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  1. The surface based blob just leaving the French coastline looks lively and seems to be increasing in activity. Keeping a close eye on it...
  2. Electrical activity has died down somewhat, hopefully it will reignite as we've all seen it do over the years.
  3. Can confirm as I have seen 3 sferics in the distance to my south west in the last 5 minutes.
  4. Just had 3 - 4 loud rumbles in the last 10 minutes. None of which have appeared on blitzortung
  5. Which means it should reignite when it reaches the south coast, right?
  6. It might just be me, but does anyone else see a more northward movement in the last 10 minutes?
  7. Earlier I thought it would head along the French coast but I was proven wrong It needs to be much darker for you to see it at that distance with the amount of light you have currently. Give it a bit and hopefully you'll be in business!
  8. sferics starting to appear from the ringed cell. Looks to be a potential second wave forming. Anyone else agree?
  9. I'm confused as to what is supposed to be happening for East Anglia...Met Office and NetWeather forecasts are contradicting each other...
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