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  1. Oh my, this must be where all of the civilised folk have fled to! Reading the mad thread reminds me of being back at primary school . I'm looking forward to the next few days although there is a large amount of uncertainty on the events to come. I think that's logical @snowray which means things have a chance of getting that bit more interesting!
  2. Speaking of action, there's talk of some elevated storms this evening so don't water your plants just yet!
  3. Is there any point keeping an eye on the cells over in France that are moving North?
  4. It may just be me but I'm sure thats moving North, the strikes that are older are from the cell that died earlier.
  5. The large amount of cells cropping up over Northern France makes me excited!
  6. You say East Anglia but I think I'm (Colchester) too far South to get anything. I'm interested in why and if I'm going to miss out on the storms crossing the channel.
  7. Ive been watching them for about half an hour and I think they're moving West, or North West.
  8. I'm off to bed in a bit, hopefully it doesn't fall appart over the channel!
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