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  1. I think the issue is that snow rarely hangs around here for people to get used to it always seems as though we just cant reality its just a learning curve..believe you me when the first snows arrive in countries like Canada chaos does ensue for a couple of days until people readjust their mind set//like switching from summer to winter mode..there is a short transition period then things revert back to we rarely get beyond those first few days before the snow disappears again.
  2. Anything on Heart FM...the same five songs all day long.
  3. Cathy Dennis was a bit of a babe right??
  4. yes I don't get all the doom mongering comparison to Canadian winters, winters like 62-3 are pretty tame. For example the winter of 2010-11 in Edmonton where I was living the temperature only got above 0c on four occasions between the 13th November 2010 - 29th March 2011..cold and snow just becomes the norm and you just go on with everyday life as usual its no big deal really.
  5. I can think of numerous better things I wouldn't mind seeing when I open those curtains
  6. Its great for tiling kitchens and bathrooms or if you are short of super glue...repaired the heels on my shoes 2 years ago with it..still looking good today..other than that I love it on toast esp uncut white loaves..great on door stops.
  7. Just going to do start and end of a decade because I'm lazy like that... 1980 - Mirror in the bathroom - The Beat. 1989 - Back to life - Soul 2 Soul.
  8. Who remembers pitkins or Pipkins..with the psychotic Hartley hare?..woulnt get on tele these days
  9. umm i did actually I went to school with different creeds and colours and a girl in my class was a girl who had had no arms because of Thalidomide..never thought about it who was what anything..but then again it wasn't rammed down my throat everyday of the week either in school or on the TV.
  10. Have you seen the state of so called teenage soaps esp on Cbbc...jeez the stench of PC is overwhelming...don't know what its called but watched it with my daughter..they all seem to live in some kind of care home or foster home...fair enuff for the premise of the show..from there it just goes beyond reality...there is an equal number of boys and girls who are equally strong and vulnerable...every ethnic minority is represented. the physically & mentally disabled too ..I suspect maybe transgender is represented..and they all live in the same house..all overseen by the classic do gooder man and woman with impeccable morals and social justice..on top of this they all have these moral dilemma's of the wider world rather than the standard teenage issues punch ups in the out smoking behind the bike sheds or nicking stuff from the local shops or having run ins with the local chavs or the police..or generally getting up to no good.
  11. you missed... a few more runs are still needed and the old classic..its still all to play for!!
  12. autumn

    not sure that is right these are 850hpa so its not tht cold ..slightly below average at best ..certainly no ice age temps showing
  13. I was living in Canada in January I'm my mind it doesn't exist if I'm not there
  14. only a certain kind of person liked Blockbusters..a show full of public school kn*bs..can I have a P please he he he..why don't you ***** do one lol anyway bring back we are the champions and cheggers plays pop for us comprehensive oiks...
  15. trouble with Rooney is he is classical case of peaking early in his career...been long past his best for a few years now...lets be honest he has the mind of a 10yr old..the body of a 40yr old and the face of a 70yr old.