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    Back in Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)
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    football (west ham utd)..and im a qualified FA and UEFA coach..and yes i was a good player in my pirme
    .... oh yeah and sleeping when its dark

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  1. sunny Edmonton has had a big jump to 14.9c which is nearly 3.5c above normal...another hot week in prospects with heat warnings now in affect until the weekend.
  2. i have full aircon in my house in Edmonton...couldn't live with out it..and actually its not that expensive to install here because we have forced air system in houses ...this is something you dont have in the UK
  3. i have had no spring this year...went straight from winter into summer...near record breaking heat all this week coming
  4. cheeky_monkey

    New Research

    nope wasnt
  5. cheeky_monkey

    New Research

    caught the tail end of a discussion on tv here ..where climatologists stated that models have been over estimating warming impact of co2 by 40%..does anyone know which scientific studies they were referring to?
  6. cheeky_monkey

    Premier League Discussion

    Yawn no thanks..dont need another old time has been just there for the cash..that's my job
  7.  Has the serious discussion section been closed yet?

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    2. Dami


      well I'm not letting go of my rod. 🎣

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      certainly not me, moki! not a fish 4 likes kinda member, I believe in SW'lys and mild crap

    4. Dami


      nothing wrong with being loved.💌

  8. cheeky_monkey

    Favourite Pub

    My Favourites are the Rose and Crown Chelmsford which is now gone the Railway Tavern in Chelmsford....Black Horse in Exeter and the Horse & Groom Exeter who i played sunday league towards the end of my playing days
  9. "Shut your marf and look at my wad!"..whatever happened to Loadsamoney?

    1. lassie23
    2. Weather-history


      Was never a character that was going to last, fitted that period of time but that was it. 

  10. cheeky_monkey

    England Football Team

    you mean Keegan and Brooking...and of course Hoddle and Waddle a cpl of diamond lights
  11. cheeky_monkey

    England Football Team

    looks dull..im not looking forward to another yawn fest..aka..2010..2012..2014...2016..England must be the most boring team in word football...
  12. Sunny Edmonton has weirdly dropped to 11.8c..due to some strange cool/cold nights for example on the 12th we had a max of 25c and a minimum of -3c..apart from a blip midweek..temps staying in the mid to high 20s for the next week or so.
  13. weird spring here so far...first half was very cold and snowy..second half has been very warm and sunny so far...
  14. cheeky_monkey

    Premier League Discussion

    any good young British manager's out there?..i would love to see the like of Sean Dyche and Eddie Howe get a shot with a bigger club but it wont ever happen
  15. Edmonton averages 290 hours of sunshine in May which is nearly 9.5hrs/day