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  1. its now dark when I get up in the morning
  2. Because England are in the European section of world cup qualifiers
  3. 10 Cloverfield Lane...what a waste of my Sunday evening that was
  4. Down here July and August have been dry and relatively warm in fact up until Friday it hadn't rained for nearly six weeks..first three weeks of August have had some very good amounts of sunshine and sunny days to boot.
  5. not sure why this is an ugly chart..cool and dry start to Autumn very nice
  6. We've got some Half price cracked ice And miles and miles of carpet tiles TVs Deep freeze And David Bowie LPs. Ball games Gold chains, What's-names Pictures frames And leather goods And Trevor Francis track suits. From a mush in Shepherds Bush No income tax, no VAT No money back, no guarantee Black or white, rich or poor We'll cut prices at a stroke God bless Hooky Street Viva Hooky Street Long live Hooky Street C'est magnifique, Hooky Street Magnifique, Hooky Street
  7. Don't forget the models are not modelling the weather just for the UK but the whole globe..we are just a very small area so even if the models are 1% inaccurate anywhere this has a huge implication on the weather predicted and the actual weather observed
  8. I think its toss up between the US plains and the Canadian plains..talk about swings and roundabouts with regard to climate and day to day even hour by hour changes you never see here.
  9. I rate 1995 above 1976 as a summer closely followed by 1983...by the time we got to 2006 my enjoyment of heat had waned to point where I found July 2006 a hard slog.
  10. August has been pretty sunny here with no rain at all has been perfect summer weather...will continue today with a blue sky day..tomorrow again looks decent..after that things look like they will take a turn for the worse for the last 2 weeks of month.
  11. Its that tine again...rather than top 4 bottom 3 the whole division if you please. ..date with Katy Perry for the winner..date with Anne Widdicombe for the worst performer...subject to availability... 1. Manchester City 2. Chelsea 3. Manchester Utd 4. Arsenal 5. Spurs 6. Liverpool 7. Everton 8. Leicester 9. West Ham 10. Stoke 11. Southampton 12. Swansea 13. Sunderland 14. West Brom 15. Crystal Palace 16. Middlesboro 17. Burnley 18. Bournemouth 19. Watford 20. Hull
  12. No but I experienced the summers of the 70s and 80s and you cant tell me the summers od the 50s and 60s were better?
  13. Maybe..but those summers and the summers of the 70s and 80s were far worse than those of 1989-2006 and still worse than those of today which apparently are disgusting and awful...im guessing by the posts here a lot people here grew up in that 1989-06 period
  14. Depends when you grew up..if you grew up and memories kick in from the late 80s onwards then summers of your childhood and teens were indeed very good...if you grew up in the 1970s then summers of the 70s and 80s were mostly much worse than those of today..75,76,83 being the exception..if you born before that good summers were even more scarce.
  15. Downgrades are the form horse in both summer and winter..some might call it an upgrade depending on your weather preference...