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  1. I'm confused as to what is supposed to be happening for East Anglia...Met Office and NetWeather forecasts are contradicting each other...
  2. I feel I might be too far east, is this the case anyone? Best of luck to you all!
  3. It all seems to be moving east, hard to tell but personally I think it looks unlikey...
  4. sounds good...still a lot of uncertainty about this evening still..
  5. am i wrong in stating that backbuilding is occurring and is even visible on the netweather radar?
  6. i dont think the snow has gotten to ya yet? Ah well, guess there's always Thursday
  7. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar netweather radar works as well as any
  8. Just stopped raining although the radar says it should be pouring
  9. @CanadianCoops I have to disagree with you there as I like the snow to stick around for a while which is why i'd personally go for option (c)
  10. This is exciting as it suggests a repeat of last year's Beast of the East, right?
  11. Perhaps if we asked them nicely they'd send some of it our way???
  12. I must confess I have indeed been spending time in the MOD thread. I do think there's a slim chance for my region and as many have stated already its all extremely uncertain - even now.
  13. but but but... I was always told if I believed hard enough absolutely anything was possible
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