia it can warm and cool drastically and suddenly and the climate can swing widely..there are probably lots of natural reason why this happens..however is man made warming a thing?..evidence says yes and this to me is irrefutable..to what extent is not 100% clear because we can only take an educated guess as to what happened in the past based on what we know...which like everything else is forever changing.
  17. cheeky_monkey

    Winter 2018/19

    For my locations its pretty simple..it will be sub zero for much of the time..it will snow on and off for the next 6 months and it wont get light until after 9am..come back in May and see if i was right?
  18. cheeky_monkey

    Winter 2018/19

    winter started here first week in September..was looking for the Spring 2019 thread..but hey ho
  19. cheeky_monkey

    Best and worst winters

    i lived in Exeter in 1978-79 i think i was still there in 1987..i moved backed to Essex in either 1986 or 1987...from SW point in terms of volumes of Snow nothing comes close to Feb 1978..we had a lot of snow just before Xmas 1978 and around new year..then it was kind of hit and miss the rest of that winter..don't remember any snow in Dec 1984 in fact it was particularly Mild with one of the mildest Xmas day on record..was very cold off and on in January and February 1985 with snow..Jan 1987 had a very cold middle two weeks with some snow and that was it for the winter of 86-87
  20. cheeky_monkey

    Report Climate change ipcc

    There are plenty of news articles from sources such as the Guardian, New York Times etc even the UN stating exactly that stretching back to 1988..that we have 10 years to save the planet..and the same impending doom scenarios pop up again and again at regular intervals over the last 30 years
  21. cheeky_monkey

    Report Climate change ipcc

    Call me a cynic..but they have been saying this for over 30 years..we have 10 years or 15 years to save the planet..according to predictions by the UN thirty years ago.. the arctic sea ice would be gone half of new york and London would be underwater by now..the Maldives for example should have been lost for ever 15 years ago..and so far its always 10 years to save the planet..no doubt the planet is warmer..but all the prophecies of disaster that keep getting rolled out never happen..we still have summer Arctic sea ice...Half of London and New York are not underwater and the Maldives are investing billions in growing tourism
  22. cheeky_monkey

    Autumn 2018

    i hope so..been the coldest start to Autumn on record here...mind you seasonal second half would just be more cold and snow summer might make a return in a weeks time though
  23. cheeky_monkey

    Best and worst winters

    lets be honest they are all pretty drab
  24. cheeky_monkey

    Ghostly Happenings.

    only once when i was about 9 or 10..my mum did it as a joke kinda..anyway it predicted my exact number of qualifications i would leave school with..no winning lottery ticket numbers tho