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  1. don't think it could have been Feb 78 either...i was living in Exeter at the time..the 2 weeks or so before had been very cold and relatively snowy nationwide..so rules out the lush green grass theory..plus that storm was never forecast to produce any snow north of Bristol
  2. yep i was in Calgary when the floods hit in 2013..can happily report the golf course at kananaskis has been rebuilt and was looking great when i was there last year.
  3. Expect Eddie Howe to be the next West Ham manager when come October they are struggling at the wrong end of the table and Moyes gets the boot
  4. There has been a lot of snow in the Rockies this year..more than previous summers thus much of the snow has remained on the mountains that normally would have gone by now..my bench mark tree here in Edmonton has already started to turn a week or so earlier than normal...shows how short summers can be here as trees only came into leaf in late May
  5. i counted 24 days that reached 25c or above during the summer of 2015..which is pretty decent for a "poor" summer
  6. not a 18 month cool spell never seen that before..usually it swings back and forth between cold and warm for about 6-9 month periods at a time...i think what goes on in the Pacific has a big effect here Where i live the major heatwaves usually come before mid August after that the day time highs and lows start to cool..until mid September when they start accelerating downwards
  7. no that's today onwards..forecast 32c and humidex of 37c for tomorrow and 30c today. Every month since Jan 2019 has been below normal..and have no warm weather at all this year aside the odd day here and there..prior today the hottest day had been 27c in the 2nd week of June
  8. If its any consolation the summer here has been poor to up to now...just heading into literally our first warm spell of the entire year..could breach 30c some point this week..for one of the sunniest cities in Canada its been an exceptionally cloudy year thus far
  9. 30c+ looking on cards here for early next week..just to rub it in
  10. have a big thunderstorm rolling through..it is pitch black outside almost like the middle of the night even though its 8am in the morning
  11. cloudy Edmonton is at 15.3c to the 20th which is 2.4c below normal..rainfall is at 80mm
  12. between 1970 - 2020 the best set of Augusts for Max temp i could find is 1995-99 with an average of 24.38c..surprisingly this if followed by 2015-19 at 23.66c and then 1990-94 at 23.28c..seems that August has always been hit and miss particularly prior to 1990
  13. not looking forward to Autumn..because winter is not far behind..Autumn is too short here usually 4-6 weeks before we are plunged into winter..if that happens at all..2018 winter arrived the 2nd week of September.
  14. if you take out the 26th which was very wet with 50mm of rain it was pretty average month..drier and warmer than the 2014
  15. only managed to get above 25c twice so far this summer on the 12th June and 23rd June..not got anywhere near 30c yet.
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