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  1. wet Edmonton is at 14.8c to the 18th which is -2.1c below normal... the trend for below average months continue...August will finish below now which will make 7 months in a row below or well below normal here.
  2. ill go with these readings..simply because they reflect what i have recorded in my location...July was -2.5c below normal was very wet and dull..the NOAA one says it was average which it was not...weather bell says it was 2c below normal which is correct.
  3. is there a difference between your first love and your true love? i spent nearly 4 years with my first love..we lived together etc and talked about getting engaged..i was 20 and she was 18 when we met..she was from Liverpool me from Essex..where is she now ? i have no idea..last saw her was in February 1993..by which time i had met and was going out with my true love who i went on to marry and have 3 wonderful children with.
  4. we had more rain here for the same period and more than 300mm for the summer ..have to check my stats for Jun and Jul but we had something like 120mm rain in Jun and 190mm in July..guess what is raining again today and stays cool and showery rain until next Friday at least..by far the coolest dullest and wettest summer i have ever seen here.
  5. works both ways..everybody is quick to quote this and that and state in their profile all the qualifications they have in science and meteorology which is all great and dandy..but when it comes to construction and engineering for this part of the world and indeed the UK and Europe i wager my knowledge, qualifications and experience is way superior to most on here... so throwing out an article by a biologist on an engineering issue doesn't quite cut the mustard...anyway this section isn't an argument about the engineering challenges that maybe presented by climate change.
  6. don't believe everything you read in the media..the guy is a biologist not a geotechnical engineer
  7. oh it is though..my company does work right up to the arctic circle and beyond..we have a special division dedicated to "northern work"..simply because how you build there is different to further south..and the fact is permafrost will not just melt overnight either.
  8. construction is my specialist field and its my Job..Canadian construction practices already allow for major freeze thaw cycles and the associated ground heave that comes with it..so towns located in areas of permafrost now ..would be in future subject to the same forces already in existence in the rest of the country..so collapsing towns will not happen
  9. that's the legend Bobby Moore not i...the places i note are places i have lived in over the course of my life pretty much..i wasn't talking about individuals more as a generalization on living abroad.. its hugely difficult to move in the UK if you are old or have a medical condition let alone abroad...but why anyone would move just because of the weather is beyond me?
  10. https://apple.news/AmHj9twVzR0a4YR8prLS3cg i leave this here this is not my opinion just something i saw
  11. its fairly easy to move anywhere in the world regardless if its the EU or not..i moved to Canada as have lots of people i work with who are also from the UK and Ireland..maybe its easier also if its an English speaking country...actually living abroad make you appreciate the weather in the UK ..You often see me moaning just as much about the weather here as you lot do about weather in the UK
  12. Coming back to the UK for 2 weeks on Aug 20th..what have i missed since i've been away?

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      bogman's piles are flaring up again

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      Make sure you catch up on all the Brexit news! You will hear nothing else in the news.

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      ill be catching up on the takeway news mainly🍜

  13. im talking about here in Edmonton in Canada ..how the seasons change here is totally different to the UK..leaves start to change in my experience around 20-24 August maybe that's because usually summers are very sunny this one has been unusually dull and wet..i couldn't find any sunshine totals for the summer thus far for Edmonton anywhere..
  14. Trees starting to turn already here which is about 10 days early..not sure if that due to the lack of sun this summer? had lots of dull days esp in the last few weeks.
  15. this what i found for June 2005.... Notably CHILLY nights during the first 10 days of the month, with some stations breaking records during the period for low NIGHT MINIMA. Overall though, it was a WARM month, at least for England & Wales - for some the second warmest June since 1976. Across some parts of the lower Thames Valley (including London), the TEMPERATURE anomaly was around +2degC on the 1971-2000 LTA.
  16. for newly promoted teams you need to get points on the board early to build confidence..lets see where Norwich are after 6 or 7 games then will give you a good idea
  17. Is it? i checked out the stats for my home town of Chelmsford..August is on average 2.3c wamer than June and on average sunnier just..and the same regarding rainfall
  18. June 2005 was one of the best June's i can remember certainly the best since possibly 1989 IMO
  19. not a bad day here today...but goes down hill again tomorrow with the next week showing mid teen temps and on and off rain...again
  20. are they Portuguese by any chance?
  21. don't you find it gets tiresome driving to work in the dark and driving home in the dark also for a long period of the year?
  22. lol im in Edmonton Canada..my post are mainly related to my location and not the UK
  23. poor summer continues here...another deluge late yesterday and overnight..don't think we have had more than a 2 day run of dry weather since the end of May...looks like the prospect of not reaching 30c during the summer months is a real possibility now also.
  24. July ended up here at 15.2c which is 2.5c below normal..was very wet with 180mm of rain which is twice the average for July This makes the 6th month in a row to be below normal Feb 14.9c below Mar 4.1c below Apr 2.0c below May 2.1c below Jun 2.0c below Jul 2.5c below
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