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  1. 33c and wall to wall sunshine yesterday:drinks:...7c wind and rain today :doh:

    1. Daryl Dixon

      Daryl Dixon

      Lots of snow in Canmore/Banff though it melted fairly quickly. May in Alberta. Joyous

    2. cheese


      The ups and downs of Canadian prairie weather.

  2. 69 is the magic number today..i have 69 emails..we are closing a bid on a $69 million project..69 people are going to our golf day in reading through a proposal that is 69 pages long..and one of our PMs has just announced he will be retiring next month on his 69th bday...what can it all mean??

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    2. cheeky_monkey


      i have 69c change in my glove box.:snowman-emoji:

    3. lassie23


      i just ate 69 maltesers:shok:

    4. cheeky_monkey


      no doubt you will put on 69 pounds

  3. be interesting as to why they started using the Kelvin temperature scale only to drop it again after a few years??
  4. Bit surprised...Fulham were the form team going into the play offs
  5. seems a bit strange that the met office dropped the Fahrenheit scale for a number of years?
  6. only has one leg
  7. going to see a man about a dog
  8. here is an example jun1917.pdf
  9. i have just been thumbing through old met office reports from around the time of the first world war..and notice they did not use the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale for measure temperature but something with an acronym of A for example it states the temperature reached 273.2 A in Camden on such and such a date or the month was 4.5 A above normal. does anyone know what scale this is? i had a look at the various temperature scales on google but it doesn't seem to match any given on there
  10. any ideas on lunch?

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    2. cheeky_monkey


      just having mine now

    3. Daryl Dixon

      Daryl Dixon

      Tim bits and a double double

    4. cheeky_monkey


      im not mental enough to set foot in Tim Hortons :bad:

  11. No change from last week here..holding steady at 10.8c...0,9c below normal Ave High to date = 19.1c Ave low to date = 2.4c
  12. depends on location...i would put 89 and 90 on the list and remove 2014..which wasn't anything special in fact August was pretty poor cool and wet..also i don't rate 1996 either which to me was a pretty average summer
  13. unless you live in Australia
  14. never seen any mosquitoes in London...driving is 1000 times worse here as are the socks and sandals
  15. Typical summer here is... mosquitoes and lots of them..bad driving...horrendous dress sense (plenty of socks and sandals on display) and people hunting moose on the weekends.