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    football (west ham utd)..and im a qualified FA and UEFA coach..and yes i was a good player in my pirme
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  1. North America is huge continent ..virtually all of Canada is looking cold well into March according to the models
  2. Cloudy Edmonton is at -18.4c..which is 10.2c below normal..staying below normal for the rest of the month it seems.
  3. The BBC Weather Forums

    i remember it..but was never on it..full of Wayne Kerr's
  4. Canada is a big place..its been pretty mixed where i am ...have had some very cold spells and some very mild spells..the first 2 weeks of December had record breaking mild...the last few weeks have been cold and quite snowy.
  5. Got corporate tickets to watch the Edmonton oilers tonight... me and ice hockey don't mix.

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    2. c00ps


      I got that for the Flames....Only thing I enjoyed was the beer and half time girls sweeping the ice

    3. Optimus Prime

      Optimus Prime

      It's not a ball, it's a puc :p

      Ice-hockey's awesome, I used to play as a goaltender for fun.

      Miss the days going to watch Guildford Flames play home at the Guildford Spectrum. I saw Manchester play for the first time last month, they played Guildford Flames and beat them 4-3. 

    4. cheeky_monkey


      they lost 7-5 ..icing girls were the best thing..don't get why they have to play incessant music all the way through even during game time..and having dumb contests to see which side of the arena can cheer louder..because otherwise there just no atmosphere...still we did get to see the legend that is Wayne Gretzky..the Edmonton Oilers 84-85 Stanley cup team where named as the greatest team in NHL history.

  6. sunny Edmonton is at -21.4c to the 11th ..which is 13.2c below normal..judging by the charts for the next 2 weeks this could be the coldest February here for some time and certainly the coldest in my time in Canada.
  7. plenty of potential for you folks back home...nice to see maybe i will not alone in shoveling snow from driveways and footpaths this year.
  8. Cloudy Edmonton is at a chilly -22.2c to 7th..that's 14c below normal
  9. looks like Edmonton Saturday morning
  10. coldest Temp of the winter so far Saturday night -39.3c..-48c windchill.

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    2. cheeky_monkey


      sounds like a summer day over here :nonono:

    3. Daniel*


      Child’s play :nonono:



      Nice day for a brisk walk then:rofl:

  11. Fascinating Chinook in Calgary yesterday Downtown hit +8c whilst at the same time Chestermere an eastern suburb remained at -12c
  12. Chilly Edmonton is at -10.5c to the 29th January which is still +3c above normal
  13. i have to honestly say this is the first year i am desperate for the lighter mornings to come...really am fed up with the dark mornings here now...long wait though sun rise is still 8.35 am and will be the beginning of May until it is truly light when i get up for work.
  14. Spring doesn't usually arrive here until May..March and April are a continuation of winter..last April was particularly dull and cold..May is the most extreme month i find..often temperatures can swing between +30c and below freezing in a matter of 24 hrs and then back the other way.
  15. i live in Canada i didnt come here just for the winter months