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  1. That moment when you realise your arms are made of jelly. Sorry for the really shaky camera. Tripod mount fell of but I got this.... IMG_0374.MOV
  2. i had something similar just south of wivenhoe ( 03:01 ), a huge GC and then BOOOOM everything vibrated and the thunder rumbled for at least 2 minutes...
  3. Waiting excitedly in Wivenhoe for the last 3 hours..... fun.... anyone know whether I will be seeing something!?!??!?!?
  4. From what i can make out it is moving inland! Splitting into two...
  5. I'm off upstairs to see if i can see anything, good night all of you. Hope you all get something!
  6. Not funny, I have been waiting over 3 years for something like this aka: GIMME SUM THUNDER
  7. Seems to be moving inland now, very disorganised. Anything is still possible!
  8. Do you think it will hold its intensity over the course of the morning...
  9. I think its gonna be a Kent Clipper, someone tell me I'm wrong please!
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