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  1. hmm - that must be what this is coming from the NE towards Sheffield 🙂
  2. Woah. Greystones has nothing like that, and it’s just the other hill across (In fact I can see some of crosspool from my sofa!).
  3. Tipping it down in SW Sheffield - it’s gonna be a close race to see if the new stuff arrives before the old melts away!
  4. Been and gone here (SW Sheffield 200asl). Got a covering, but back to sleet and mostly slush/melted. Looks like we are in a bit of a gap at the mo, but doubt anything else will stick. Looked nice though 🙂
  5. Woke up at 8am to a great view of the freezing fog sitting in the Sheffield valley - I can normally see the city centre, Rotherham and beyond! With the contrast of the clear skies to the NW/West and the lack of overnight thaw it was quite the winter's scene!
  6. Powdery snow drizzle here in SW Sheffield too. Still going but been like this for a few hours now. edit: car tracks are compressed snow, so doesn’t look to slushy.
  7. 30 mins after moving from sleet to light persistent snow we have this (SW Sheffield S11 190asl).
  8. Looks like it’s starting to transition to light snow - settling a bit.
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