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  1. looks like the weather is going to be lovely for my visit back home..arrive tomorrow... 20-22c on the cards for most of my stay and dry also
  2. snow arrived in force in the Canadian rockies mid last week...i drive up to Prince George on Monday with little snow on the mountains when i came back Thursday a lot of snow had fallen to quite low levels.
  3. i will be long gone by 2095,,my youngest son might ..he would be 91 1995 is by far in a way the best year for weather i experienced in the UK..it had pretty much everything for the weather enthusiast
  4. im coming home for 10 days on monday ...was hoping a little bit of summer could hang on as Autumn started here a month ago...and winter is only a month away
  5. not really i think if you have children you stay in touch with current music, i was listening to Radio 1 into my forties..now my kids are just all over 18 my interest in modern music began to wane when they became teenagers and started to listen to there own stuff which was about 2013-14 i do listen to Kiss FM in Edmonton on my way to work that is similar to Radio 1 ..most of the music is pretty generic trash tbh
  6. i have spent a lot of time travelling back and forth between Alberta and British Columbia either flying or driving in the last 18 months..for example i drove from Edmonton to Prince George and back this week which is an 8 hour drive each way..so have taken the opportunity to listen to old top 40 from years gone by..this week whilst driving i listened to the top 40 UK selling singles of 1985, 1995 &1996..there were quite a few songs i had either forgotten or did not realise they were from those years or were such high selling songs..anyway there quite a few bangers in there also and a large variety of genres which is something you don't see today..there were lots of bands and only in the 1990s there is the emergence of boy and girls bands with take that, westlife and the spice girls...i really enjoyed lisetning to those years and did not manage to guess the highest selling single of each year (85- Jennifer Rush, 95 -Robson & Jerome, 96 - Fugees)
  7. not sure what the point is? there is no explanation of how ranks are attained and what the criteria is to go from one rank to the next
  8. i liked Abba when i was a kid..i still like Abba now..have all their songs on my iphone/ipod..agree nothing even comes close today
  9. Perfect autumn day here today..was 0c first thing this morning ..now its 22c clear blue sunny skies ..not a breath of wind
  10. because i earn a sheet ton of money..i didnt move here for the weather..also i guarantee after a couple of winters you wouldn't love it at all..i used to enjoy cold and snow when i lived in the UK... but once it becomes the norm..its like just endless rain days in the UK ..just a nuisance and no longer of any interest.
  11. mine would be the opposite for here..least fav when snow is falling ....fav when snow is thawing
  12. least favourite is easy ...Mid November to Mid Janaury..its the darkest part of the year and cold with no prospect of any warmth or light Favourite is Mid May - Mid July for the opposite reason is the lightest part of year and warm..winter is still aways away. September is close 2nd fav often warm and sunny lovely colours however the long winter darkness and cold is looming large
  13. if i had the money i would split my time between where i am now and the UK..I would live here Mid April - Mid October and Mid October - Mid April in the UK
  14. if they are better than the first team why would they be on the bench?
  15. interesting that 1996 is so high up on the list..i would have put 94, 97, 90 & 99 above it..and that's just the 1990s
  16. because winters are very cold and long here..autumn is very short..warm days rapidly decline through September and the first snows usually arrive around mid October..therefore seasons change rapidly ..not like the slow transition back home
  17. have a feeling it could be a short autumn here nature wise..trees are already flush with yellows and oranges and its not September until tomorrow..grass has stop growing already..everything is dying back rapdily...dawn morning chorus disappeared over a month ago now....geese are already back which is very early normally don't see them for another 3 weeks..feels like we are already 2-3 weeks into Autumn already here
  18. one upside of signing Ronaldo is the commercial aspects no doubt merchandising will go through the roof..that alone may pay his wages and some..look at Messi and PSG they sold an added $150million of shirts in the first week of him signing
  19. had our first ground frost here over a week ago now..had 2 or 3 already
  20. i can remember a season when i was a kid when West Ham were top at Christmas only to finish 5th bottom..being top after 2 games is totally meaningless..im still predicting we will finish 10th
  21. honest question ..how come every extreme weather event is more likely due to climate change? surely through balance some events will become more likely and other less likely..is like the recent 'everywhere is warming 2x times faster than everywhere else' scenario
  22. looking at that ...the run down i listen to was obviously the week before looking at the charts...however on the title it clearly states 23rd September 1979..must have been a mix up which is understandable logging chart run downs from decades ago
  23. Sept 2000 was a shocker ..wettest since 1976 leading the charge into the wettest Autumn on record
  24. i was at Junior school in 1979 ..still a good few years away from losing my virginity
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