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  1. Did you know its still snowing here...just saying
  2. These really are some poor outlook charts for my neck of the woods...this cold unsettled spring continues well into May
  3. did you know there are certain posters who live there..and dont venture anywhere else on NW..I'm sure i saw one of them shoveling sleet off their drive when it was quiet.
  4. i wish i didnt know..but its already too late
  5. I have developed a deep loathing for snow these days..i cant seem to get away from the we are in the third week of April and yet another weekend of snow and sub zero temps is this rate i might have to move to Arizona..its no good at all
  6. i'm sat here looking at all the lovely takeaways from back home you cant get here #yum!

    1. Spikecollie


      I really miss our Friday night Sainsbury's Indian meals. Chicken Korma/Jalfrezi and can get Chinese here but not Indian.


    2. Daniel*


      Come back, you know you wanna!

    3. cheeky_monkey


      The UK definitely are world champs when it comes to takeaways 

  7. i couldn't find any warm Januaries in the 1950s let alone an anomalously warm one?
  8. so you would rather lose one of your last prem league fixtures to win the FA CUP and finish runners up..than lose the cup semi final and win the premier league...personally i could give a monkeys about the FA cup its a meaningless competition these days..but hey ho.
  9. This is turning into the coldest, snowiest all in all most miserable April i have experienced in far have only recorded 2 days above 10c it has snowed on 6 of the last 7 days and im not just talking flurries or showers..over the Easter weekend it snowed for 72 hrs without a break..yesterday the weather cleared but today its back and its been snowing all day again....looking at the charts there doesnt seem to be much of a break right through into May...spring always seems to be cold and miserable in Western Canada.
  10. you dont mention that Spurs have to go to Crystal Palace and West Ham and with games against Arsenal and Chelsea that's 4 London derbies in 2 thinks Spurs will lose one of them and i suspect most Spurs fans would want to lose the semi final against Chelsea if they have to lose one.
  11. and there are dedicated regional weather chat..but it doesn't stop others popping in their on going IMBY temperatures in this thread....
  12. Looking at Boro fixtures i think they are gone..they need to win 4 of their last 6 to stand any chance and considering they have only won 4 all season...btw of those 6 three are against top 4 sides..Man C, Chelsea and Liverpool.
  13. Obviously a bit of a massive tool off the pitch..but along with Rio Ferdinand (ironically) the best English CB of the last 20 years
  14. Exactly
  15. is Sheffield in the CET zone?