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    Back in Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)
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    football (west ham utd)..and im a qualified FA and UEFA coach..and yes i was a good player in my pirme
    .... oh yeah and sleeping when its dark

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  1. cheeky_monkey

    What ever happened to ?

    i wonder if you ignored everyone on netweather you would have the forum to yourself? ..imagine the sheet you could do🧐
  2. cheeky_monkey

    EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    is he though?...millions in the bank nice house and plenty of top notch cars..mind you he did sleep his way to the top 🤔
  3. sunny Edmonton is still massively below normal at -25.8c to the 18th February..might reach a tropical -5c today.
  4. i see Mr.P has far less likes and very few followers compared to the buffoons who sit on their throne ..courting the masses in the hunt for cold thread..where people wait with bated breath on their every post..telling them to ignore the models as cold is just around the corner and watch the models backtrack..because the NH set up is different this year..but the models are proved right 90% of the time..whilst they spout the same old BS day after day..then disappear when spring arrives only to return in October to start the same circus all over again.
  5. sunny Edmonton is now at -27.0c to the 14th..average night time lows are at -32.6c ..could end up being one of the coldest February's on record
  6. cheeky_monkey

    Eurovision Song Contest

    The whole contest is inane drivel and deserves a kick up the backside
  7. cheeky_monkey

    Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    who is actually demonstrating the kids or the teachers?
  8. when it gets below -30c like it is here right now then its absolutely frigid
  9. has winter started yet then?
  10. i think 1990 had warm late winter early spring followed by good summer..1989 was similar also
  11. cheeky_monkey

    In Memoriam

    Totally missed this one..another leg-end gone Great commentary from another leg-end David Coleman
  12. Background signals were not good for severe cold across N. America this winter..i think the SSW and the failed El Nino certainly played a role in the flip over here.
  13. the whole of Alberta is ..here in Edmonton we broke the same record yesterday.
  14. cheeky_monkey

    What ever happened to ?

    Basildon? god knows what happened to Billericay?
  15. just one cold week in winter is still pretty pants for the UK though...i would expect one cold week per month in an average British winter