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  1. cheeky_monkey

    Things that tick you off?

    I am having one of those mornings its only 6.45am here been at work for an hour and numerous things have ticked me off already today, so much so that im probably going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. so what things tick you off in general??
  2. cheeky_monkey

    The cashless society

    i have wads of cash under my mattress just waiting for my house to burn down
  3. There is so much smoke in the city its still dark at 7.30am..sun rise is 6am

  4. Any month that wasnt cold and snowy
  5. cheeky_monkey

    Autumn 2018

    chart with a -AO and pressure high over the arctic is a recipe for numerous arctic outbreaks across the prairies which gives the lowest temperatures in winter
  6. cheeky_monkey

    Autumn 2018

    That chart would be brutally cold for my location
  7. cheeky_monkey

    Worst summer of the 1980s?

    yep was cool and dull but pretty dry..definitely the coldest summer i can ever remember
  8. cheeky_monkey

    Worst summer of the 1980s?

    25c in London for Live aid..warm but not hot.
  9. cheeky_monkey

    Worst summer of the 1980s?

    For me 1986 ..just edges it from 1988..then its 1985...1986 was cool and wet..if i remember even the spring was crap April being particularity cold and wet...1988 started not to bad but July was a stinker cool and very wet..1985 was not much to right home about apart from the first week in July which was hot...oddly i remember 1987 as being not bad in my location..neither cool or wet??
  10. Today after a hot week looks like this: 37 10 3
  11. As it says so far how often this season have these values been exceeded thus far in your area? For me its as follows: 27c = 30 30c = 8 32c = 2
  12. cloudy Edmonton is at 20.6c to the 10th which is 3.5c above normal
  13. Hottest day on record across some parts of Alberta yesterday reaching 41c..Calgary broke its record..not so Edmonton hottest August day.

    1. lassie23


      when does the snow start👻

    2. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Yeah incredible weather in Alberta & Saskatchewan the past couple of days.

  14. cheeky_monkey

    Premier League Discussion

    As the PL starts Saturday here is my prediction for the final table: 1. Man C 2. Liverpool 3. Chelsea 4. Man U 5. Arsenal 6. Spurs 7. West Ham 8. Everton 9. Wolves 10. Leicester 11. Crystal P 12. Bournemouth 13. Burnley 14. Newcastle 15. Fulham 16. Southampton 17. Watford 18. Brighton 19. Huddersfield 20. Cardiff You heard it hear first.....
  15. BBC weather is forecasting 38c 🤔here on Friday which would be a record

    1. karyo


      Sounds horrid! Do you have any forest fires near you?

    2. cheeky_monkey


      yep loads...city is filled with smoke from the fires in BC

  16. cheeky_monkey

    Think you’ve seen hail?

    Looks like a regular winters day in Alberta
  17. as it cools down in the UK..it really heats up here...we could top 35c on Thurs/Friday...some parts of southern Alberta could hit 42c on Friday
  18. i think 1994 is tied with 1997 as the 2nd best summer after 1995..and then 1990...i believe 1994 and 1997 were opposite...94 started hot and July was one of the hottest on record at that time but tailed off through Aug ..whereas 1997 started wet and cool but finished with the 2nd hottest August on record.
  19. Edmonton has finished on 18.7c ..ave high 24.8c ave low 12.6c...highest max 32.3c lowest min 8.2c ..rainfall 67.8mm
  20. i think it because of the location and mixing of airmasses..usually when the temp gets above 25-27c then uplift and upper airmasses often being of artic origins then things go bang...so often thunderstorms spark off when lower level temp gets close to 27c..which means storms then temper the max temperatures attained..or something like that
  21. That's why i put season rather than summer..its really a period that 27c and above can be recorded...so mine includes April and May
  22. Edmonton is at 18.6c to the 30th...looks like will be beaten by the UK..just in front on the summer average though as June finished 17.1c here.
  23. 2017 looked like this for the entire season 29 8 1
  24. Revising my down..yesterday was suppose to hit 33c..but it only managed 28c. Now 30 7 1