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  1. Being in the school football team getting to skip English literature if we were playing away.
  2. i thought there was a theory somewhere that there were indeed wet and dry cycles off weather across NW Europe spanning decades or even centuries?? The theory goes something like 6/7 years of wetter weather will prevail followed by a drier period of the same kind of duration etc or something like that
  3. they are the result of a one night stand between terry,s dark chocolate orange and a Victoria sponge.
  4. They should be hanging their heads in shame if this is true and taking a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.
  5. more like 100 years war
  6. i remember hosting my youngest sons 6th Birthday at the local leisure centre..and one of the boys asking me.."what was like in the old days when you were a boy?"
  7. Lovely Day by Bill Withers is one of my favs
  8. The only reason i know is because as part of a sports science study back in the early 1990's our football team was monitored for fitness and injuries etc for the entire season..i had the lowest heart rate of the team..but not the highest lung capacity...apparently what i do remember i was told i had a very high eye co-ordination ratio..which meant i was very good at judging distance, trajectory and speed of moving objects..hence the reason i was very good at other sports that involved moving objects ..such as cricket, tennis, hockey and snooker all of which i represented the school/college or county and or won competitions in.
  9. what about the late April snowfall/blizzard of 1981?
  10. Just watched  1974 Episode of Corrie...Ken Barlow called his wife a gfuqhgfpjh and Gail still looks like a horse!

    1. Seasonality


      Recently I watched a clip from the Fawlty Towers episode where the Major discusses the difference between Indian people from the subcontinent and people from the West Indies. Amazing what was the norm back then, I remember watching all the old episodes with my parents as a kid and that one would have been unedited back then.

  11. i do very little exercise and drive everywhere and have a desk job..i don't walk fast either never mum always told me off for being a dawdler..i do run up flights of stairs i think my leaping days are over...what im hoping for is a bit of muscle memory for when the spring comes i am getting a bike.
  12. you would think..but summer 2016 was warmer than both 1984 and 89
  13. when i was in my early to mid 20s and was playing football and or training 6 days a week i had resting heart rate of stayed below 40 into my early 30s...i got it back to sub 50 when i was walking a lot and on a fitness spate for 2 years when i lived in Calgary..will have to check what it is now though. and its 57..which considering i do no exercise and haven't for the last 2 years is surprising
  14. outside of 75 & 76 the summers of the 1970s were poor..and dont forget 85,86,87 & 88 four awful summers in a row and apart from Feb 91 (which was the last potent easterly) the 90s winters were very hit and miss not particularly great
  15. Top 5 dinners or tea or supper or whatever you want to call it...this can be your favs you enjoy now or from the past when you were a child etc I will kick off: Roast beef top or sirloin with roast spuds and broccoli and gravy Chicken tikka curry Chili con carne Cottage pie with peas Sausage chips and beans special mention for school jam roly poly and my mums pasties