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  1. The large amount of cells cropping up over Northern France makes me excited!
  2. You say East Anglia but I think I'm (Colchester) too far South to get anything. I'm interested in why and if I'm going to miss out on the storms crossing the channel.
  3. Ive been watching them for about half an hour and I think they're moving West, or North West.
  4. I'm off to bed in a bit, hopefully it doesn't fall appart over the channel!
  5. Again, over the coming hours it will become clearly evident what path it will take and how intense it will be. Now, we wait!
  6. I agree, it's extremely slow moving and will most likely fizzle out over the channel. Hopefully it makes it all the way! Fingers crossed!
  7. I can see distant lightning activity although I think tonight is gonna be a miss. Someone please prove me wrong!
  8. Seems as though it will remain as two separate systems to me. Although having said that a new cell seems to have fired up to the west of them.
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