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  1. Good evening ;)

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    2. LimoPreacherman


      As I am well and truly rather glad about you printer discovery, i am rather concerned about your mental wellbeing. You must know that taking pleasure in breaking someone else's bones is rather scary and concerning, but i detect a level of sarcasm and a level of guilt. I will therefore let you off this once, but be warned. This chance will only come once, i, as you know very well my friend, am extremely loving of my fingers. Without my fingers I would not be typing this message of meaningless words. Please, forgive me for being weird as i have forgiven you for breaking and wanting to break my bones. (sorry if i have confused you)

    3. Xathaos


      I comprehend your message to the fullest extent. My printer discovery is indeed of the next generation of wonder. It has brought me great awe and excitement. Do understand that I do not host such a passion for breaking bones as I seem to share for I am truly pacifistic; guilt builds upon me like a ton of great bricks for the devious action I caused. I apologise for my facetiousness regarding the topic.

      Jest aside, I am pleased you find it in your heart to forgive my soul which still grieves for your finger. Goodbye.

    4. LimoPreacherman


      i have to depart for now, i may return. :fool:

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