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  1. I noticed that the Met office has dropped our amber warnings too for tomorrow and Friday, although we are still under the main national amber warning!
  2. Mapantz I am so very sorry and sad to hear about your dear Dad. I met him a few times and we talked about his memories of growing up in the Purbecks. My thoughts are with you and your family. 

  3. Umm lots of Mares Tails in the sky over here.... is this a sign of some wetness possible stormy weather coming soon?
  4. You are so right Dami. The Bible is a questionable book at best. Riddled with bias inaccuracy and beliefs and opinions of questionable intent. See the work of scholar Bart D. Ehrman who has written on errors and contradictions that are written in the Bible. The Bible can not in good faith be honestly claimed to be the word of God but people believe in it. Whilst here and there, there does of course exist some worth while messages such as 'love thy neighbour,' in contrast there exists two many barbaric wholly unacceptable exhortations which could never have been spoken by a God of Love. Profes
  5. I know where you are Mapantz! I wondered if you would turn up last night... I was a bit shy to go up to someone and say ... 'excuse me but have you seen Mapantz?' Looking forward to 3am when we have a little chance of some soft white stuff!
  6. It was glorious blue sky and sunshine in Wareham this morning. We decided to walk to Houns -Tout, just out side of Kingston. At about one o'clock the clouds quickly darkened and within minutes we saw what appeared to be a funnel cloud forming travelling along the coast line towards Kimmeridge. We were too far back to see any twisting motion but the cloud split into two and dropped quickly. The funnel never hit the sea but remained in limbo forming the same funnel clouds for at least 20 mins. During this time there was cloud to cloud lightning and a forceful hailstorm. Never had so much weather
  7. Frost and fog this morning. The sunrise brought some wonderful countryside scenes.
  8. A very high squally wind with heavy rain here a minute ago. It went as very dark, but no L and T as yet.
  9. The lightning caused a mini blackout here. The street lights went out for ten mins and our router went down all back to normal for now.
  10. Great shots there Karlos 1983! I thought Poole Harbour would be a sight to see. Lots more flooding by Candford School, Wimborne the River Allen at Julians Bridge will probably be a good photo opportunity too, as will Eye Bridge near Pamphill, although getting to that may be a problem.
  11. OH my goodness this is the loudest thunder I have heard in many a month! It does sound like a bomb - what an exciting beginning to 2014!
  12. Mild it certainly is! Yesterday I saw a Red Admiral in full flight, a swam of bees and a lone ladybird on a Christmas Tree! Nothing unusual for the time of year
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