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    Back in Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)
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    football (west ham utd)..and im a qualified FA and UEFA coach..and yes i was a good player in my pirme
    .... oh yeah and sleeping when its dark

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  1. no can do otherwise i have to go the whole day not knowing the result 🤫
  2. living on the Canadian Prairies for 11years near enough.. i can safely say summers here are way better than the UK... way sunnier without the oppressive humidity and lots of big supercell t-storms thrown in to boot.
  3. no good for me im 8 hours behind..so thats 9am kick off and have 2 meetings one that starts at 8.30am and another at 9.30am
  4. dont know why i take 2 hours of work in the afternoon to watch this drivel..esp when the commentator notes Southgate master plan to win a tournament is to defend and grind out the odd goal victory..aka Italy and Greece..bring back Terry Venables
  5. not sure where you got -44c in January from? PG lowest temp in Jan 2021 was -17.3c..lowest temp this winter was -37.4c set in February
  6. Im in Prince George BC next week has a temp of 38c which im sure would be record for there..wont break the record for Edmonton..which weirdly has its highest ever temp recorded for any month was set in June and stands at 37.2c..we might get 35c here
  7. Yep its going to get pretty hot pretty quick here..29c today..bit of a cool down tomorrow then it shoots up to between 35c-38c by the end of the weekend..good job i have AC
  8. yep remember this well i was living in Calgary at the time..never forget the sight of concrete trucks floating down the Bow river when the Lafarge concrete plant was inundated and everything was washed away..we lost an entire tower crane again washed away on one of sites right downtown Calgary at the end of 4th street ..one of our clients lost his $1m house. On the upside i picked up my brand new car (Audi A4) that day although it then took me 6 hours to make the 5 mile journey home.
  9. im talking sport here..when i was growing up in the 70s 80s and into the 90s sport had its share of flawed geniuses ..sports people who were awash with talent but didnt conform..they didnt give a flying f what you thought or anyone else thought they said what they wanted to say and did what they wanted to do just because..they have all but gone now brow beaten into conformity by sponsors, corporate money and the outraged social media mob..here my list from various sports that i can fondly remember who made for me all sport so much more enjoyable to watch than today.. Football...George Bes
  10. not really it refers to when you book time off and don't go anywhere..half terms are a classic example.. doing day trips with the kids or just staying home and dossing around in the garden etc
  11. never seen Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones..not seen Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings..Shaw Shank Redemption..the God father films..never watched the Bill..or Yes Minister..i used to love Richard Briers when growing up but never seen Ever decreasing circles ..never seen Prime Suspect..Absolutely Fabulous..a Touch of Frost or Inspector Morse..the list goes on
  12. here is a question?.. i note all transgender athletes who want to compete are males transgendering to female and not the other way round...hmmm i wonder why? 🤔
  13. what a summer 1996 was ..started with Euro 96..ended with me getting married ..weather was decent but was preceded by the summer of 1995 which as never been topped..so if it wasnt for Euro 96 and my wedding ..i probably wouldn't have remembered much at all about that summer
  14. how can you change the new backround? no good for monday morning..my eyes are bleached..take it away matron

    1. Atmogenic


      exactly what i was thinking, i have no idea who thought that design was a good choice its not good on the eyes

    2. lassie23


      i thought i was hangover😄

    3. Paul
  15. yes really...at school, college, work , family and friends i have never met anyone who suffers from hayfever either in the UK or here in Canada..16 million is a third of the population so why do i not know anyone who suffers from it??
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