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  1. Again, over the coming hours it will become clearly evident what path it will take and how intense it will be. Now, we wait!
  2. I agree, it's extremely slow moving and will most likely fizzle out over the channel. Hopefully it makes it all the way! Fingers crossed!
  3. I can see distant lightning activity although I think tonight is gonna be a miss. Someone please prove me wrong!
  4. Seems as though it will remain as two separate systems to me. Although having said that a new cell seems to have fired up to the west of them.
  5. Seems to have died down a bit now, but it surely was a spectacular display. It was our first storm of the year!
  6. Lassie, this is a rare occurrence. It could be soviet spies?
  7. It should start soon in Wivenhoe too! Might I also add that your profile picture is amazing! Wonder who took that
  8. Well...as predicted it has started, the snow began falling about 5 minutes ago and has already blanketed the surroundings in a thin layer of hope. I expect it to continue throughout the night and wish you all luck!
  9. Pavements are lightly dusted with snow here in Wivenhoe but nothing yet. It should pick up again later given the heavy snow forecast for the early hours of tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed no school tomorrow!!!
  10. Half an hour of strong, constant lightning. CG mainly. Still going strong....
  11. bright flashes from the Cambridge cell lighting up the sky, obscured by houses but still interesting...
  12. look on the bright side, if its crawling...we'll surely get a longer show!
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