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  1. Its just after 2pm and there is just Sunshine! Blessed Weather - Last Night I thought it would be sunny but no... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya6aXkt3-ss
  2. I agree 100% with your choice of words, to save Canada can you do me one favour, just click this link http://brickingitforcanada.com/ Canada launched this so that if 'the Donald' were to come to power and build a wall between the US and Mexico, then the Canadians would be able to save them selves.
  3. If Donald comes to power, his advice would be to separate England from Scotland, France and Wales by building a massive wall
  4. 12 individual earthquakes off the coast of equador, as low as 4.7 and as high as 7.7
  5. Please help! It says that the video is not supported, here are some images to further explain, image 1 : what the file looks like image 2 : what all the accepted file types are image 3 : The file type that im using (.MOV) image 4 : The error DSCN5043.MOV
  6. We say a goodbye to Winter and a warm welcome to Spring
  7. Heavy rain clouds followed by a white and blue sky
  8. Have you ever met that one person that calls the monitor the PC or the person that presses alt + f4 because they think that its an anti-virus code or something,anyway, place your latest encounter with a TECHNOPHOBE and don't leave out any details
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