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  1. I think a cold mid-west North American continent promotes a colder Europe than a cold Eastern side...both 2014 and 15 were cold in the eastern part of North America but were mild across Europe..where as 2010-11 was Cold In the mid western areas of North America and warm in the east but cold prevailed in Europe..another example is Feb 1991..exceptiianlly warm in eastern US bitter cold in Europe.
  2. you would think Brad and Cody would be a pair of bell ends but a nicer couple of guys you couldn't hope have to work with as I did in Canada
  3. Mark...never met any that were nothing but a pain in the backside.. had a running punch up with a Mark at school..bit like Peter Griffin and the Chicken on family guy that went on for about 5 years!
  4. autumn

    I really enjoyed the summers on the Canadian prairies..they are often very sunny and warm/hot but is a dry heat ..for example it can 34c but feels like 26c here its the other way around can be 26c but feels like 34c you cant escape the humidity which often makes British summer weather feel hotter than it actually is.
  5. I concur with Mr P warm and dryish first two weeks at least then more seasonal last 10 days ie wet and miserable but not cold.....12.0c
  6. Still not put any heating on since I moved back from Canada over 2 years ago..having said that I recently moved to an old 1860s small house from a nice new apartment..have to see how long I can last without heating being on?
  7. Met office should stick to forecasting the weather obviously geography is not their strong point.
  8. Writtle is just outside Chelmsford..i wouldn't class Essex as East Anglia
  9. I'm not sure you ever will in the I'm basically saying your are not missing much.
  10. You would soon get bored and the novelty wears off...long cold winters are not all they are cracked up to be
  11. autumn

    How many in 1995 & 2003 ??
  12. Having lived in Canada I can honestly say I haven't noticed any difference with the clocks going forward early in March rather than later..being bone chilling cold for 6 months it makes no difference when the clocks change it doesn't change the weather or the mood.
  13. you mean Surrey??..i've never met any Man U fans from Essex and I grew up there..
  14. Great Film
  15. She's been in a Cpl decent movies...just struggling to remember which ones Any of the Police Academy films about as funny as leprosy