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  1. snowy Edmonton is at -8.8c which is bang on average for the time of year..currently been hovering around the -15c mark the last 3 days...as we straddle a boundary between very cold air just 50 miles to the east ..where it is close to -35c and warmer air to the west.
  2. forgot to update during the month of November...ended with a mean of -5.2c which is 1.1c below normal..which makes 10 months in a row below normal here....rage high was +0.3c which is just above normal by 0.2c average low was -10.7c which is -2.5c below normal had 23cm of snow which is a tad more than average for the month.
  3. i have no real preference when it comes to weather types..maybe im a dryer as i lean to dry sunny weather more than most other types..i moved here because i get paid a huge salary and want to secure a future comfortable retirement its pretty simple really
  4. i have lived pretty much all my life in the UK and had the same opinion then also.
  5. so i tested your theory the other evening whilst doing a bit of light snow shoveling on my drive..temp was -13c with a windchill of -25c..so is stopped and took some big intakes of breath and really sucked it in to see if i could feel anything as to what you described..and not a sausage..maybe ill try again with a lower temp and report back..certainly get that stinging pins and needles effect when cold wind hits your face..often i get a runny nose when it gets below -10c and im outside.
  6. Pelligrini might be looking for work come Monday
  7. This is the exact reason i stopped going into the MOD thread during the autumn/winter years ago..you have to wade through all the BS to get to a realistic and plausible summation from someone..i have no idea why the majority are so fixated with cold and snow?????
  8. every thread is pretty much a hunt for cold thread in Autumn and Winter..so why add another
  9. i have never experienced an intake of air stinging my lungs even at -40c let alone at -5c?
  10. actual temp readings in that area are no more than 3 or 4 c above the norm for this time of year
  11. WINTER FORECAST: Polar Vortex puts a 'harsh' spin on winter WWW.THEWEATHERNETWORK.COM The wild and historic winter-like weather that's impacted parts of the country this fall looks to provide us with hints of what the upcoming winter has in store. Millions are set for a 'classic Canadian' winter season... looks like a cold one here..not sure what this set up would mean downstream for the UK or Europe
  12. think it was already confirmed as Dec 13th 1981..plus this is the chart for the great SW Blizzard of 1978..which only really affected the SW of England and Wales
  13. Technically winter is Dec Jan Feb..but here the winter "season" runs from Oct 1- May 1..even then its not unusual for it be cold and have snow in both Sept and June
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