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  1. Summer Stuff!

  2. Half an hour of strong, constant lightning. CG mainly. Still going strong....
  3. Am I too far east to get a good show anyone?
  4. bright flashes from the Cambridge cell lighting up the sky, obscured by houses but still interesting...
  5. look on the bright side, if its crawling...we'll surely get a longer show!
  6. There are no words to describe the chaos happening at the moment below Bournemouth. Hopefully something will come my way...
  7. Below Bournemouth looks like a Christmas tree..
  8. We know, stop making us feel jealous!
  9. I can hear the roar!!!
  10. Anyone think I'll getting anything???? :/
  11. The chances I will getting anything will slowly start to decrease throughout tonight...
  12. Either would be fantastic for me..better put my camera on charge...
  13. Indeed it will, Netwx-SR shows a small collection of cells moving across the south east of England....Fingers crossed....
  14. good luck to you!